My Game

In Jinx, Promo by Jinx


“The lights were burning at their brightest.”

“Surrounded by an electric crowd, there I stood amongst some of the best gamers in all of Arcadia.”

“A member of the Pantheon stood front and center, addressing the red hot crowd. Today was the day I had been preparing months for. Today was the finals of the Olympus Smash: Melee tournament ladder.”

“Game after game, round after round, the four finalist would overcome any and all competitors. They had climbed the ladder this far, none of them with any intentions of looking down.”

“First there was The Duke. This player was one of manipulation. He spent his hours leading up to today’s tournament boasting about the waiting area. He claimed to be the best, to be unstoppable. He believed that everything was owed to him, and that he would climb the ladder to success at no expense.”

“Following him was a young upstart known simply as Automaton. He believed that he could approach each round of the tournament systematically. As long as he was able to implement the mechanics that he had learned, it would be him standing atop the ladder at the end of the night. Each of his moves robotic in nature and predictable from the start.”

“Then there was the defending Champion. They called him Ferryman. He was a crowd favorite, and for good reason. He had already proved his worth by winning the previous tournament. They called him Ferryman because he was sure to send his opponents back to the lobby lifeless and defeated. in terms of gaming, Ferryman was the OP competitor.”

“Then there’s me. The Glitch. Outside of this tournament, I had only been seen coming off of a hot qualifying match where I dismantled my opponent. Nobody knew my name, but soon they would never forget.”

“I studied each of my opponents on their way up the ladder, and I found their flaws. When the finals began, I was there to play MY game. In doing so, I was able to predict the pace of each round. I was there to stay one step ahead of my opponents.”

“I saw through The Duke and his pre-game manipulative ways, and destroyed him. I interrupted the telegraphed attacks of Automoton and I caused his system to meltdown. I avoided the brutality and chaos that Ferryman instilled into the final, and I picked my own opportunities to strike.”

“Each of them stood as fierce competitiors, but they all fell as heavy as titans when I struck.”

“At Titanfall, the same fate has been bestowed upon me. Three other competitors will stand in the same ring as me, each looking to climb the ladder of success and take the OSW Rewind Championship as their own prize.”

“But at the end of the night, only a titan slayer will be able to stand atop this ladder.”

“I’m here to play my game..”

“Because when Jinx is involved, you’re playing a game that you’ve already lost.”