In Promo by The Impaler


What happens when you die? 

When you fade away, is it a blissful painless, existence? 

We’re often hear these questions all too often along with, what happens when you cross over? 

Some say they have the answers and reply like your average know it all, “Those that cross over cease feeling pain”. 

Our reply to these beings who languish in their ignorance as if it is fact is to point out, Hell wouldn’t be much of a place for punishment if a soul couldn’t be tortured. 

Because physical pain isn’t the only type of agony that can be inflicted. 

Souls made to view their dearest love walk out the door for that last time over and over as their hearts breaking each time as if it was the first. 

That type of torture is exquisite, almost beautiful,  

They’re shown the hand of fate’s sorrowful tale play on repeat, and they feel grief, they live the hurt, and they shed the tears of suffering. 

We know better than most that pain is more than skin deep. 

The Slaughterhouse is now experiencing a pain from its Tap House past as a being from a bygone era has darken its door while the sands of fate’s hourglass are beginning to drop their final grains for OSW’s existence. 

A former vigilante who believes that he cannot experience physical affliction. 

Whose fought a holy war with the warrior of light himself. 

A man that believes that because his nerves are numb it puts him on the level of the deceased. 

But we know that he’s not using what’s inside his Calavera if he believes that he is not capable of feeling pain. 

What the Painkiller doesn’t understand is that we’re not some royal who can be manipulated with mind games. 

We’re Legion, we’ve tortured souls both in the realm of the mortal and the realm of the spiritual without needing to feel touch.    

We intend to show The Dead his limits as he is about to be in the Hands of Fate. 

So, Painkiller, you’ll find out that this thing you consider a “Talent” is nothing but an anchor attached at your hip holding you back from being mentally and spiritually strong. 

As we will remind him of every life he failed to save. 

From Nigel Royal whom you may not have seen eye to eye with but we know you wouldn’t want him dead. 

To the man who took his life Albert Shaw, who was became another victim of the Slaughterhouse. 

Every soul that your inaction condemned. 

Everybody that you could’ve done right by inside and outside of the Slaughterhouse, their souls, their memories will haunt you. 

We will break you down until you know what true torture is.   

Because while your body may not feel pain, your heart, your soul, they can be manipulated, and tortured like anyone else’s. 

The Dead will soon discover that pain itself isn’t only skin deep. 

Because we are Legion and we are many, and we shall prove The Dead do feel pain!