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“Everyone sees the world just a bit differently.”

“Imagine someone showed you a spreadsheet with a thousand numbers on it, each one slightly changing every second in accordance with the numbers around it.”

“As the numbers go up, the person who made the sheet gets happier and flaunts just how good the numbers are.”

“But when the numbers go down, or go in a way he doesn’t prepare for, he gets annoyed.”

“He’s furious.”

“That man then removes those numbers from his little spreadsheet with impunity while yelling about how poorly they’re doing. Those numbers are ruining his progress and making him look bad.”

“If those numbers aren’t good, he won’t make a profit, after all.”

“Now, in this example, I’ve given you one perspective to look at, one where all you see is the numbers on your screen.”

“But what if I told you every single one of those numbers was a person?”

“A living, breathing soul with thoughts and feelings beyond the spreadsheet you’ve been shown?”

“Well, in that case, you’d think the man who made it was vile, wouldn’t you?”

“I know I would.”

“Damien, I don’t know what Zeus sees you in. Every time I’ve seen you walking the upper floors of Arcadia you’re talking about the tablet in your hand and either praising the numbers or lambasting them just as harshly.”

“And it’s because the numbers is all you see.”

“When one of them fails to rise up and give you value you threaten to delete it, to tell Zeus that entire column should be removed.”

“And he loves hearing the alteration to the numbers on your screen he’ll get bigger profits and better returns on his investments.”

“But like I said, it’s all based on perspective, isn’t it?”

“Each time you hit that delete key you make someone’s life worse, you might even get them killed for failing to turn a profit.”

“But a man like you doesn’t care about that, do you?”

“Thankfully for all of Arcadia, I don’t see them the same way you do. They’re more than data on a screen for me to poke and prod through looking for discrepancies, Damien. They’re people, they have a reason for the change in profits and the difference in numbers that your narrow minded view of the world could never comprehend.”

“And it’s that lack of perspective that makes you no better than any criminal I’ve ever apprehended.”

“But don’t worry, Mr. Wolfe. Once we get into that ring I’ll show you the world from my point of view.”

“I’m going to show you I’m more than just a number on your screen, and with every punch and boot you’ll see that number drop because I’m sure not here to turn you a profit.”

“So go ahead, try and delete me from your spreadsheets, Damien.”

“It won’t change what happens to you when I take you down.”

“It’s about time you got shown a new perspective.”

“Eagles soar.”

Jackson Cade