Paper Crown

In Promo by Sigil

“Imagine a child in a playground.”

“He’s got a paper hat on his head, a wooden sword in hand, and a hand drawn map that promises to show him to a treasure most divine.”

“His best friend at his side, they set off into the playground, following the instructions closely.”

“Push past the swings, up the ladder, down the slide.”

“The end point didn’t matter so long as they had one another by their side to enjoy the adventure at hand.”

“With their wooden swords they crushed any bugs in their paths, skipping from place to place until they came upon the X that marked the spot.”

“They dropped their swords and picked up shovels. They dug away at the soft dirt, piling it up on either side until the treasure was revealed to them.”

“A paper crown in a little box.”

“But there was only one.”

“You’d be shocked how fast a young friendship can deteriorate.”

“In an instant those wooden swords were turned on one another, leaving welts and bruises on one another, all over a petty little crown.”

“Tears were shed, friendships were ended, and in the end the crown was all that remained of a once strong friendship.”

“Your hunt for the crown really was quite the adventure for you, wasn’t it, Grimwolf?”

“To you, it was the most important day of your life, wasn’t it? You had Cael by your side and the two of you were working through the playground we call OSW with stars in your eyes.”

“But everything is relative, and to me, your little hunt for gold was no different than watching children playing pretend.”

“You had a map to success jotted down on parchment paper and X marked the victory at Ring King that would put gold on your head.”

“Up to that point, you even had your best friend by your side as you two skipped up and down the sandlot looking for gold.”

“But when you finally got your hands on that crown, something changed.”

“You turned your wooden sword on Cael and you beat him mercilessly so that you could keep the crown all to yourself.”

“There’s no sharing for a greedy little child like you, is there? As soon as that crown was in your hands you needed to have it all to yourself no matter the cost.”

“Even if it meant sending Cael home to mommy with tears in his eyes.”

“But what can I expect of lower beings like yourselves?”

“On the cosmic scale your spat is nothing more than a children’s game gone wrong while I scour the universe for my own treasure.”

“My map is inked in the blood of the Terrors and shall lead me to a goal beyond your comprehension.”

“I have no petty friend by my side to stop me.”

“And no squabbles to get in my way.”

“So please, keep fighting with Cael over your paper crown.”

“And watch in awe as I walk a path to Godhood.”