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Open Door Policy

Open Door Policy

Some would call me an expert on doors, but it’s all very simple. A door opens, or a door closes. Everything in between is irrelevant.

When the right door opens, it can make you a star, send you stratospheric, and take you to places you’d have never dreamed of. The door is a portal and it can take you anywhere. But not all doors are equal.

Some doors are springloaded. You have to fight against the pushback to stand a chance to make it though, and if you misjudge it then it only ends in pain. Some doors open smoothly, people seem born to be able to navigate them with ease.

And some doors are held wide open, with the user having to put no effort in at all. Those are the kind of doors I hate. The doors held open by association.

Renault Rhodes has not had to fight for his place in the annals of OSW history – his father alone guarantees it for him. He was recruited by Solomon and placed here, immediately taking up the Vayikra mantle and pushed as this zealot megamind by Sir Vant, who just happened to be the man holding open the door. His own father.

But that open door policy is time limited. As I said, doors open and doors close, and the door that got Renault here will soon be closed by the same hand. Solomon Rhodes gave him everything but he’s also the one that will take it all away. He’s shown time and time over that he values his God over his Family – no father should ever do that. But Solomon will do it again, and when his God asks it of him, he will slam that door in Renault’s face just for one minute with Yahweh.

And for all the hurt in the world, there is nothing that hurts worse than having the door slammed in your face by your own family – your own parent.

It’s the kind of rejection that stays with you, that makes you question your life choices, until you soon find yourself at a crossroads with just two choices. The way you were, or the way you will be.

I’ll be at the crossroads with Janus, waiting for you to make your decision. We’ll keep the gate but we won’t gatekeep. The choice is all yours. Just know that if you pick it, the right door will free you from the shackles of nepotism, and free you from the expectations of your father, but the wrong door will see you run smack bang into a brick wall, like Wile E. Coyote chasing the Roadrunner.

Acme explosives or actual freedom, which one will it be? Renault you have to pick yourself – it’s no better me holding the door open than Solomon. The right door might not be the easiest one, but it will always lead to the road you’re meant to be on.

So hit the road, Renault.

Ordell Terminus