My First Kiss…

In Damien Wolfe, Promo by Damien Wolfe

My father’s brother Frank came to live with us for a bit when I was younger. 

Now Frank ate our food, drank our water, and took up our space. 

He was a silver tongued son of a gun. 

So, any time my dad brought up the idea of him potentially moving out, Frank would always find a way to make it seem like it was my dad’s idea for him to stay. 

Well one night, I was awoken to someone giving me a giant wet snog. 

It was Frank, it turns out he had gotten drunk and walked into my room thinking it was my mum’s. 

It was at that moment I realized what a parasite good ol’ Uncle Frank was as he begged me not to tell my dad. 

This man was a tapeworm living off the shit that had become my father’s life. 

Frank had preyed on the desires of my mother and father. 

My father’s desire for a decent brother to help him deal with his crumbling world after my brother died and my mother… well I guess you’d call that the desire of the flesh. 

And we now watch as a man takes advantage of the desires of Arcadia. 

In fact, he calls himself the Duke of Desire, as if to taunt the very people he pretends to serve. 

But really, he’s just like my Uncle Frank preying on the cravings of everyone for his own machinations. 

Like a tapeworm clawing on to the intestines of Arcadia. 

Feasting upon the excrement that is life in the bowels of this world we reside in. 

Using his silver tongue to convince people he’s there for their benefit but in reality, he’s just another parasite for them to worry about. 

But when you take him out his element like Uncle Frank, he’s just another sniveling worm wriggling exposed to elements begging to not be crushed underfoot metaphorically speaking. 

Aarman, you know what happened with the difference between you and my Uncle Frank? 

Time, because when he begged me not to expose him for stealing my first kiss… 

He walked out of my room credit less because at the time I wanted credits you can even say I desired them… 

Now, I don’t want or desire anything that I cannot provide for myself. 

So, a parasite like yourself has no leverage, nothing to bargain with, and I have already identified what you are, so you hold no sway. 

Aarman, you’re going to watch as your silver tongue turns to copper before your very eyes. 

Hopeless and alone as the ability to sway someone with your sweet, sweet words is robbed from you. 

Pleading for someone, anyone to buy the bullshit that spews forth from your mouth…   

Only, you’ll just have me, the who’s going to expose you for the gross shit swilling worm that you are… 

Writhing on the mat of the OSW ring. 

Before the boot finally comes down to rid Arcadia of your filth. 

Because we can ill afford another parasite like you in this world… sorry, pal, you know, budget cuts and all that.