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When you have something of value, there will always be someone trying to leech off it.

When I first started out in fashion, I was desperate for any sort of approval.

Any modicum of validation that I was worth something, that all those years under my mother’s roof had led to something greater than myself or the childhood I never had.

Enter Mr. Smith, he gave me the words I begged my mother to give me, how I was special and how he was proud of me and that anyone should be.

I didn’t know what love was so I imagined this was how it felt.

He made me believe in myself and told me he would do anything to make me the person he sees me as and the person I dreamt of being.

Like a child struck by curiosity, I just excitedly asked “anything?”

“As long as I get a little bit for it.”

I thought if he’s willing to do anything for me, why shouldn’t I give him a little bit?

Turned out a little bit was a lot.

I didn’t know until much later.

While I was new and not making much, I didn’t think of anything when he took me out to dinners to meet new clients.

I assumed he had money and took me under his wing.

Even when I was at my height and he looked as rich as Zeus’s inner circle, I thought nothing.

It wasn’t until I was kicked off the apex of Arcadia and he asked “how could you do this to me?” before showing any kind of concern, I was suspicious.

I looked at my old contract, signed in excitement without even looking at it and found the clause, Narcissa will give Mr. Smith fifty percent of all future earnings.

He didn’t care about me, at least when my mother didn’t show me love, she was honest about it.

No, he was just there like a parasite, feeding off of my hard work until he couldn’t anymore. He still uses my name to find new hosts for his operation.

There’s people like him in every profession, between the creators and the sellers there’s always someone ready to reap the rewards of other people’s hard work.

You’ll learn that soon Teddy and Draco, you two are so used to making and selling, you’ll do it day in and day out.

Like me, you’ll make a life for yourself no matter the cost.

Drewitt isn’t like that, he’s a wanderer ready to scavenge for anything he can get.

The only thing Drewitt has going for him is that dog, loyal to him like I was to Smith.

He won’t do anything else but fill a gap you think you need filled.

I have no doubt the candy man can create a masterpiece with me as an ingredient.

Draco, you can sell this new collaboration and make this item one everyone will remember.

All Drewitt will do is stand in that corner, enjoy himself because of your effort and watch like the parasitic cuckold he is.

When you lose, all he will do is ask “how could you do this to me?”