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[Recorded Earlier.]

[There’s a cracked concrete stone, perhaps a hundred years old, sat in the middle of our frame. The concrete has been weathered, broken and crippled by time and the elements. Grass grows unkempt around it, whilst moss creeps slowly upwards from the bottom. We rise slowly above it, peering into the distance. The sky is grey and overcast, with rain beginning to fall.]

[The pitter patter sounds of water dropping lightly onto an umbrella bring us into focus ahead. Stood there, in a black suit and tie combination, underneath said umbrella is Neville Sheldon.]

[Tears stream from his eyes, telling of a heartbreak unlike any other. He can barely keep himself focused. His bottom lip quivers as he tries to hold it together.]

“We’re gathered here today to celebrate the life of Norma Sheldon. She was a loving wife to Arthur and a loving mother to son, Neville.”

“And I killed her,” [says a voice bellowing from behind them all. Everyone’s head turns on a swivel, their eyes meeting the villainous one’s of Red River Jack. He walks forward, through a crowd of disgusted people that include Neville and stops at the grave.] “I terrified her so much that she dropped dead right in front of me, man. I felt her last breath leave her body and with it, she whispered your name.”

[Jack turns around and is immediately tackled straight into the grave – six feet deep! Both men land on the coffin of Sheldon’s mother, Neville swinging with every muddy fist he could possibly muster. Funeral goers reach and pile in to desperately pull him out, dragging him backwards to his feet and holding him there.]

[It takes three men to hold Sheldon back as Red scoots backwards across the coffin and up against the muddy wall, resting there, laughing to himself like a hyena.]

“Don’t you see, man?” [Jack says spitting blood disrespectfully onto her coffin.] “The world isn’t all roses and fluffy bunny rabbits. There’s no retirement, no joy, no big goodbye. There’s just death. There’s just me and you, man.”

[Neville struggles to get back to him, having to be heavily restrained as Red River Jack laughs and laughs, the camera zooming in on his face, blood seeping from a wound on his lip.]

[The desecrator of worlds.]


[The inner walls of a mind are a sanctum to men like Brent Kersh. Every stoic act, every heroic memory, they’re all stored in the depths of his mind, surrounded by those walls.]

[Until they broke.]

[Like the floodgates having opened, every memory became soured in a district flavour of putridness. He couldn’t focus anymore. He couldn’t drive himself to fight the stress that had turned him inside out.]

[He sits on a broken concrete step, his beard having grown out over the weeks we’ve been away, mixed of black and grey. He looks different, older even, and somewhat broken.]

“Oh how the mighty have fallen,” [says a voice from somewhere close by. Kersh doesn’t even shift his head, he just sits there, looking off into the distant sunset.] “And you blame me?”

[The Scarecrow steps into frame ahead of him, blocking his view and turning it to Darkness. Kersh lowers his head.]

“Would you like me to end it?” [he reaches down and grabs Kersh by the chin, lifting his head.] “Would you like me to put you out of your misery, little birdie?”

[Brent snatches his head away and shakes it defiantly, ‘no’.]

“Are you asking to be spared?” [The Scarecrow demands to know, slowly standing beside him, facing the other way.] “Are you asking for leniency so that heroes can live?”

[There’s a scoff in his voice – a tone that mocks Brent Kersh.]

“Or do you want to die like the rest of them?”

[Brent Kersh refuses to look in his direction.]

“Then die you shall.”

[The Scarecrow suddenly pulls out a rather large hook and swipes down at Kersh, who immediately wakes up. The jolt sends his car swerving off the road and into a brick wall just outside the School Yard. The impact crashes Kersh’ face off the steering wheel, deploying airbags just as that moment occurs.]

[The horn sounds, deep into the night.]

[And on the backseat is The Scarecrow, grinning in sinister delight.]

[Two bitter foes pitted against the OSW Tag Team Champions with the gold on the line! Can Ash and Chase Hero set aside their differences for one night?]

[The bell rings as Ash just stares at Chase Hero from inside of the ring. He turns around to be welcomed by Smiley! SHOCK THERAPY! A spear right out of the gate as Smiley hooks a leg! One…Two… Hero kicks him right in the back of the head to break it up. Chase lifts up Smiley but the referee pulls him back away. Smiley lunges over the referee and punches Hero right on the nose! Hero begins fighting against the referee while Doubt sneaks in. Smiley pulls Ash up and flings towards Doubt for THE END OF WISDOM! Smiley goes for a pin as the referee finally gets Hero back out on the apron.]

[One…Two…No! Ash gets a shoulder up as Smiley yanks him to his feet by his hair. UPPERCUT! Smiley staggers backwards holding his chin but Ash looks fired up! Brutal kicks to the gut before nailing some vicious rights and lefts. Smiley is wavering but Ash digs down deep before springing up for another uppercut! BOOMFINITY RUSH! Smiley falls backwards into his own corner and in comes Doubt! Ash doesn’t relent as he begins nailing Doubt with some vicious shots! Doubt manages to stop him with a stomp to the foot! He springs off the rope for a leaping high knee and flattens him!]

[Chase Hero is hyped on the apron as he’s desperate to get into the match! Doubt lifts up Ash as he grabs him for a jawbreaker. The momentum flings Ash back. Ash staggers to his feet and looks at Hero with a look of disdain. He turns around and is nailed by a dropkick as Hero is knocked off the apron but is tagged in by notice by the referee’s hand clap action to signify a tag! Doubt doesn’t seem to notice the tag but Smiley does! Doubt hits the ropes before THE PESSIMIST’S END on Ash! Smiley drops from the apron to go after Hero and rounds the corner before… TALK TO THE B- SMILEY NAILS HIM WITH CHELSEA GRIN! Smiley rolls Hero into the ring and tells Doubt that he’s the legal man. Doubt shrugs before hitting THE CAUSE OF DOUBT! He hooks both legs! One…Two… THREE!]

[Knock Knock manages to get the win here tonight and successfully defend their tag team titles! They clutch their titles close to their chest as they roll out of the ring. Hero and Ash are still struggling to get back to their feet inside.]

[We find the team of Oceans One in mid conversation. Both men have big matches tonight but we find the pair relaxing with a bit of a catch-up before getting themselves ready. Marvolo is mid-way through one of the stories from his lavish autobiography.]

“…And that is how Marvolo rescued the Queen’s corgis.”

[Nigel simply nods in approval to the story before holding up a hand to stop Marvolo before he can begin with a new one.]

“Any Road chap. As much as I would love to stand here listening to your stories all night, I have Red River Jack to prepare for. Tally ho.”

[Nigel takes his leave and Marvolo is alone. Uncomfortably alone. He looks shiftier than normal, to the point of worry. He looks around as if he expects something to jump out at him. After last week’s mysterious attack, it is no surprise what has him concerned. Gingerly, he walks toward the end of the hallway, spying around the corner to see if the coast is clear.]

[As soon as he walks around the corner, a figure emerges from the shadows and approaches him. Marvolo nearly walks straight into him, crying out as the figure blocks his path… Lazarus.]

“What the devil?” [Marvolo blurts out in surprise] “You’re lucky that Marvolo didn’t hit you with his Five-Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique. What do you want, Marvolo with worse chin hair?”

[Lazarus smiles.]

“Exodus 20, Verse 16.”

[Marvolo looks a little puzzled. Lazarus speaks again, adding context.]

“Thou shalt not bear false witness. One of the ten commandments, you may be familiar with them.”

[Marvolo scoffs at this.]

“Familiar? Marvolo carved them into the stone tablets.”

[Again, Lazarus smiles.]

“Just as I thought. You see Marvolo, the time has come for an intervention into your deceitful ways. It is believed that of the seven deadly sins, Hubris is the original and most serious. You sir, are the personification of hubris. It is where your lies, your so-called truthful stories come from. You inflate your own ego to the point where there is no space for God.

And where God is not, there is sin. And sin must be punished.”

[Marvolo closes in on Lazarus, who looks back unafraid.]

“It is not bragging if you can back it up. Everything Marvolo speaks, he can do. Give me wings and Marvolo would fly.”

[Lazarus pushes him back ever so slightly with a single finger to Marvolo’s chest.]

“You have been warned, Marvolo. The lies stop here… there will not be another olive branch.”

[With that, Lazarus slinks back into the shadows and leaves Marvolo alone once more. Uncomfortably alone with Lazarus’s warning ringing in his ears – ears not ready to hear the warning.]

“Lies? What lies?”

[The man revitalized goes one-on-one with management’s favorite Jeckel as it starts up next!]

[The bell sounds to start off this match as both men meet up. Lazarus looks at him with a serious expression as a smile spreads across the face of Jack. BACKHAND! Lazarus comes back to normal as Jack is sneering at him. Lazarus nails him with a lariat! The man reborn is incensed! He lifts Jack back up before nailing him with a jumping enzuigiri! The painted Juggalo staggers backwards into the corner where Lazarus charges up for a dropkick! Jack Jeckel climbs up in order to dodge the move. He stands over and motions for his Car Crash move when… SHORYUKEN!]

[The uppercut knocks Jack Jeckel out of the ring and falls to the hard floor surrounding the ring! Lazarus gets to his feet as he watches Jack Jeckel. Lazarus hits the ropes before hitting… somersault plancha onto Jeckel! The crowd is on their feet as a fan from the front row comes up and slaps Lazarus on the shoulder for a good job. Lazarus turns towards him as if he’s ready to strike. He composes himself before turning back to Jack Jeckel. STO onto the floor! Jeckel looks down at the masked man as he holds his chin after that uppercut. He yanks Lazarus up and rolls him under the ropes.]

[The Boogieman lifts up Lazarus and hits a dragon suplex before following it up with a running knee drop right across the nose! Jack grabs Lazarus up, but Lazarus hits a lariat! The big man is staggered but Lazarus isn’t done. He springboards off the second rope for a crossbody! He hits but Jack Jeckel catches him in mid-air! The man in paint smiles out at the audience as Lazarus tries to fight out. THE BOOGEY BOMB! The powerbomb into a lungblower is hit with perfection but Jack doesn’t seem satisfied! He climbs the ropes before leaping off for… THE CAR CRASH! But Lazarus managed to roll out of the way! Jack hits his feet hard and falls to his knees as his chin is welcomed by the warm embrace of Lazarus’ boot! DARK WISH! Lazarus hooks both legs! One…Two…THREE!]

[The man reborn stands to his feet as he clutches his back after that Boogey Bomb. The referee raises his hands as Jack Jeckel begins to get his feet.]


[There’s a crunching sound, like bone cracking under foot. That’s all we can hear in the pitch black. We see nothing at first, just darkness; until a ray of light hits half of a man’s face, revealing a crown atop his bloodied head. His face is a mess, full of cuts, scratches and grazes. Dried blood is thick across his face, his lips curled in disgust.]

[The crown sits there, the light glinting ever so slightly off of it. The face in question? It belongs to ‘The Shadow King’ Mike Lane.]

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, please let down your hair,” [Mike says with his disgust turning to a wry smile.] “For the one true King would like entry to his castle.”

[He looks to the side, darkness breaching more of his face as he does.]

“In the shadows, I can hear your whispers. I can hear the things you’re saying and the questions you’re asking of me. ‘Why?’”

[Suddenly his face snaps back to where it was.]

“But let me ask you a question instead, as your King; why are you trying to replace me?” [he says with a disappointed sneer.] “Have I not given you enough of my blood, sweat and tears? Have I not ruled this Kingdom with honour and decency? Was I not the King you people chose?”

[There’s an anger burning inside of him as he speaks. His voice begins to get louder.]

“No, I was the puppet you people chose to play. Well, I woke up. I took a knife and I cut those strings dangling above my head. I flipped the script and turned the page. When you deserted me and chose him of all people for your King, I knew what had become of Mike Lane. I can see now what I couldn’t before. My eyes have been opened and the view from up here, it’s enlightening.”

[Mike looks above his head, then back to the camera.]

“Nigel, you cannot take my throne. You may have my castle, but I’m still the King. Until you give it back, I’ll sit on a throne of flesh and bone, in your castle.”

[The camera pans out to see bodies stacked beneath a seated Mike Lane who casually rests upon them. Every body is that of a man, in a suit, unconscious or worse.]

[Mike Lane smiles.]

“Mortal Kings are ruling castles but I am no mortal. I am the Shadow. I am the one true King and I endure.”

[We pan out and swivel, turning to see a picture of Nigel Royal and his family. He’s there with arms around his mother and father, smiling. He was happy. Again the camera swivels, showing David Manson and Brandon Hate stood inside the house of Nigel Royal with him.]

[They laugh.]


[Following a Heart of Darkness advert, we are presented with a closeup of a silhouetted figure sitting in the shadows with its head bowed. A long, drawn-out sigh fills the confined space as the figure runs its hands over its head before speaking…]

“Bless me Father, for I have sinned.”

[Revealing himself to be a man, the stranger lifts his head. Narrow bars of light from an unseen source shine on the purple mask of Lux Bellator.]

“It’s uh, been a while since my last confession…”

[Lux shifts uncomfortably. The shot reveals the light source in the form of a small grill in the wall beside him, through which another figure can just be made out. A second voice is heard.]

“Go on, my son.”

[The Light Warrior breathes a small sigh of relief.]

“At Ring King, when Lazarus and I failed to capture the Tag Team Championships, I stared at the belts around Knock Knock’s waists with envy in my heart.”

“And in your eyes.”

[Lux smiles weakly at the priest’s observation.]

“We fought hard in that match. It was our first real test as a team. I was disappointed that we came up short.”

“Of course. Knock Knock were the better team.”

[Lux furrows his brow.]

“I wanted those belts badly. I felt greed festering in the pit of my stomach. I do not worship those graven metal images as so many men and women here do. I was lost in the moment, Father. I know my path now.”


“Father?” [Lux leans in closer to the grill.] “… Are you able to absolve me? I am truly repentant.”

“Yeah, sure.”

[Lux frowns at the priest’s blasé attitude.]

“I absolve you from your sins in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, and Buddha, and Allah, and Dumbledore—”

[Lux jumps to his feet as the voice on the other side of the wall becomes less and less dessicated and more and more mocking in sing-song.]


[A crowbar splits the grill! The confessional booth creaks and the partition splinters as Smiley forces his way through to Lux. He grabs him by the throat and pins him against the wall.]

“It’s that easy, huh?” [Smiley leans in close, his facepaint still flaking after the Tag title match earlier.] “You just say my bad and the man upstairs lets you off the hook?”

[Lux struggles but Smiley Jr. rests its rusty head on Lux’s teeth to subdue him. Smiley himself looks around at the destroyed box, his nose crinkling at some perceived bad smell.]

“Must be so easy only answering to an invisible man. Do whatever you want, give a half-assed apology, wave your Get into Heaven Free card around. Nobody judges a Christian.” [He smirks, his recently-widened Glasgow smile leering at Bellator.] “Think you can put in a good word for me?”

[Lux bravely speaks through his mouthful of metal.] “God… forgi’s all ‘oo are ‘ruly re’hentant—”

[Smiley slowly twists his crowbar, silencing Lux. He spits on the floor of the booth!]

“He can forgive me?” [He chuckles in that high, sing-song voice of his.] “He’s an even bigger psychopath than I am.”

[Smiley drops Lux to the ground and disappears through the hole in the wall. Lux coughs and splutters, checking all his teeth are still there, Smiley’s cackle echoing inside his own skull.]

[Ozric leans against the ropes, eyeing Marvolo who strikes a confident pose, the likes of which is undermined by his slight trembling.]

[Ozric is quick to walk to Marvolo who RIDDLE BOX! Number One is quick to hide, The Nightmare rolls Marvolo around, confused for a second before smiling and reaching down, hauling Marvolo up to slam him down- Japanese Arm Drag! Ozric rolls to a knee right into a high knee from Marvolo! Number One looks to be on fire in the early goings, running to the ropes at the far end and coming back into a huge big boot by the now standing Ozric! The Nightmare grabs Marvolo by his tights lifting him before slamming him to the ground! A quick kick to the gut sends Number One rolling away as Ozric looks to maintain the offensive.]

[Marvolo uses the ropes to hoist himself up, unaware of the incoming Ozric. He’s hoisted up, SUSPENDED ANIMAT- CRUCIFIX PIN! Marvolo gets a near fall two count on the unsuspecting Ozric, rolling to his feet and as Marvolo began signaling for THE TOUCH OF DEATH! The submission bringing the unsuspecting Ozric to his knees! Marvolo flashes his politician smile™ as he feels the end coming… until Ozric grabs his tights and pulls Number One into a headbutt! Marvolo stumbles back as Ozric leaps from his knees into a strong spear! Ozric wastes no time, lifting Marvolo up and GRACE AT GROUND ZERO! ONE! TWO!]

[KICK OUT! Marvolo barely gets his shoulder up as he forces Ozric off of him. Mortimer sneers down at Number one, pulling him to his feet before whipping him off of the ropes and catching him on the rebound with massive headbutt! Ozric smiles once more, reaching down and CROSSFACE! Marvolo pays homage to his teammate as he pulls Ozric close, wrenching on the submission, forcing Ozric to move towards the ropes, Marvolo tries wrenching back BUT OZRIC HAS THE ROPES! Marvolo lets go, getting to his feet and going for the kill, OZRIC CATCHES HIM IN A HEADLOCK! POCKET FULL OF POSEY! Ozric goes for the pin ONE! TWO! THREE!]

[Marvolo rolls to ringside as Ozric stands tall in the ring. A stagehand runs up to Ozric, handing him a slip of paper before running away in fear.]

[The air is cool and crisp in the parking lot as our Ring King paces back and forth – awaiting his limousine. He looks flustered and despite the cheering fans back inside the arena, looks to be exiting the show way before his Main Event match with Red River Jack.]

“Nigel, where do you think you’re going?” [suddenly bellows a voice out of left field. Royal turns around to see Errol Flint, hands on hips, looking extremely unimpressed.] “You have a match tonight.”

[Nigel looks at him confused.]

“A match? Are you kidding me, dear chap? Mike Lane is sat inside my house right now, with my crown and a mound of my bodyguards as a throne!” [he protests.] “I’m going home to kick his arse out and take back what’s mine.”

[Flint folds his arms and shakes his head.]

“I don’t think so,” [he argues.] “I think you need to do what you’re here to do. I put you in a match with Red River Jack tonight so that you could get an ounce of revenge,” [Flint admits with a shrug.] “Not so you could be a coward and run home at the first sign of trouble.”

“A coward?” [Nigel asks, his back truly up at that remark.] “Your King is not a coward. Mike Lane is drawing me back to my home because Red River Jack doesn’t want to fight me. He’s too afraid. They’re the cowards; I’m simply obliging.”

[The limousine pulls up right alongside both of them, the driver hopping out to open the door for Nigel Royal.]

“If you get inside that limousine and leave this arena, I guarantee that I’ll strip you of that crown you so desperately want to get back,” [Flint threatens with a sinister frown.] “Now I’ve made the Main Event and you will fight in it, do you understand me?”

[Nigel walks towards the limousine and slams the door shut, turning to face Errol with an enraged look upon his face.]

“I understand you, now you had better understand me.”

[Royal suddenly snaps, grabbing Flint and throwing him straight into the side of the limousine door. He immediately becomes vicious, stomping away at his chest with brutal boots before backing away. The fans roar; they’re loving this, but Nigel Royal is on a quick train to getting himself fired!]

[He pulls Flint away and opens the limousine door, grabbing the Chairman by the scruff of his suit and placing his legs within its frame.]

[Nigel grabs the door and is about to swing it with he’s blindsided by Jack Jeckel. Jack knocks him out of the way, stopping him just in time before he potentially crippled Errol Flint. Nigel backs away, watching as Jeckel tends to Flint, making sure he’s okay.]

“Do you understand me now, chap? Do you? Huh?”

[Errol is in agony holding his mid-section as Nigel storms back into the arena. I don’t know what the Ring King was playing at, but he may have just made a rod for his own back with our Chairman.]

[The King is pissed off and Red River Jack has that to content with later on tonight.]

[Hawk and Kersh size each other up, Hawk offering a handshake which Kersh anxiously accepts.]

[The two men lock up in a test of strength, Kersh showing his superior strength as he is able to pull Hawk into a headlock, snapmereing Hawk to the ground and holding him in place. Hawk slowly twists his body and pushes Kersh off of him landing a stiff kick to The Enforcer’s chest! He hits another, then another! Kersh rolls away from the kicks, Hawk rushing INTO A MASSIVE SPINEBUSTER! Hawk gasps for air from the massive force of the move. Kersh tries pulling Hawk and whipping him to the turnbuckle, catching a harsh elbow for his troubles followed up by a massive discuss clothesline!]

[Kersh nails the ground hard and Hawk capitalizes, jumping onto Kersh and elbowing him viciously. Kersh catches an elbow and pulls Hawk into a headbutt and forcing The Wolf off of him. Both men get to their feet and Kersh goes for the lock up, Hawk slipping behind him and clubbing Kersh in the back, as the Enforcer turns around Hawk pulls him close THE RED ARROW! Hawk hooks a leg! One! Two! Three- Kickout! Kersh gets his shoulder up at the very last second. Hawk pounds the ground in frustration before standing up and moving to the turnbuckle and trying to move to the top.]

[Hawk Scales the turnbuckle, turning around and waiting for Kersh to rise, diving Axe Handle! KICK TO THE GUT! Kersh nails Hawk on the way down and nails a series of clubbing forearms to Hawk, nailing a hard knee as he forces The Wolf into the turnbuckle before hitting a hard clothesline to the cornered Hawk. Kersh grabs Hawk’s arm and whips him into the far corner, running towards him with a corner spear- Hawk moves out of the way! Kersh hits the turnbuckle hard and slumps to his knees as Hawk pulls and imaginary tomahawk from his back. Kersh turns around THE SCALP! HAWK NAILS THE ENFORCER AND GOES FOR THE PIN ONE! TWO! THREE!]

[Hawk holds his head high as he raises both arms in victory.]

[The sound of paper being shuffled is heard before showing Errol Flint with a pair of reading glasses on his face as his brow furrows at a piece of paper, wincing in pain from his earlier assault by Nigel Royal.]

“Jesus Christ, if I have to sign another piece of paper for The Network… I’m going to yank my damn hair out.”

[Jack Jeckel stares at him coolly from the corner as Lance Norman sits across from him with a knowing expression.]

“I know the feeling, Errol. Whenever we had an influx of talent at IWF, I had to go through so much-”

[A few knocks upon the door interrupt his trip down memory lane. Errol and Lance both look at Jack who rolls his eyes before walking to the door and opens it up. Austin Fernando walks in wearing his full armor with helmet atop his head. He walks in as the United States Championship gleams around his armor’s waist. Errol Flint leans back while detaching the glasses from his head and folding them.]

“To what do I owe the… intrusion, kid?”

[The Red Emperor removes his helmet as he approaches the desk. He looks down the side of his nose at the Chairman of the Board.]

“I am no kid. Do you know what The Red Emperor stands for, Mr. Flint?”

[Errol smiles and begins to make a snide remark before being interrupted by Fernando.]

“The Red Emperor is a symbol of excellence and a harbinger of domination. When he enters the battlefield, sheer destruction is in the wake of him. His aggression and determination does not relent until his one and only requirement is achieved. Do you know what that is, Mr. Flint?”

[Errol sighs as he leans forward.]

“No, but I am sure you will tell me, kid.”

“Don’t call me kid. The only thing that The Red Emperor relishes is becoming the sole dictator of every land in which his boot steps upon. His next footfall has landed upon Old School Wrestling. Yet, you have ruined the rise of The Red Emperor.”

“How did I ruin his rise?”

[Austin Fernando walks over to Lance Norman before turning his head towards Jack Jeckel.]

“You started him at the top. The Red Emperor prefers to start from the bottom and to slash and thrash his way to the top. Yet here we stand with the World Champion on night two?”

“Kid, I don’t ca-”

[SLAM! The armored helmet is slammed upon the table interrupting Errol as Austin’s face is more irritated than angered.]

“I am no kid!”

[Jack Jeckel grabs Austin by the neck and thrusts him up against the wall before leaning in close.]

“For every man in power, there is opposition casting shade upon their legacy. Try another stunt like that, and you’ll find more than just a rebellion within your shadow.”

[Jack releases him as Fernando takes a few steps forward before grabbing his helmet and placing it back upon his head.]

“The Red Emperor shall start at the top of the heap and work his way down to the bottom.”

[He walks towards the door before turning back to Jack as they meet with a gaze.]

“Fortunately for you, it’ll be awhile before I make my way to the dregs of the barrel.”

[He leaves the room as Jack Jeckel slams the door shut behind him. Errol Flint and Lance Norman exchange a glance before smiling at Jack. The Boogeyman turns around while leaning against the door.]

“Someone’s going to get hurt, Flint.”

[The Spirit Walker walks through the backstage area after his match with Brent Kersh. He takes a turn down an aisle as an echoing sound pierces the veil of silence.]

[A howl.]

[Tommy Hawk instantly withdraws his tomahawk as he holds it high above his head in preparation.]

“Purpose. It’s what fuels a man and what drives him forward. You wield that tomahawk with the purpose to behead the monster that plagues you. However, what will you truly accomplish once this task is complete? Will you give up your pursuit or will you just find a new monster to stalk through the darkness?”

[Hawk walks down the hallways as the echoing howl is broken up only by the foreboding words over the PA system. He keeps moving onwards being wary of his surroundings as he goes.]

“Nervous are we? Perhaps it’s not purpose that fuels you, Hawk. Maybe it’s fear. Is it the fear that this monster will find you first and expose you for the inadequate hunter that you are?”

[The Spirit Walker turns as he seems to have found the source of the volume. A camera turns as it follows him down the hall.]

“It seems you have found where the broadcast is airing, Tommy. But I think I have discovered what it truly is that haunts you…”

[Hawk whips open the door as his teeth grits together in frustration.]


[Standing before him is the speaker system with a small computerized instrument plugged in as the masked face of Doubt is shown upon the screen.]

“You seem uncertain, hunter.”

[A tomahawk lodges itself into the screen of the computer cutting the feed with one more faint howl.]

“Uncertainty has no home in The Spirit Walker.”

[We have a huge championship match on our hands tonight as the defending All-Star Champion Lux Bellator faces off against the Mastermind that is Hysteria. Can the good lord above shine his luck down on the Light Warrior or will the recent run of Hysteria continue on to championship gold?]

[The bell sounds as Hysteria rushes forward, trying for a Lariat but Lux manages to duck underneath, grabbing the arm as it goes past him as he tries for a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Hysteria manages to throw him off but turns around right into a massive spinning heel kick to the jaw that sends him staggering into the corner. Lux rushes forward, springboarding off the ropes as he arm-drags Hysteria out of the corner but as Bellator climbs up to the top rope, trying for something high risk, Hysteria leaps forward, crotching Lux on the top rope]

[Hysteria pulls Lux forward, his legs dangling over the top rope before sitting down, snapping Lux’s neck over his shoulder in a modified top rope stunner. Lux gets to his feet, holding his jaw in pain before he’s doubled over with a huge knee to the gut as he’s spun around and nearly driven into the canvas with a massive spinebuster. Hysteria barely lets Lux hit the canvas before he pulls him up over his shoulders, APATHY! Lux is throw down onto Hysteria’s knee as he rolls on the canvas, holding his stomach in pain before he’s muscled to the canvas down into a pin]

[ONE…TWO…Lux manages to get a shoulder up. Hysteria pulls him to his feet, delivering a massive headbutt that stuns the Light Warrior before he tries to lift him up onto his back. Lux rolls down, delivering a quick backfist that staggers Hysteria back as Bellator rushes forward, DEUM LUCEM! Lux doesn’t stay down for the cover, waiting for Hysteria to get to his feet before running forward with another tilt-a-whirl but Hysteria manages to whip him around, MOCKERY OUTTA NOWHERE! Bellator is knocked out as Hysteria drops down for the sure cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!! NEW CHAMPION!]

[Hysteria gets to his feet, ripping the All-Star Championship from the referee as he raises it in the air to the boos from the crowd. He places it over his shoulder, mocking the fallen Bellator for a moment before rolling out of the ring and heading up the stairs, celebrating his victory as he heads to the back]

[Recorded Earlier.]

[It’s now evening and the air is brisk, with a slight chill. We’re on a path surrounded by brush, with only lamps to illuminate the way. On it with us is Red River Jack, who despite what happened earlier, has returned to the cemetery and appears to be heading towards his previous destination.]

[He arrives, walking towards two men with shovels in their hands. They’re dressed in cemetery overalls and appear to be stood outside the grave, filling it in. Only as we get closer, it appears they’re doing the opposite and are stood by mounds of dirt.]

[That’s because they aren’t cemetery employees, but David Manson and Brandon Hate.]

“How close are you?” [Jack demands to know, taking a seat on the headstone with such disrespect. His lackadaisical manner is appalling.]

“You were right. That little charade at the grave site earlier stopped the ceremony. They put a tarp over so they could continue it tomorrow but didn’t fill it in.” [Manson replies with a toothy grin.]

[Red nods with a devilish grin. He reaches down and grabs the tarp, pulling it back to reveal the coffin. The coffin itself had definitely seen and bore the brunt of battle. It was dented and scuffed from where the two men fought on it earlier. Jack positioned himself either side and grabbed a shovel, jamming it into the groove between the lid and the base, prying it open.]

[With a grunt, some power and a disturbing pop, the lid flung open.]

“That’s what I’m talkin’ about, man!” [He says enthusiastically, reaching inside to pull something out. Dreading what it might be, the camera has no choice but to close in. Soon enough, within Jack’s grasp is a locket.] “Neville Sheldon, come and get it.”

[All three men laugh sadistically as the camera fades to darkness, leaving them stood inside the grave of Norma Sheldon, the mother of a man who may just fight tooth and nail to get that locket back.]

[Champion meets champion as Austin Fernando meets Mike Lane for the first time!]

[The bell sounds as both champions stand across the ring from one another. They meet in the center of the ring with a little jawing before Austin kicks Mike in the gut. Austin wraps his arm before hitting a snap suplex! Austin doesn’t release as he lifts Mike right back up for an exploder suplex into the corner! Austin Fernando slaps his chest as he gets to his feet in taunt of Lane. Lane slowly gets to his feet as he tenderly holds his knee. That exploder may have reopened a previous injury in the knee. Austin sees this and kicks him viciously in the side of the knee!]

[Mike grits his teeth as he falls to the mat. The referee goes to check on him as Austin just gleams down at him. The referee moves out of the way as Laner begins getting to his feet. Austin charges for a low tackle on his knee, but Laner leaps over him! Fernando gets back to his feet but Laner takes him down with a chop block! Fernando hits the ground and begins clutching at his knee! The World Champion gets to his feet as he smirks down at the seemingly even playing field. Both champions are now standing with a slight hobble.]

[Austin puts up his dukes and hits a pair of strikes to the ribs but Mike connects with two quick elbow strikes to the dome! Blows fly back and forth between the two men before Austin gets the upper hand. He kicks Mike in the knee with his good leg before staggering back for a moment. He grabs Mike for… MEET REALITY! The fisherman driver is hit with aggression before he hooks both legs. One…Two…NO! Laner is still feeling it. Austin yanks him up to his feet but Lane kicks him right in the knee! Austin cries out before Lane rushes him with… ROLLING IN THE FAST LANE! BLOCKED by a deflection shot to the knee! Mike hollers out in pain before Fernando hits a nasty uppercut! He pulls him in for… KNOW YOUR PLACE! The spin out powerbomb is hit as Fernando rolls him up for a pinfall! One…Two…THREE!]

[The United States Champion defeats Mike Lane after a competitive match! Austin Fernando stands over his conquered foe holding his title high as Mike Lane clutches his World Championship tight to his chest.]

[The force of nature known as Ozric Mortimer walks backstage. In his hand is the crumpled up piece of paper he was handed earlier by a stagehand after his match with Marvolo. While he doesn’t appear concerned, Ozric instead appears to be intrigued as he reaches a boarded up room.]


[With a swing of his nail-spiked bat, Mortimer shatters the boards, enabling him to step into the darkened room. A small lantern hangs from the ceiling, planks seemingly lining the roof.]

“Hysteria.” [The Nightmare calls into the darkness surrounding him.] “Your letter requesting a clandestine rendezvous was unnecessary. I would have found you, regardless.”

[A chuckle fills the dark air. It echoes throughout the room, betraying its larger size.]

“Would you?” [Hysteria asks, his voice nowhere yet everywhere at once.] “I highly doubt that. Then again, that’s what we are here to find out.”

[The ominous words linger while Ozric seems unfazed.]

“I know you better than anyone. Through the fell clutch of happenstance, I created you. I am your father, in spirit if not in blood.”

[Another lantern drops from the ceiling, closer to a far wall. This lantern illuminates a large poster sized image that gets a raised eyebrow from Ozric Mortimer.]

[Whether a legitimate copy or a produced facsimile, the image is unmistakably of a dead body sitting in a Ford Ranger, the remains of a brain and skull littering the windshield.]

“Your father sure set a swell example, didn’t he?” [Hysteria asks from the ceiling, cackling as he does so.]

[Ozric takes a step towards the poster, but is thrown back by his quick reflexes. His path has suddenly been blocked…]


[All around Mortimer are people that have been dropped from the ceiling, still squirming and fighting for life. Those that have not already had their necks snapped, of course. The thing about these people is that they are all dressed alike.]

[Like Hysteria.]

“I’m not your puppet, Ozric.” [Hysteria says, his voice looming as Ozric casually brushes past the dying people.] “You won’t find any strings here. These people all have names, all have families. Men like us, Mortimer? We don’t have families. We don’t have strings.”

[Mortimer finally reaches the poster, looking it up and down.]

“The shirt was green.” [Ozric says, confirming that Hysteria sought to reproduce the suicide.]

[The Nightmare uses his bat to clear away the large poster, but seems confused. Behind the poster is a doorway.]

“That is was.” [Hysteria confirms.] “But I make do with what I have.”

[Showing his reflexes once again, Ozric nails one of the dangling bodies with his bat, moving out of its way after it was slung in his direction. He tries to draw the bat out, but finds he cannot.]


[With a huge rush, Hysteria spears Ozric Mortimer through the doorway. Before Ozric can get to his feet, the masked man hits a switch on the wall. A door slams down to cover the hole, and Hysteria messes with what looks like a temperature gauge on the well.]

“Let’s put you on ice. I want your remains preserved.”

[Hysteria looks towards the door, tilting his head.]

“A nightmare with a happy ending, who would have thought!”

[Walking through the pool of spittle, blood, and gore that his destruction has wrought, Hysteria heads towards the light of the regular Schoolyard hallway. As he exits the room, wood planks begin being nailed to the door way. This room remained hidden for ages, and now it will return to the state it used to be in.]

[But is the Nightmare truly over?]

[After a night that has seen Red River Jack’s week of torment over Neville Sheldon and one pissed off Nigel Royal, these two men enter the cell with the battle lines drawn.]

[The bell sounds and Jack ducks a wild Clothesline by Nigel, hitting him with repetitive right hands that stumble him backwards. He grabs him, pulling him close and running him into the ropes. Royal bounces back and ducks under a Clothesline attempt, connecting with a Neckbreaker. Jack immediately and wisely rolls the outside, grabbing his neck in pain. The King follows, only he exits the opposite side and runs around the ring to almost take his head off with a Clothesline.]

[Royal pulls him back to his feet and slams him face first into the steel cell, bouncing him off with authority. Red stumbles, reaching out and grabbing Nigel in desperation. He rakes the eyes and pulls him into the Flatliner position, first slamming him down across his knee before stepping, spinning and connecting with a Flatliner into the steel cell! Bone Breaker! The King this stumbles, Jack pulling him into a lean by his hair and slamming the forearm down across him with a Clubbing Forearm.]

[He lets his body drop to the floor, rolling him back to his feet and throwing him straight into the ring steps. The whole thing goes flying as RRJ takes control. Once again he grabs Nigel, only this time he fights back. Right hands to the mid-section stumble him, allowing The King to slide in and bounce him face first off the ring apron. Both men are feeling it as Nigel once again rams him face first into the steel cell. Jack wobbles backwards and Royal drops him where he stands on the concrete floor with a Back Drop.]

[Both men have had a lot taken out of them as they slowly get back to their feet. Nigel Royal runs him back into the ring and follows. He waits for him to get back up and DUNGEONS OF-NO! Jack spins out, scooping him up onto his back… WHO BETTER BUSTER!! MASSIVE CUTTER!! Jack covers… One…. Two… Kick Out! He can’t believe it! He thought he had it. He pulls him back to his feet and whips him into the corner. Taking a run up, Red leaps into the air, nailing him with a knee to face. Almost instantly, he falls backwards with Royal’s head, driving him face first into his knee! A THOUSAND WORDS!]

[The fans boo but the end is nigh here. He pulls Nigel up and grabs the hand, kick to the gut, leg over… SEEING RED! NO! NIGEL SPINS RIGHT OUT AND DOWN INTO THE DUNGEONS OF LONDON!! RED RIVER JACK SCREAMS AS ROYAL APPLIES THE PRESSURE! HES GONNA TAP… HE REACHES FOR THE ROPES BUT CAN’T MAKE IT… AND HE ROLLS… ONE…. TWO…. THREE! NO!! NIGEL RELEASES THE HOLD! That was almost it right there! The Awakening must know that he’s in trouble because here they come! Lane, Hate and Manson storm down the steps surrounding the ring and run for the door. Lane punches the referee in the mouth, opening the cell!]


[The bell sounds and the fans boo, The Awakening having spoiled a bloody good match here tonight!]

[Nigel Royal barely knows what’s hit him. Hate walks over to the cell and pulls a large metal chain from within his pants, wrapping it through the door and locking it from the inside.]

[There’s no way out now.]

[Nigel slowly gets back to his feet and is quickly ran down to the canvas with a World Championship shot to the skull by Mike Lane.]


[They’re going to decimate him here tonight. Jack picks him back up and runs him head first straight into the steel cell wall, rattling it with such brutal impact. Nigel is immediately busted wide open, falling backwards onto the canvas. He won’t quit though and begins crawling to his knees, showing more fight than he should right now.]

[Manson quickly grabs him and throws him to Hate, who lifts him straight up into the air and drops him down into a Codebreaker by The New Face of Horror! Delusional Illusion! Poor Royal has had enough, coughing and spluttering as blood drips down his face and onto the canvas.]

[Mike Lane approaches, revealing a microphone.]

“Did you think I was going to wait in your castle for you?” [Lane says with a deceitful chuckle.] “Oh no, not when you’re in mine.”

[Nigel lifts his head, pissing The World Champion off. Mike stops speaking and stands up, winding up a massive kick that sends blood flying off into the air upon connection with Royal’s face.]


“What’s wrong with you people?” [Lane hisses at the crowd.] “In the words of my good friend, are you not entertained?” [he demands to know, looking at Jack who smiles at the nod.] “Do you know what this is?” [Lane points at a bleeding Royal.] “This is proof that success and admiration of society is a fallacy. When you choose him over your real King, him, the man bleeding profusely at my feet, you proved to me that everything is a lie. You’re all a lie. Society is a lie. It’s one big tall tale spun through webs of deceit and forgery.”

[The sound of the crowd going ballistic almost drowns Lane out as waves for Manson and Hate to pull Royal to his feet. They do so, the Ring King absolutely out of it as Mike steps backwards and lunges forward with an absolutely decimating Shadowkick.]

[He puts the microphone back to his mouth, breathing a little heavier.]

“I’m no longer the puppet these people created. I’m no longer Mike Lane – the people’s slave. My name is Shadow, and I am your King.”

[Shadow spreads his arms, soaking in the boo’s before bringing them back to the centre. Manson drags Royal to his knees, forcing him to bow in front of the World Champion.]

“And you will bow to me!”

[The fans boo as Shadow and the Awakening stand over the fallen and bloodied Nigel Royal, successful in absolutely destroying our Ring King here tonight.]

[And with that, the show goes off the air.]