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El Mariachi Muerte

El Mariachi Muerte

WRESTLER NAME: El Mariachi Muerte


WRESTLER NICKNAMES: “Singing Death, Cantando la Muerte”


HEIGHT: 6’1’’


WEIGHT: 214lb


CATCHPHRASES: “There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, the music will find you.”, “La muerte llega (death comes).”


ENTRANCE SONG: El Mariachi by Hämatom


BIOGRAPHY: A song is heard, it tells a story. A song that sings of the dead, sending a warning to the person who hears it. Then, the tale told in the song comes to life. The song of death comes true. El Mariachi Muerte is a dark figure, he who writes the songs of death. he is Cantando la Muerte… Singing Death. It is not known what lies underneath the mask but what is known is that if the song is written for you, there is nowhere you can run and nowhere you can hide. The music will find you.


FADE TO BLACK – Package Piledriver


THE LAST CARNIVÀLE – Springboard Lungblower

WHISKEY LULLABY – Overhead Belly to Belly Toss

ROSES FOR THE DEAD – Top Rope Double Foot Stomp

IN THE END – Pumphandle Half Nelson Driver


FINAL VERSE – A big ol’ Guitar smash from the top rope