No Heroes

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There’s no such thing as a hero.

A hero is a stupid idea drilled into kids when they’re younger, with the intent of trying to force them to be a “good little boy” when they’re older.

When I was younger I wanted nothing more than to be the next superhero. I idolised those superheroes in the comic books and in my head me and my brother were already there. But I was not allowed that chance. Although we were twins, my brother was given the world and I was given the leftovers.

He became the hero of the family, whereas I was cast aside, the forgotten child. And it was then I realised that heroism is just a fancy word for stupidity. People who want to be a hero just don’t have a functioning brain.

Lets take a look at specimen A – Redwing. He spent years trying to be the superhero. Trying to be the guy everyone cheered for. Where did it get him? Nowhere. People he loved died and he had no power to stop it. When was Redwing at his strongest? When he lost the control over that need to impress people. When the heroism mattered less to him than his own needs. When he got reckless and ruthless.

And specimen B – Sharkman. He too, spent years trying to be that guy people looked up to. He used to be champion for the kids, but eventually he became a cannibalistic animal. What changed? He lost the need to impress people too. His own needs and the needs of those giving him orders became more important that the greater picture. He got bloodthirsty and barbaric.

But being reckless, ruthless, bloodthirsty and barbaric in this PC world of wokeism is not a negative.

The truth is that there is no such thing as a hero. Heroes are weak, and cannot survive in this world. I’m not a fan of the word villain. I’m no villain. I just see what I want and I get it. Same as anyone else who wants to survive.

And once you let that killer instinct in, it drives you more than adoring fans ever could. Once that switch ticks over in your head there is no way back. Even those who proclaim to be a hero once more are merely acting the part.

That bloodlust that powered The Shark and Redwing is potent. If I could bottle it up and sell it I would be a multimillionaire, but I’ll settle for knowing that the bloodlust is in me too. You’ll remember I said my brother was the hero of the family. You’ll notice I speak in past tense.

I no longer have a twin.

Heroes die. They only live on in the pages of those comic books I used to read as a kid.

And when all is said and done their legacy will burn to ash like the pages of those books when they’re tossed in the bonfire of life.

There’s no such thing as a hero. But a villain never dies.