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Man has a tendency to want to be one thing.

He dreams of the achievement.

One man desires to be rich. Another man desires to be powerful. Still another wants to be a star.

But where man is rich in one area, he is poor in another. The powerful man is only matched in measure by his weakness in something else. And for all of a star’s popularity, there is always someone who’s never heard of them.

And this is because Man is not like the primary colors.

We are not like Blue, Yellow, and Red anymore than we are only sad, only happy, or only angry.

Man is always and forever, and always will be forever, a blend of color.

But we nevertheless strive.

Even myself. My desire is only to help, to save, to be a hero. And yet, a journalist has only recently helped to remind me that, unfortunately, I cannot be only that. I have to be a blend.

For rest assured, the brighter the light that shines, the darker the shadow it casts.

But if I were to refuse to acknowledge this fact, if I were to never look out for myself in my endeavors to help those who need it most, if I were to only ever be yellow?

The red would nevertheless show up. At the absolute worst times, at that.

It is better, therefore, for myself and those I care to protect, to acknowledge I am not merely yellow.

I am orange. I am a blend.

Felix Foley, you are in danger of destroying everything you’ve worked towards.

Which is a real shame. For in you I see purity, both of desire and of character.

A primary color, truly. A perfect shade of happy yellow.

But that purity of desire is a double-edged sword.

A double-edged sword which seems to, at times, blind you from the red that shows up when the world around you forces you to be something you’re not.

And when that red finally appears, it says to you, “Me.”

Because it is inĀ you, Foley.

No matter how pure of desire and character you are, there lies beneath you deeper layers.

The shadow that grows longer in all your pure light.

Layers you cannot access if you refuse to acknowledge the blend of what you really are.

So I am here to encourage you, Foley.

Here to tell you that it is okay to be more than Yellow.

Here to tell you that just like me, you are orange.

Because if you ignore that red for your yellow, ignore that shadow cast by your light, sooner than later the red will begin to dominate the blend of color that makes you special.

The blend that makes you who you are.

If you continue to stay blind to the power red has over the blend that makes you, not only will it dominate the rest of the blend, it will take over.

And I must help remind you to stay orange.

If not me, then who?

Kaiju Chiba