Nature Fuckers

In Promo by Chip Montana

Oi everyone! I’m Chip Montana! And I’m grabbing nature…




Ya know who else likes to grab nature by the balls, mate? Scientists! Crikey, those goofy looking bastards in their big white coats and their gizzydoodads and thingamawhatsits, they’re constantly efforting to understand what nature is, how to manipulate her…

…and how to corrupt her.

Now me? Chippy? I’m like Nature’s good old dad right? And these scientists, they’re out here, trying to corrupt my lovely daughter. Trying to stick their little willies in her and FUCK her HALF TO DEATH.

They go behind me back, and FUCK me daughter when I’m busy at work.

They make abomination, after abomination, after abomination with her. Bang bang bang, HUMP HUMP HUMP, UNH UNH UNH, just making nature shoot these retards right out of her pussyhole and into existence.

Well I’ll tell ya this much mate. Ol’ Chip Montana’s had enough of these sneaky little lab coat daughter fuckets. Chip Montana is gonna wipe these abominations off the face of the Earth.

One by one by one. Oh sure, the abominations might try to abduct me rabbit and stick their half-witted cocks in its rabbit hole. Oh, yeah, they might try to put Chip Montana in a big toy chest and brutally molest him and perform gender corrective surgeries on him and turn him into a fucking hot wheels race car track.

But guess what, abominations?

There’s a difference in Chip Montana and Kenny Freeman.

There’s a difference in Chip Montana and Freight Train Ferguson.

There’s a difference in Chip Montana and every other motherfucker who’s ever stepped foot in that fuck box you’ve made.

Chip Montana is the only man who has ever stepped foot in there, walked out, and still ready to walk right back in there.

I’m not afraid of you dipshits.

I’m only afraid of you continuing to pollute the animal kingdom.

Every single time I’m blink me fucking eyes its like there’s more of you.

It’s like, there’s no fucking balance, is there mate?

It’s like I’m sitting on a seesaw, and on the other end is a big, retarded, dumb ass clown staring at me, saying stupid shit and crying like a baby about things that don’t even matter to me.

It’s like, I’m sitting on SeeSaw’s face right? And he’s eating my ass. It’s fine. It’s kind of funny. And he keeps saying “I want to kill you, I don’t want to eat your ass, let me kill you, blah blah blah.” But sitting right on top of his clown cock is Nature.

You’re fucking me daughter, Andy.

You’re turning out the love of me life.

Well I’d say it’s high time that for once, somebody fucks you.

And you’ve been eating me asshole for so long, you’ll barely have time to wash the arse stank out of your mouth before I bend you over that workshop table where you turn people into fleshlights or whatever, and turn your arsehole inside out with me willy.

Nature fucker.