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Pandora’s Box

Pandora’s Box

“Allow me to tell you the story of a girl named Pandora and of the box left within her care.”

“The box, you see, was crafted by an evil, terrible force. Its walls were made to contain something frightful, so terrible that opening the box would surely bring about the end of the paradise Pandora called home.”

“And as such, she promised never to open it.”

“But the entity, he hated to see all of his hard work go to waste.”

“He poked, prodded, and assaulted Pandora with his words in an endless streams of taunts all designed to get her to give into her curiosity and take a peak beneath the lid.”

“And, despite her willpower, she gave in.”

“Pandora lifted the lid ever so slightly.”

“Then boom.”

“She watched in horror as all the terrors of the world, as sickness, death, and depravity spilled out into her world.”

“Try as she might to close it, however, she was too late. The evils of the box’s creator filled the skies, tainted the land.”

“And Pandora was the only one to blame.”

“All because she couldn’t stop herself from unlocking that box and seeing just what its insides held.”

“You’re evil, Jasper. The most vile, horrific, and sickening man I’ve ever set my eyes on. Blood on your skin and depravity in your soul. Nothing is too disgusting, too dismal for your idle hands to create.”

“And now, set before me, is a box.”

“Something crafted by your own two hands and thrust into my world with the instructions to open it and take a peak inside. I must be dying to know what you’ve placed at the bottom, to glance the newest gore soaked addition to your gallery.”

“Week after week you’ve hounded me, Jasper. You’ve tried everything you can to make me open the lid and see just what’s trapped inside. You know that once I do, once the world sees, they won’t be able to unsee it.”

“I’ve stared at it on end, Jasper. It was thrust into my hands and I know deep down what lies within.”

“This box contains all of Arcadia’s evils, the visions of a deranged and demented killer. Every fiber in my being tells me I should tear off the top and peer inside.”

“I’m Pandora, and this is the box I’ve been burdened with.”

“But this is where the story changes, Jasper.”

“Where the myth begins to differ.”

“Unlike Pandora, I don’t care what’s in the box.”

“No matter how much you tempt me, how much the secret calls, I’ll never try to see what lies inside.”

“Because I know the answer.”

“I know it’s evil, I know it’s malicious.”

“And I know nothing good can come of it. Not for me, not for the people of Arcadia who I pledged my life to keep safe from men like you.”

“So I’m putting down the box, I’m pushing it to the back of my mind.”

“Because the only box that matters is the jail cell I plan to put you in.”

“Eagles soar.”