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Negocios Legítimos

Negocios Legítimos

I’m a legitimate businessman, mi chico.

And the thing I hate the most of all? Negrocio incompleto.

Sketchy business.

Through all of these years that I’ve managed my Club 40, I have admittedly been victim to many corrupt dealings. When I was younger, it was far easier for me to become the influenciado… to let someone in just by accepting that encanto inicialCharm.. As you become a grown man, however, you begin to read people differently. You build a… defensa against the ones that seem empty beyond that initial charm.

Down here, I became bigger than life because beyond my encanto inicial, there was me, mi chico. Blood, boness, and dinero.

You come to me, De hombre a hombre, as legitimate businessman, yes? Mr. Teddy O’Tool – residente Willy Wonka of Arcadia, yeah? I see some of the children down here talking about you all the time, ese’. They love your getup, Amigo. I even noticed a couple of my loyal patrons running off from routine gambling time to come see your newest offerings – and you know what?

They came home with sapos of candy.

And I make them throw every last piece in the garbage!

Because this, ese’, is sketchy business. Where I come from, you do not interfere with an hombre’s business – that’s where your legitimacy blurs, entiendes, tu saco de mierda?

I know you’re the great candyman with all the candy happiness – but I take care of the happiness down here, not you.. You know, you’re the kind of guy that I would have done anything for at one point, yeah? You have the estilo – the fashion that brings people of all shapes and sizes to dig their teeth into a bunch of candy. You tell me, as a legitimate businessman, what does this do for them>

Nada, verdad?

You know what J do for my people, Teddy? I make dreams come true. Cambia la vida dreams – not just some sugar high that you chase, chase, chase. I supply people with the opportunity to fortunes that can change everything for them – with just a little bit of paper and promise. You’re the zoquete, who builds a business on nothing but alegría temporal, a temporary joy.

You may be the great influencer to many – but to me, you’re an illusion. You create paint a grandiose image of what you want to be be, because you ain’t happy with who you are beneath it – Estoy en lo cierto amigo?

You hide behind the glamour, because it’s the only way to keep that negocio of yours thriving. And, you’ve got a lot of people that believe in you, enough for you to feel like a threat.

I’m not so good with threats, homie.

It always ends up really, really bad – especially when I’m left with no choice but to shut the mierda down, you feel me?

In previous dealings with legitimate businesses, I always believe that money talks.

In your case, buying you out of the market isn’t enough.

You’ve already poisoned waters that are far too close to my blood grounds, and you were once the kind of person I would have done anything for, but I don’t fall for the charm anymore, ese’.

I destroy it.

Caesar XL