One By One

In CJ Thorpe, Promo by Zeus

I never thought my life would be defined by chains, you know? But here I am, slathered in chains far more profound than any physical restraint.

They say I broke the chain with Meadows, that beating him was the start of our freedom, our deliverance. We saw that was bullshit. Cause that’s not how chains work.

It’s not how life works.

It’s not about one link. It’s about the whole goddamned chain.

Break one link, you aren’t free, you’re just tied a little less tight. You’ve got to shatter each link, one by one.




Only then can you truly see the horizon, smell the breath of freedom.

But I look at my Death Row chains, and these aren’t chains you break with brute force; they’re birthed from the darkest corners of humanity.

Each link represents demons, murderers, insanity, even death itself.

But I’m not ready to end my story yet.

The chains are heavy, but my resolve heavier.

The chains are strong, but my will stronger.

The chains are monstrous, but my spirit more relentless.

They burden me, yet I shall break them.

One by one.

One by one, I’ll defeat the darkness, the murderers, the death.

One by one, I’ll conquer my fears, my sins, my past.

One by one, I’ll rip the chains away.

They say I’m the Coyote, the one who tricks and outruns, who survives against odds. But even a coyote knows when it’s time to fight, time to bare its fangs, time to let its howl ripple across the night sky. So, I won’t just survive, I’ll fight. I will break my chains.

One by one.

See, some people see Death Row as the end of the line, where hope goes to die.

But that’s bullshit.

It’s a crucible. An opportunity to rise up above suffering, above adversity, to break free and renounce the burdens we carry.

The chains around me are damn-near unbreakable, but so fucking what? I’m ready. I’m ready to rise, to break free, to assert my name as the man around here.

The chains might have my body, but they don’t have my soul, they don’t have my spirit. The chains might bring me down, but I will rise. I will rise, and I will break them.

One by fucking one.

Dirty cops, slave traders, even Max Meadows, they were just links in my chain. Their purpose was to keep me down, but they only served to teach me, temper me, make me realize my purpose.

They were just the starting point. The real work, the real struggle begins now.

To break free. To shatter the chain.

One by one.

Here I stand, staring into the abyss. But I am not afraid. Because I still have faith.

I believe in the power of the human spirit. I believe in myself. In the power to break my chains.

One by one.

Until the day when I’m free, unchained, unburdened.

Until the day I’m truly C.J. Thorpe, the Chainbreaker, the Coyote who tricked death.

Until then, I’ll just keep breaking them.

One link at a time.

One by one.