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NICKNAMES: Player One, Game-O


HEIGHT: 5’8″


WEIGHT: 203 lbs


CATCHPHRASE:Game Over!, Ready!


ENTRANCE SONG:Mega Man 2 – Dr. Wiley’s Castle


BIOGRAPHY: Whether you’re Mario, Kratos, Master Chief, or Link, you’re nearly always Player One. A gaming company wonders how they might combine all of the experiences of every game into one player’s knowledge. They wanted the ULTIMATE Player One with the wits and determination of every main character. The organization performed tests upon the games and tried to capture all of this into one character. The tests proved to be fruitless to them. They tried to transfer the data and wound up losing it all to the world wide web. The group gave up on their endeavor, but it was that day that Gameboy was born. Gameboy was born with no recollection on that day of his past, but he soon discovered an ability to switch between his world and real world. He searches the worlds for both his past and answers that will make him stronger. He’s tackled every digital land he’s traversed through, but now he’s hoping to reach the max level here in OSW




The Reset – Running Shooting Star Press


LEVEL ONE – Superkick (Used only in the early parts of the match)

Max POWAH! – Kip-up followed directly into a flash kick. The full rotation allows him to land on his feet before pumping his fists in celebration! This is a change of momentum move.

Button Masher… – Three identical right punches. This is used often in the same match to infuriate the opponent!


CHEAT CODES!? – These are ONLY used in life or death matches such as title matches or important PPV matches.

Invulnerability – Basically gains invulnerability and cannot be hurt for a very small period of time. (Like Hulking up)

Speed Boost – GameBoy moves at an alarming rate for a brief amount of time making him hard to block.

Rewind – Allows GameBoy to undo the most recent move done to him. This often results in a move hitting harder or a better move being applied. Time travel, man.

No Gravity – For a moment or two, gravity lightens just enough for GameBoy to hit power moves on much larger specimens.

FATALITY – This is GameBoy’s KILL IT WITH FIRE move. GameBoy ‘hacks’ the world to make it tip in his balance with a huge powerful move. This should never be used except for a definite win at a PPV of some sort. For description: GameBoy hits an impossible series of powerbombs on whoever his opponent is until they stop moving.