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Never Enough

I had this one couple visit me for elective surgery years ago.

The girl wanted a boob job, and the guy she was with was more than happy to accommodate her.

Let me tell you: this girl had that boyfriend wrapped around her little finger.

When she said jump, he’d ask, “how high?”

The dude was head over heels for her, and she milked him for all he was worth.

A few months after she had recovered from her breast enhancement, she dragged him back to me for a tummy tuck.

And again, ever eager to please, that guy not only obliged her, but also paid up front for a facelift and lip fillers for next time.

She took him for all he was worth, and when her plastic surgery was complete she dropped him like a bad habit and moved onto a better, bigger, man.

That poor bloke was just never enough for her.

And there’s a couple in Arcadia who reminds me of them.

This journalist, who can’t get a big scoop to save his life, fawns over this hot fashionista here like a damn genie: her wish is his command.

He’ll do anything to get in her pants, and she’s all too happy to make him her bitch, delegating him all her dirty work to propel her up the ranks of Arcadia.

For the first time in the guy’s life he feels like he’s delivering on something. And as long as he continues to appease the girl’s wants, she will keep him around.

What Colt Ramsey doesn’t understand, though, is that Narcissa Balenciaga is simply using him.

Narcissa will continue to string Colt along until he’s given her everything he can offer, and then, I guarantee, she will drop that lovestruck buffoon like a bad habit.

Because despite all he’s done, he will never be enough for her.

When a couple like you two come along to challenge us for our Tag Team Championships, I can only smile, and chuckle a bit.

You two aren’t a team.

One of you, and we all know who, calls the shots, while the other does all the work.

And the endgame really only benefits one of you, not both.

What will it take for you to realize, Colt, that despite everything you do for Narcissa, and despite your devotion to her, she will never reciprocate your actions or feelings.

Narcissa’s using you, and nothing you can do will be enough for her.

All your sweet talk won’t be enough.

All that dirt you dug out of the vault won’t be enough.

And winning these Tag Team Championships won’t be enough.

Because despite all your efforts, despite all you have done, you will never be enough to take the gold away from O’Death.

And when that bell rings after your defeat, after you’ve given everything you had left, it will be Narcissa’s cue to move on to better, and bigger, things.

It’s time for you to get a clue, Colt Ramsey.

Now take a deep breath, and close your eyes…

See you on the other side, PrettyUgly.

Dr. Death