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Do you have lots of dinero, amigo? 

You looking to cash the fuck in, papi? 

Are you a beautiful amiga that’s stuck in the mud, desperately looking for a way to tie loose ends as quickly as possible and cover a little bit of, say, a tarnished past with some of the shiniest credits in Arcadia? 

Are you burnt out on life, ese’? Has the fire gone out so much that things just aren’t the same anymore? Do you need a little spark to get you in the right direction? 

Or just maybe, you’re the chico rudo that’s got it all figured out and nothing would give you more excitement than to take Caesar XL for everything he owns. 

For all of you, I offer you an opportunity at our golden levers

My best slot machines, of course. 

These levers have been the deciding triggers for many of my greatest VIPs. 

For as much as it is a wonderful opportunity for them, it also comes with a unique challenge. 

For as much as benefits my customers, it also benefits me

If your pull comes with victory, then we all bask in these good fortunes, si? 

But then, there’s a few out there that consider their rules in favor of Caesar XL’s. 

They have expectations of me before they’ve even sat down and smoked a cigarro, and stain my carpets with their footsteps before my approval. 

For them, they choose to pull the golden levers with a reputable risk in the air. 

Because with respect comes favors, you see. And if I don’t respect you yet, I can’t provide you with the favor of something happening to you in the event that your road towards your big destiny is a dead end

And sometimes? These golden levers just don’t want to lend a hand towards someone’s destiny if they are unwilling to lend a hand to Caesar XL.

Instead, they want to take every last credit that stands for that destiny. Then, a few of Caesar’s soldados want to take chico grande destino out to the dumpsters and golpear su destino fuera de ellos hasta que no haya un pulso – but, therein lies the beauty of taking a chance here at Club 40. 

And, a chance with Caesar XL. 

Because for the VIPs that have managed to pull the golden lever and reap the rewards, you get a life-long pereja that will guide you to the next level. 

To riches and royalty unlike you’ve ever seen – with enough credits to rise as high as you could possibly desire. 

To those that stand in front of my club, eager and desperate, it pleases me to know that you recognize one very important thing. 

I don’t need your money. 

You need mine, cabron’. 

Make you way through my welcoming canopy and pay a visit to my golden levers. 

Let’s see how lucky you really are. 






Caesar XL