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Chunky Moses

Chunky Moses

WRESTLER NAME:  Chunky Moses


NICKNAMES: The Eminent Arcadian


HEIGHT: 6’2″


WEIGHT: 330 lbs


CATCHPHRASE: “Chuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunk!”
“Bwing it, fishface!”


ENTRANCE SONG: “The Grand Illusion” by Styx


BIOGRAPHY:So a few fwiends of mine had a little idea – why not take our energy and bill-over-bill personalities… to the wrestling wing? You know we all had some wrestling experience in our middle school years – can’t be much more to it than what we already know, wight?




The Easter Egg –Similar to Yokozuna’s Banzai Drop, Chunk will drag his opponent to the turnbuckle until their head is nearly against the post. Chunk will then ascend to the second turnbuckle and do three bounces for momentum before dropping, ass-first, onto his opponent’s chest. This will also be considered a pin, and Chunk will affirm that by hooking one of his opponent’s legs.


Frogger’s Flight -Similar to a Bam-Bam-Sault; a moonsault from the top-rope. Before he takes flight, Chunk will typically grin to the ground and stick his tongue out – looking to the left and then the right.

The High Score Burst] – This is a burst of chops to the chest and face, typically done against the turnbuckle, but can be done anywhere. Chunk will grunt with each chop and the grunts will louder and louder with each chop, and the chops get faster and faster.

Ragequitter – Post irish-whip, Chunk will bounce off the opposite ropes and then execute a flying, double-elbow attack.

47’s Fiber Wire – Your classic reverse chinlock; Chunk will normally sneak behind his opponent, while standing, to execute this maneuver. Once the hold is locked in, Chunk will normally flail his opponent around a bit while standing as well.

Flip The Score – Lazy german suplex, in that Chunk will grab his opponent’s waist from behind and simply sling him backwards and onto their back – or neck sometimes.