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Never Meet Your Idols

[terminal]“There once was a mighty King and beautiful Queen that stood in unison over the floors of Arcadia.”

“Together, they stood at the head of the Pantheon and ruled with a mighty fist. With a beautiful queen by his side, there was nothing The Baron left on the table. Everything was tied together nicely and presented to the Arcadians with a pretty bow.”

“To the average eye, the royalty that oversaw all of Arcadia were flawless. They were able to rule without a single whisper of rebuttal amongst anyone in the streets. When the King and Queen gathered, all of Arcadia came together to listen to their trustworthy superiors.”

“The children of Arcadia looked up to these figure heads as if they were perfect standards to the term role model. They stood in awe in the streets, looking up at their King and his beautiful Queen, hanging on their every word.”

“But the King grew power hungry. The greed sat in and even his own wife could no longer be trusted.. and after a lovers quarrel, the Queen was ousted from the castle and tossed back into the streets as a mere mortal.”

“But alas, you’ve risen again, haven’t you Queenie?”

“You’ve come a long way from being dumped back onto the streets.”

“Narcissa won’t be held down for long, and you made sure of that when you captured Zeus.”

“And now you’re the one with all the power. You’re the one that stands at the head of Arcadia’s table as the all mighty.”

“I was one of those children in the crowd, looking up in bewilderment all those years ago. I was there, watching you shine at your brightest moment as you stood in The Baron’s loving embrace.”

“I watched as you were thrown out as if you were nothing, and I’m here now watching as you overthrow the throne and take Arcadia for your own.”

“I guess you could say, I look up to you.”

“Growing up, it was you that I considered my role model. It was posters of you that I hung up on my bedroom wall.”

“You were perfect.”

“You were everything a little girl like me could ever hope to be.”

“I wanted nothing more than to be you, Narcissa.”

“And now I have my chance..”

“This week, an Uprising is indeed upon us, but it is not the one that you think you’re leading.”

“The Uprising of Jinx begins here and now. I’m coming for what’s mine.”

“I’m coming for the very thing that I’ve grown up wishing for every night before I lay my head down.”

“And at the end of the night, I’m ascending towards the throne with the VHS Championship thrown across my shoulder.”

“They say you should never meet your role models, and to that I disagree.”

“At Uprising, I’m not only coming to meet the one who inspired me, Narcissa..”

“I’m coming to fuckin’ replace you.”

“As your new VHS Champion, and Queen of Arcadia.”