On Your Way

In Promo, Tombstone by Tombstone

A tale centuries old speaks of a ferryman, instructed to carry a soul to its resting place. 

This soul – it was conflicted, you see. Two minds, two paths. One of them wanted nothing more than to carry out eternity in the land of fulfillment and luxury – where peace and love are common practices. 


The other was different – it wanted none of this. Instead, it pleaded to be casted away into eternal darkness. It spoke of all of the bad things it did – that there was no better place for it to remain than the Underworld

There, suspended by conflict, The Ferryman remained in Purgatory, left to make a decision where to take this divided soul. 

That decision never came, and he remained there forever. 

I’ve now found myself drifting along the same reservoir of purgatory with a similar divergent soul, and it wants nothing more than to disorient.

It begs to stifle my decision – to erase every plausible reason to choose one’s wish over the next until I’m just as suspended in thought as The Ferryman – 

For as much as I believe it wants me to emotionally react – another part of me recognizes that they don’t want me to react at all

They just want me to remain stuck inside of my own mind until my soul resembles theirs – trapped and tortured

I’m confident that Paradise doesn’t look so pleasant when half of it is painted in black – and sunlight is terribly inconvenient when you just want to drown the world in darkness. 

For as much as you want me to commiserate with you,  I really don’t care where you end up, Gemini. 

You see, it was never our job to help the likes of you find your appropriate resting place. 

No, our job is to ensure that you make your mortal exit – on time. 

It matters not if I dump nature’s delight in Paradise, or the big, bad witch into the Underworld. 

When the gates open, you go through. The rest is of no concern to me. 

Because I am a deliverer – not a guardian, Gemini. 

I’m not here to put a few blots of ink across that bright blue sky, and I’m not serving Pina Coladas on the beach. I am here to mold your diverging soul into one – and knock until the right one answers. 

Only then will true judgment be enforced upon you for your actions. 

Only then will the divergent soul find its finality

But of course, like most of the tales in this line of business, there’s always two sides of the story. 

I’d never deny that both sides of that mind of yours are full of tales themselves and, who knows – maybe you’ll have a chance to explain it all when the gates open. 

Until then – prepare yourself for your keeper, Gemini. 

And I will send you on your way.