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Ninth Life

Ninth Life

“They say that cats have nine lives..”

“Felines are some of the most agile and quick-witted animals on this earth.”

“Particularly, cats can survive falls from great distances. Such falls that would kill a human.”

“This is where the theory comes from. They say that a cat can survive falls from 32 story buildings with minor injuries, but live to see another day.”

“But what happens if the cat is clumsy?”

“What happens if our feline friend is prone to falling over and over again.”

“After all, the saying goes that a cat only has nine lives.”

“For some time now, Luke Storm has been the clumsy cat of OSW. For over a year now, Storm has fallen from great heights time and time again.”

“First, it was his brother’s death that sent him plummeting from the high ledge which he stood, and splattering on the ground below.”

“He had everything at the time. The OSW World Championship was his then, but it all came tumbling down before him.”

“Luke has defied death before our very eyes, skidding by the skin of his teeth through a horrible disaster that happened on that movie set. Once again, he stared death in the face and walked away with minor injuries.”

“Then he entrusted two people that he thought he could depend on. He brought two others together and formed bMf and things were good for a while. But once again, the clumsy cat stumbles.”

“By letting that bitch Pyre close to him, he took quite possibly the worst fall of his career.”

“How many lives do you think you have left, Luke?”

“How many times do you feel like you will be able to fall and get back up again?”

“By my count, you’re running out of lives, my friend.”

“I haven’t left the shadows. The entire time you’ve been stumbling all over the place as the clumsy cat that you are, I have been lying in wait.”

“I have been watching your every move. I have been tallying up the lives you have thrown away. I have watched from the distance as you’ve taken tumble after tumble.”

“And I know that you’re on your ninth life.”

“While you may have your mind focused towards Ring King, I am there lurking in the shadows.”

“Don’t get too close to the ledge, Luke.. because I’ve been licking my chops for a long time to push you off the edge.”

“I’ve been waiting a long time to add your name to my notebook.”

“And what better time than now? What better time to claim the soul of Luke Storm than the first round of the Ring King tournament?”

“What better time to silence the eye of the storm and send a message to the rest of the talent in this tournament?”

“It’s been a long time coming, Luke. And this week, once I have you t-t-t-teetering on that ledge.. I’ll spring forth from the shadows and give you just enough of a push to send the clumsy cat to his final demise.”

“Kneel before the Prince of the Underworld..”

“For I am your next Ring King.”