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Pay to Win

Pay to Win

“Two friends decide to download the same game.”

“The two friends had a gentleman’s agreement. They would set out on separate paths with the same goal in mind. To become stronger and more powerful than the other.”

“One chose to be a wizard, while the other chose to become a demon hunter.”

“Months go by. Each player sinks hours upon hours into the game. The Demon Hunter grinds hard, tackling some of the hardest in game content there is in order to gain the experience needed to gain many levels.”

“But the Wizard? Even though the wizard did not have the same amount of free time to sink into the game. Despite the lack of grind, the wizard too was becoming rather powerful. In exchange for his lack of effort, the Wizard player opened up his wallet, pouring all of his hard earned money into premium items that would make him much stronger.”

“A huge in game tournament would commence, the two friends make a pact to tear their competition to shreds in order to meet each other in the finals. What they didn’t realize, is that final match had a certain set of rules. There would be no premium items allowed in order to keep the match fair between both players.”

“In the finals they met, the Demon Hunter licking at his chops as he disposes of foe after foe. The Wizard, albeit a much harder path, relied on his pay to win items in the early rounds to push past his opponents to the finals.”

“This final match would prove to be his hardest yet, as he would be stripped of his precious premium items and be left with only what had been earned through his time grinding the game.”

“The gong to signify the start of the match would sound. As expected, without his pay to win items, the Wizard fell to the Demon Hunter in quick fashion.”


“The two of us have been playing this same game for quite some time now.”

“Each of us has sunken many of hours into the this game with much the same end goal in mind..”

“Much like the wizard, however.. you have focused on building your collection of pay to win items while I, the demon hunter, relied on building my strength over my opponents and dropping them to their knees one by one.”

“As Dead End approaches, the two of us find ourselves meeting up once again. But this time, the wizard is without his pay to win items.”

“Where you have spent many of nights scouring the earth to pad your little bag of tricks, I have put in the work and dedication to become one of the most feared players on the OSW server.”

“There’s no where to run this time, Sigil. There’s no amount of your pay to win items that will keep you from embarrassing yourself on the grand stage.”

“This time, I plan to leave you for dead.”

“Kneel before the Prince of the Underworld..”

“Because this is YOUR Dead End.”