Parable of the Lost Sheep

In Promo by Sir Renault

It’s been quite some time now that I’ve stood guard on the rolling fields of OSW.

My flock of ninety-nine Christians reside here, adjacent to the Slaughterhouse steeple, living by Yahweh’s commandments. Together we serve under Yahweh in hopes of one day reuniting him with our world.

I’ve spent every day watching over my flock, empowering them when they follow my lead, and guiding them when they roam too far astray.

For I am their Shepherd, and they are my sheep, and it is my duty to lead them to Yahweh’s light.

“Follow me,” I encourage them, “and I shall lead you to paradise.”

And so I lead, and then they follow, every day together in alignment on our path towards salvation.

But as I stand on this hilltop I find that my field looks a bit barren today, as it turns out that nineteen of my precious sheep have gone missing.

I’m fully aware of their struggles, and it was only a matter of time until they succumbed to their vices.

I’d imagine that Starsheep became enamored by some hot young tail they crossed paths with. They’ve always had roaming eyes, that one.

Perhaps Ewether caught a whiff of some fresh grass clippings nearby and gave into her gluttonous desires.

I’ve even caught Lucy Sherpafina lapping up dead raccoon blood from time to time with other outsider sheep. Perhaps I should keep a closer eye on her from now on…

And The Generation Lamb, my sweet, naive, misguided little baby boy, always in the wrong place at the wrong time with less than ideal acquaintances. A true victim of circumstance.

They’re all sinners, the whole lot of them.

But they do not know any better— and they are not beyond saving.

They need my guidance, and therefore I must go into the deep, dark wilderness to find them and save them before it’s too late.

At Pandemonium, I leave my flock of eighty righteous sheep to step into that dangerous squared circle so that I may bring back those nineteen lost sheep to my flock.

One by one I shall reel in my wayward sheep with Yahweh’s shepherd hook before it’s too late.

I’ll show Ewether the benefits that intermittent fasting has on the body.

I’ll give Lucy Sherpafina her first taste of Christ’s blood, and she will never go back to her bloodthirsty, divergent ways.

I can be the role model TGL needs to grow into a nice young sheep.

And I shall pray every day with Starsheep to focus their love on someone who will reciprocate: Yahweh.

I won’t stop until I save every one of them from theirselves.

Yahweh’s rebirth depends on it.

And when I return home with them we all shall rejoice.

For there will be more joy in heaven over nineteen sinners who repent, than over eighty righteous sheeple who need no repentance.

At Lambs to the Slaughter, I am your Shepherd…

And you are my sheep.

Follow me— follow Yahweh into the light— and I will lead you to paradise.

Deus vult.