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“I once knew a man who was a world-class assassin.”

“The best of the best.”

“He went by the name Seven.”

“Seven told me the story of his greatest bounty to date.”

“A target that had been at the top of the most wanted list for nearly a decade.”

“A contract that many hitman before him had tried to carry out, yet had fallen short time and time again.”

“There was just one problem. Through his investigations he had come across another assassin staking out the same wanted man. He had noticed this man had been heavy on his targets trails for quite some time.”

“This would prove to be his biggest test yet. Not only was he out seeking to end the life of a seemingly untouchable man, but he’d have to do so while another predator with the same skillset was hot on the trail.”

“Seven rounded a corner and there he caught a glimpse of the second assassin. The two of them lock eyes, each of them knowing what the other was here to do.”

“Both men rush forward into a scuffle, but that’s where Seven’s plan came into play full force. Seven had always planned to find this second assassin and have this battle, and thus had embedded a hidden blade under his sleeve.”

“And when the time was right, Seven ducked under a wildly thrown blow and drove that hidden blade right in the assassin’s throat.”

“With the opposition put to rest, the untouchable man became a sitting duck.”

“An easy target.”

“I’m reminded of this story, because I find myself in quite the same perdicament.”

“You see, before me now lies this task. It’s a task that many have tried to accomplish over and over again. But it’s a task that can no longer be avoided.”

“There’s one thing that must be done. Kill Sigil.”

“My father has been dwelling here in the shadows for months now, licking his chops as he awaits Sigil’s head to be served to him on the finest of platters.”

“In the shadows there he found someone he thought would be able to accomplish the task at hand. A well trained assassin with quite the skillset. He enlisted the help of the Murderous Crow that goes by the name Corvus.”

“Corvus and I have fought by each others side, and we have fought against each other. We know each other like the back of our hands, and we are both well versed at our craft. However, you’ve failed to carry out your end of the contract in a timely manner.”

“This week, I’ve been gifted a golden opportunity. This week, both you and Sigil will be in the same place at the same time. This is my opportunity. It’s an opportunity that I can’t let you ruin for me.”

“Just like Seven, I will descend upon the ring with the intentions of taking you out. Because once you’re gone.. once you’re no longer a thorn in my side.. Sigil will be nothing more than a sitting duck.”

“Kneel before the prince of the Underworld..”