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“Let’s look at a man who works in a nice, cushy office.”

“All around him lay lavish furnishings, the luxury of an entire world at his finger tips as he sits back and leers at his computer screen.”

“In his hands is the ability to hire anyone for his company, and likewise can he fire them.”

“All it takes is the click of a button, a single thought resigning those poor souls to a demise at his hands.”

“He is their god, they are his subjects.”

“But how did he get here? Was this man a genius in technology? Perhaps a prodigy of business dealings?”


“He is nothing more than the spawn of a man greater than him. This so called ‘god’ only sits on his leather throne with this power in his hands because it was handed to him.”

“His father built that empire with his own two hands while his son was just a thought in the back of his mind.”

“And now? His offspring reaps the rewards.”

“OSW is nothing more than an office building staffed of the most viable in their field all forced to sing and dance for a capricious boss that overlooks them. With the snap of his fingers their employment, their lives, could come to an abrupt end.”

“And now, that power has been given to his spoiled rotten son.”

“Deathnote, daddy’s boy, you’ve sat back with your ego sky rocketing through the ceiling as you hail yourself as a god, the man who wills the fates of the world’s workers to his whims.”

“Only instead of a computer at your desk, it is a notebook in your hands. You could simply sign a name, flick your wrist, and any one of us could find themselves tossed into the streets.”

“Jobless, lifeless.”

“Neither a penny to their name nor a soul to their corpse.”

“And sure, many of those foolish employees wandering these halls may fear your name and your position, I’m surely not one of them, Deathnote.”

“Because I see through your fa├žade, I see the nepotism driven little rat beneath your mask.”

“You know that without your father, you’d be nothing. You couldn’t build an empire of death like he could, nor would you be fitting to wield that notebook without him giving it to you. So it leaves me begging the question.”

“What happens when his business falls?”

“Sound impossible?”

“Don’t be so sure.”

“In this universe I am the one being who can rival your father. With my own two hands I dug up the resources, the crystals in my palms, and with them did I build my own empire.”

“I’m coming for you, I’m coming for your father, and my hostile takeover is going to leave your business desolate and broken.”

“When your father falls and the company enters my hands?”

“You’ll be the first to go.”

“No more lavish life, Deathnote.”

“No more unwarranted power.”

“Just you and the cold hard street.”

“I have walked this path before, I shall walk it once more.”