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Playing around and…

[Harold struts out of the offices of the APD a sly smirk on his face.]  


“Sorry Cade, I just couldn’t stay and play your game, I’ll take a rain check though.  I have a bigger playdate ahead of me.”   

“The more I think about it the more excited I get.  Because it’s been sometime since I had the variety of so many people to play with and it all sounds like so much fun!”  

“I mean for crying out loud I’ve been dreaming about getting my hands on Stubbins’ toys, they all look so friggin’ cool, and so functional.”  

“But if we’re trusting Blacktooth to bring the snacks, well you’ll forgive me for not partaking.  There’s just some meat that I just don’t eat, I’m sorry.”  

“However, if I could get some time with Miss Liz, well I’m sure we’d hit it off well enough to leave The Wastelander more than a bit ‘breathless’.”  

“Oh! When you talk about fun playthings.  I have to say Jinx has things on lock.  Holograms, live action combat sims, it’s like living the real thing.”  

“Heck, maybe we could go a couple of rounds at this little playdate we have coming up?” 


[Harold stops just outside his residence, the strut is gone, pretext gone, as we see his cold eyes, the windows to a haunted soul.]  


“This is all OSW is to these people, something they’re playing at.  Look at them, they’re all playing varying degrees of play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”  

Doom I don’t give one solitary fuck how nice your toys are because it just means they’re a crutch.  Something to be exploited by someone else just as much as they can help you, they can hinder you.  If I don’t prove that to you in due time Scissors will.”  

Blacktooth, you’re literally playing hide and seek with the Burned Man, truly playing with fire.  So, while you’re playing mind games, I for one won’t roll those dice, one opportunity, you’ll disappear like dust in the wind, and forgotten just as quick.”  

“Finally, my fair Jinx, so much lost potential because you’re caught up in a game of cat and mouse with Luther.  So much so that you’ve left yourself exposed, and you’ve given away just where I need to slip the knife.”  

“If I haven’t made it clearer than the crystal on Zeus’s dining table.  I’m not playing anyone’s game, not Cade’s bad cop/shitty cop, Stubbins’ drone tiddlywinks, Blacktooth’s back ally meat grab, or Jinx’s Holographic Hunt.”  

“No, I am the living embodiment of the intersection of fuck around and find out and from what I’ve seen you’ve all taken so much pride in fucking around, that it’s only deserving that I allow you all to find out.” 


[With that, Harold leans into the camera, beckoning at closer as he stares directly into it.] 


“I’m gonna fuck you all up and in the end, Nobody’s gonna miss a single one of you.” 


[Harold slams the door shut, disappearing into his home behind it.] 

Harold Attano