Pack Leader

In Blacktooth, Promo by Blacktooth

“A pack leader needs to lead his wolves with a deafening bark and an even nastier bite.”

“That’s the thing with wolves, boys. They crave blood, they smell weakness. You show even a little hesitation, a bit of fear, and they’ll leap on you with gnashin’ teeth in an instant.”

“Tear out your throat, rip your fur, and leave the ground a bloody mess while they get their fill of your innards.”

“There’s only room for one leader, for an Alpha, and if can’t be you then the beasts in your family will fight for that spot.”

“If ya don’t nip it in the bud fast they’ll push you around, steal your throne, and send you spiralin’ down the ranks until you’re the lowest rung on your pack’s ladder.”

“Ears torn up, frown on your face, and a whole lotta bullyin’ because they know you’re too weak to fight back.”

“Either physically…”

“Or mentally.”

“You call those puppets your family, Felix. Ain’t that right?”

“But anyone watchin’ you talk to ’em would see somethin’ different. You ain’t a family, you’re a pack.”

“And you ain’t been the leader in a long, long time.”

“Every night those puppets push you around, Foley. They see the weakness, the stupid smile on your face, the hesitance in your step.”

“And they eat you alive.”

“A little dolly on every side yankin’, bitin’, and rippin’ at you until you’re cowering from their words. You wanna chastise ’em for growlin’ too loud or playin’ too rough and they’re laughin’ in your face!”

“You’re weak.”

“They can smell it.”

“They can fuckin’ taste it.”

“If you don’t put them in line then before you know it your blood will be on their lips and you’ll be nothin’ more than a torn up wretch beggin’ for their forgiveness.”

“Now, I ain’t ever had an issue like you, Felix. My pack? The Blood Runners? They don’t fuckin’ question who leads them.”

“Unlike you cowering and bowing to your fucked up lil family, my boys know that I have the loudest fuckin’ snarl!”

“The nastiest fuckin’ bite in all of Arcadia!”

“And I ain’t let anyone get in my way when it comes to providin’ for my family.”

“Every last one of them knows that Blacktooth eats first, gets his fill, and he’ll bring you enough left over for the rest to chow down on.”

“What does this mean for you, Foley?”


“I’m everything you could never be.”

“While you’re wallowing and crying, begging your stupid puppets to play nice?”

“I’m snarling, biting, and clawing my way to the top of the pack.”

“And when I step in that ring I’m gonna show you what the leader of a pack can do.”

“I’ll rip out your throat in front of your pack of puppets while they cheer it on!”

“Because they don’t respect you for bein’ weak.”

“And neither do I.”

“Now watch what a real alpha can do.”

“And lemme ring that dinner bell!”