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Partner in Crime

Hypothetical query: which team participating in Double Tap would make the perfect criminal duo?

This perfect pairing would not only have to work together for a common goal, but also trust each other completely. They would not only need to fight side by side like comrades in arms, but also rush into the line of fire to save their companion when they’re in danger.

The upcoming tourney will put all of these alliances to the ultimate test. Whichever team can successfully perform all prior mentioned attributes will walk away with the coveted championship belts.

However, my analysis on all teams proves that they lack one or more traits to become the ultimate criminals.

Take the current champions in PrettyUGLY as the first example. They have proven that they can work together and fight alongside each other before, but with Colt no longer having feelings for Narcissa, their lack of trust and unwillingness to fight alongside each other will surely come into play.

Kaleidoscope is another unit that wouldn’t make for the best pairing. Not only do they lack trust and are unwilling to save one another, but they also lack a common goal and are unwilling to fight side by side. Instead, they’d rather fight amongst themselves due to their mutual hatred.

Apex Predators and Scandium Sulfur might be eyeing the same prize, but their goals do not align. While people like Doom and Drewitt want the gold and prove their superiority over mortals respectively, Scissors and Luther don’t care and would rather maim and kill everyone involved.

Including their partners.

.kill/Exploit and Black Plague might be willing to fight as a unit, but only one half of them care about the tourney as a whole. Jinx and Blacktooth might want to conserve their chances to win the belts, but Attano and Gemini won’t.

They see their partners as just another victim of their upcoming genocide. Why should they bother saving them for what in their eyes is just a hunk of metal?

Day of the Dead, meanwhile, have their minds preoccupied on other targets to focus on winning the tournament. They’d rather focus on tearing apart Drewitt and Dr. Death, the latter of which isn’t in the event, than making sure they work together as a cohesive pair.

As for me and Jackson Cade? We have only been together for a short time, and I already feel as if I filled in the gaps in my memory.

We have the same goal, to bring peace and justice to Arcadia. We trust each other as officers of the law as partners in the ring. Most importantly, we are willing to fight side by side and throw ourselves into certain death to save each other.

However, we would not make the perfect criminal duo. None of the teams partaking in Double Tap will.

The Atomic Eagles are the police, and the rest of the duos will be restrained and detained before they can perform the ultimate heist with the championships.

Case closed.