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In Arcadia, shit man, it’s fucking hard to keep a secret. I don’t mean a stupid fucking secret either, some dumb shit like “Jamie has a crush on Charlie.” No one gives a fuck about that. I’m talking about serious secrets. With serious stakes.

You think it’s easy? Fuck you. You try it, then. You try keeping a secret that the Big Man wants to know. I don’t know if you’re aware of this brother, but Arcadia has a way of beating the shit out of a man who has a secret.

It’s like every day is Zeus’ fucking birthday, and he’s got a big ass stick, and we’re all a bunch of pinatas.

We don’t know when, we don’t know how, but all of us with a secret worth keeping know damn well that at some point, that motherfucker is gonna beat the ever loving shit out of us until every thing we keep hidden inside ourselves pours out.

There’s no escaping it. Zeus… He’s got an eye for people with something to hide, man. He can spot them as easily as a child spots a pinata.

And he’ll break you open just like one, too.

I knew what my fate was the moment I had a secret worth keeping.

Why do you think I started drinking in the first place, brother? I buried my secrets under a gut full of liquor.

There’s this one cat we’ve got down here, his name is Jiro, right?

Big pinata vibes, you know.

Motherfucker got the pinata treatment too.

Gave up half of himself right there. They know he was moving weapons. He just never told them where.

And now, he’s in the same fucking place we’re in.

Just another pinata, beaten to shit and waiting for someone to finish the job.

And sure man, sure. I’ll finish the fucking job.

But I’m not Zeus. I’m not the Big Man with the Big Stick.

I’m not gonna beat the secrets out of you.

I’ll just burn you and your fucking secrets all the way to the ground.

Know what I mean?

And this Jiro guy, what’s crazy is he thinks he’s not one of us pinatas down here in this fucking pinata barn they call death row.

He thinks nothing is gonna end up breaking him open and force him to spill his secrets.

Well, they already got half the truth out of him before he ever got down here.

So sure, yeah, I’ll beat this motherfucker into a coma and yeah, he probably won’t tell me where he’s hiding those weapons.

But sooner or later, I’ll just set his ass on fire and let the truth die with him.

So really, I need CJ Thorpe to help this motherfucker to realize he’s just like the rest of us.

Because if I have to handle it? Ain’t no one gonna find those weapons, brother.

I mean, in the end, he’s just a pinata, like you or me.

He burns as easy as anything else.

Know what I mean?