“And now, Old School Wrestling presents…”

[The Old School Wrestling logo flashes in neon, hung upon the wall.]

“Monday Night Showcase.”

[Bruce Van Chan cuts a lonely figure in the middle of the ring.] [There’s no confetti, no music, no celebration. There’s just the United States Champion with a heavy heart and mind.]

“This week, I’ve spent plenty of time in and out of the hospital for my wife, Paige,” [Chan says as a ‘Get well Paige’ chant starts up within the crowd.] “And as much as I’d love to tell you that everything is okay, it isn’t. Last week on Monday Night Showcase, I stupidly tried to punch Red River Jack and he ducked, and I hit Paige. The punch itself wasn’t’ devastating, but the fall was.”

[Tears begin to well up in the eyes of the United States Champion.]

“Because as I found out this week, my wife was pregnant.”

[The crowd immediately quiet down, their hearts going out to Bruce. It’s clear what he’s about to tell us as a single tear drops down onto his cheek.]

“The fall resulted in a miscarriage of a child we didn’t know we were having. My beautiful wife now lays in the hospital, thinking that she somehow let me down but it was me, I’m the one who hit her, I’m the one who made her fall and I’m the one responsible for all of this.”

[The lights dim to a shade lighter than darkness as the humming start of ‘To get to you’ brings about the immediate rise of the fans. Red River Jack steps out onto the entrance ramp with the burning ember of his cigarette being the first immediate thing we see.] [He stops there, the boo’s insurmountable now as the lights return and Jack, ever in the wrong moment, reveals a microphone.]

“Oh Brucey, man, that’s heartbreakin’, it is,” [He says to a sneer from Van Chan and boos from the crowd.] “And you know what? You should blame yourself. In actual fact, if you didn’t hit your wife out of misguided rage for me, you’d be a daddy to a third baby, man. Ain’t it funny how life works?”

[Bruce is beginning to pace the ring, his anger building.]

“But what’s funnier to me is how you don’t see the pieces of the puzzle and put them together. I told you last week, man, I told you to wake up. At Pandemonium, Paige begged you not to get into the ring with me. She asked you to leave and she was about to tell you that she needs you ‘because’ and you cut her off. Do you remember, man?”

[The tron flickers to an image of Bruce and Paige chatting from Pandemonium. Van Chan barely looks at it, his eyes laser focused on Jack who isn’t finished.]

“Then last week, when your beautiful wife hit the canvas, she didn’t hold her head, she didn’t hold her jaw, she held her stomach, man,” [Jack says as another image flashes onto the tron, showing Paige on the canvas in pain.] “Do you see where I’m going yet, Brucey? Because when I broke into your house and rifled through your possessions, I didn’t just find photographs and a cell phone, I found this.”

[Jack reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a pregnancy test. He waves it in front of the camera as Van Chan falls to his knees in absolute shock. Paige knew along. She knew and she hadn’t yet told him.]

“It’s like I told you man, it’s time to wake up.”

[‘To get to you’ hits again as Red River Jack casually places the pregnancy test onto the entrance ramp and backs away, leaving Bruce on his knees in the middle of the ring, absolutely astounded that Paige hadn’t told him about her recent pregnancy. With tears in his eyes, The United States Champion pulls himself to his feet, contemplating everything he thought he knew.] [One thing is for sure, Red River Jack put himself between Chan and Paige last week, he positioned himself right between them and you have to believe, you have to think that he knew exactly what he was doing.] [Andre and Wes Cleaver lock up as the bell rings. Wes brings a knee to Andre’s gut and viciously hammers at Andre’s back. Irish whip to Andre. Wes rebounds and hits a quick side kick, taking Andre off of his feet and onto the mat. Mr. Cleaver picks Andre up to his feet and knocks him back down with a spinning back fist! He turns flips around and he hits a back body drop right on schedule as Andre falls holding his neck and head in pain. Wes goes for the cover…ONE! Kickout! Andre throws a knee up at Wes. He jumps back to his feet, quickly puts on a front facelock and pulls Wes up.] [SPINNING NECKBREAKER! Andre, clearly aggravated, pulls Wes up by his neck and begins shaking him, yelling shit in his face. Wes goes for counter, but we dodges and connects with a huge open hand to Wes’s right ear, staggering the bigger man. Andre puffs out his chest and let’s out a flurry. A hard side kick to the gut bending Cleaver over, a running knee to the upside of his side of the head sends him back up, a duo of right and left hooks followed by a hard backhand to the same ear he smacked. Wes is on his knees, saying. Andre hits the ropes again and actually manages to take the monster off his feet with a #DANKINFUSION! Andre lays in with more strikes on the grounded man, and goes for a pin. ONE! TWO! THREE! NO! Wes got his foot under the ropes!] [Andre smacks the mat out of frustration . Andre jumps up to the second rope and goes for FLYING MOONSAULT! NO ONE’S HOME! Wes rolls out of the way and Andre hits dirt. Wes brings him up and-THE YOKO! 1! 2! 3! Andre smacks the mat out of frustration . Andre jumps up to the second rope and goes for FLYING MOONSAULT! NO ONE’S HOME. A recovered Wes goes for a leg drop, but Andre springs back up out of nowhere. #FUCCBOYUANT! ONE! TWO! THREE! Andre takes his first victory in OSW, that son of a bitch.] [Brent Kersh and Phoebe Outlaw are walking into the Schoolyard. They are still in street clothes, but the two of them wear grim masks of determination. Brent is carrying the crumpled up dress of Danielle Kersh.] [All that they have of her after last week’s mysterious kidnapping is the dress and the word on the wall.] [Sinner.]

“So who do we knock off first?” [Phoebe coldly asks, raising an eyebrow at her unlikely partner.] “Nox, Anna, or Lux?”

“We have no evidence.” [Brent replies.] “We pick a fight with those people, and they’ll never let us alone.”

“I don’t care.” [Phoebe says, stopping in front of a door and turning to face Brent.] “I’ll go through every person in this damn arena to get her back.”

“Yeah,” [Kersh begins.] “And then you have a locker room full of enemies at your back. You’re good, but you’re not that good.”

[Before the situation can explode, a seething Phoebe and Brent quickly jerk their heads to the side.]

“WHAT THE!?!?!”

[The sound of screaming echoes as do the sounds of scuffling as the two turn to run towards its source.]

“Get off of me!” [A muffled voice calls out as Brent and Feebz enter the parking lot. We see two burly goons throw a man-sized cloth bag into the back of a van.]

“What the hell?” [The Enforcer mutters as he takes off after the van, almost tripping over an object on the ground.] [Outlaw comes up behind Brent to retrieve the object as the van peels off, with Brent’s eyes watching the whole time.]

“I think I know who was yelling.” [Feebz comments, tossing the object to Brent.] [The All-Star Championship. It has been written on, in the same ink as last week.] [SINNER.] [Brent barely glances at the belt, muttering to himself. He quickly pulls out his phone, and gets to dialing.]

“What the hell are you doing?” [Phoebe angrily demands.] “We gotta go after ‘em. I’ll grab my car.”

[Brent just holds up his hand, stopping Phoebe.]

“We go after them, they could hurt Danielle or even Bobby.” [He holds up his hand again as she starts to protest.] “I got the plate number, and I have some friends who can help us trail them.”

[She starts to calm down, but doesn’t seem convinced. Brent holds up the dress with his other hand, showing what is at stake.]

“You wanted to do things your way, and look where it got us.” [Kersh says as he turns to walk back into the arena, phone still in his hand.] “Go about your business tonight. Go get in your gear and we’ll operate like normal until I get the call back.”

[Phoebe trails behind Brent, who has begun to talk to whomever his contact is.]

“Then we do things my way.”

[Now Bobby Neptune has been dragged into this wicked game!] [Phoebe and Brent have their work cut out for them.] [The opening bell sounds and Max and Vlad charge one another and lock up; both men struggle for the upper hand… and Vlad attempts to bite Million! Max backs off and Vlad smirks… RUNNING CLOTHESLINE sends the Impaler head over heels! And Million stays right on top of him, raining down fists on Vlad until the Impaler is in a daze. Max grabs Vlad by the legs… he’s going for the Half Boston Crab… but Vlad manages to crawl to the ropes before he locks in. Break! The Impaler uses the ropes to get to his feet… Million grabs Vlad by the neck… DDT! No, Vlad pushes out… SUPERKICK!] [With Max in a daze from that Superkick Vlad charges… RUNNING KNEE TO THE GUT! And with Max hunched over in pain Vlad hooks both arms… DOUBLE ARM DDT! And the Impaler with the cover, but Max kicks out at one! The two find their feet and lock up again, Vlad using his momentum to send Million into the ropes. On his return, the Impaler scoops Max on to his shoulders… he’s going for the Essential Eliminator… but Million catches Vlad with an elbow to the side of the head. And another… and another, until Vlad is dazed and forced to drop Max to the canvas.] [Million backs into the ropes and uses them to rocket towards the Impaler… DROPKICK off the ropes, but Vlad only stumbles! So Million grabs him from behind, SNAP SUPLEX! With Vlad down Max goes for the cover but he only gets a two count! Million looks frustrated… the two wrestle around on the canvas for a moment before, Max locks it in! BAD INTENT! Vlad struggles, inching towards the ropes but he falls just out of reach! And Vlad has no option… he taps! Million picks up the win!] [The OSW backstage, usually teeming with sadness and or violence is instead filled with the sounds of a man eating. The camera soon scans the room, landing on the likes of Wes Cleaver, the star enjoying a tray of hot wings after his match.]

“I can’t believe there’s a hot wing place next door. I can believe that it was empty today, however. Because these hot wings are awful.”

[Wes chuckles a bit before hitting the basket and sending it flying to the far end of the room before looking at his sauce stained hands.]

“And I should probably deal with that…”

[He looks around the room for a napkin or the like before turning to a nearby open locker. He opens it to reveal what appears to be a turban. Wes looks behind each shoulder before using the poor turban to clean his hands.]

“What are you doing in my locker?”

[Cleaver turns and finds himself face to face with Abdul Mohammed. Cleaver quickly slams the locker door and shrugs.]

“Hey man I was just, uh, making sure it was closed?”

[Abdul closes in on Cleaver.] “I saw you disgrace my turban. I gave you the chance to admit to your crimes, but now you receive no mercy.”

[Abdul goes to strike at Cleaver clobbering him with lefts and rights. However, The Ordinary Asshole ducks a strike and low blows Abdul! Cleaver stands back up and throws Abdul into the locker, The Holy Warrior hitting headfirst and hitting the ground. Cleaver wipes blood from his busted lip and walks off.]

“Those Hot wings were definitely NOT worth that.”

[The opening bell sounds and Phoebe Outlaw charges at Jenkins… but Jim drops to the canvas and rolls out of the ring under the bottom rope. He smirks from ringside as Outlaw demands he get back between the ropes. Jenkins doesn’t pay any attention so Outlaw charges… SUICIDE DIVE through the ropes! And she catches Jenkins, sending him crashing into the side of the announce table! Outlaw sends Jenkins into the ring and follows after, and as Jim is starting to get to his feet… RUNNING BULLDOG! Phoebe sends him face first into the canvas.] [Outlaw approaches the downed Patriot… SMALL CRADLE PIN! Jim catches Phoebe by surprise but he only manages a one count! The pair find their feet at the same time and Jim catches Outlaw in the gut with a knee! Doubled over, Jim grabs Phoebe by the neck… DDT! And with Outlaw down, Jenkins with BLATANT CHOKE! The official backs Jim off and Outlaw pops up, only to be caught with a Low Blow? Phoebe turns around slowly to face Jim who holds his hands out defensively… ENZIGIRI! And the Patriot is out! Phoebe goes for the cover but Jim kicks out just before the three! Phoebe runs Jim to his feet and sends him into the ropes… on his return, BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! Phoebe Outlaw just suplexed a 300 pound man! And the crowd goes wild!] [Phoebe takes a moment to catch her breath and… SCHOOLBOY PIN! Jim catches Outlaw by surprise but again she manages to kick out before the three count! The two wrestle around on the canvas for a moment… THE NORTHERN CROSS! Phoebe has her finisher locked in and Jenkins struggles for the ropes… EYE GOUGE! Jim catches Outlaw and breaks free… he slides to ringside and grabs a chair! Runs back in the ring with it and chucks it at Outlaw! But Phoebe catches it… HAVE A SEAT! Jim dropkicks the chair into Outlaws face and the official calls for the bell! Outlaw may have won by DQ, but she doesn’t look like the winner right now!] [As Axel walked into the Asylum locker room, he was seemingly alone… Alone with a giant picture displayed on a wall. One the left was a photo of a shark, with ‘no legs’ crudely added to it as if in Microsoft paint by someone unaware of the text tool. To the right of it is an anatomical diagram of a human, naughty bits coloured over and the word ‘has legs’ added.] [Finally, at the end was a picture of The Shark in his current form, more specifically his official OSW promotional picture. As you’d expect, written on top was ‘has legs’. The Shark quickly scanned around the rest of the room for something, but there was absolutely no way he could have missed the ajar closet door and the man peering out from inside.]

“Wow, how could I have been such a fool? All this time I have been swimming in murky waters, but they are clear now all thanks to Gavin Davis. I should thank him for this tasty morsel of information! I have seen the light!”

[Then, in a comically bad attempt at an otherworldly voice, Gavin yells from the closet like he’s a tiny Scientologist actor.]

“Axel, this is your conscience speaking! Did you know that Sharks die if on land?”

“Wow, I had no idea my conscience was so smart! This is amazing, tell me more!”

[Axel slowly backs up towards the closet that Gavin is speaking from.]

“Did you know the majority of shark species do not attack humans?”

“Such juicy, juicy facts… All this time, Gavin was right. I’m not a shark, I’m Axel!”

[Gavin has a smile a mile wide, at least until The Predator tuns around and opens the door so forcefully it comes off of one of it’s hinges. Pummeling away at The Manchild with right hand after right hand, Gavin slowly slumps further and further down as the blows rain down upon him. When he is unconscious, The Shark squats down next to him and leans in close.]


[Ripping the picture off of the wall, The Shark leaves Davis in his sorry state.] [The bell sounds as Marvolo places a hand across his heart and turns to his own American flag as the crowd cheers his patriotism on. Abdul al Bari Mohammed doesn’t share his American love, however. Axe handle to the back of Marvolo’s head. Marvolo hits the turnbuckle but pops out disoriented. Abdul whips him, shoulderfirst through the ropes and into the steel post. Abdul uses the back of Marvolo and climbs to the top rope to reach up for the Pakistan flag! Marvolo gets out and hits a palm strike to the ass of Abdul!] [The Holy Warrior turns around in disgust to look at #1. Marvolo takes the time to hit the side of Mohammed’s legs to crotch him on the top rope. He takes a step back before running forward and hitting a frankensteiner from the top! Abdul hits the mat as Marvolo leaps on him for a pinfall. The referee is instructing him that this isn’t that kind of match as Marvolo gets to his feet and smacks the side of his own head in a d’oh moment. He walks over to Abdul’s corner and slowly… slowly… climbs the ropes until he’s fully standing on the top rope with the American flag only inches away.] [He turns around and sees Abdul leaping up the ropes to him! Mohammed grabs his head and… ALLAH’S WILL FROM THE TOP! Both men are down as Abdul al Bari Mohammed is hits hard as well. Both men slowly get to their feet with staggering blows going back and forth. Marvolo’s thumb and pinky begin quavering in anticipation of THE TOUCH OF DEATH, but Abdul is holding his hand back! Marvolo kicks him in the gut.] [He takes a step back and… knee trembler to the side of Abdul’s head! Marvolo quickly moves to the corner, but his pace is still slow. Before he can even get to the first rope, Abdul is already on his feet. Abdul comes charging for a spear which causes Marvolo to… FACE BUMP! He manages to evade the move this way as Abdul goes crashing through the ropes and hits shoulderfirst into the turnbuckle! Marvolo uses the back of Abdul and scampers up the ropes and pulls down on the flag! The place comes unglued! Abdul slowly comes out of the corner, disoriented, and Marvolo hits him with THE FIVE POINT PALM EXPLODING HEART TECHNIQUE! Abdul hits the ground as Marvolo celebrates with the American flag draped over his shoulders!] [The Cornfield is dark and eerie, the stalks being blown by the wind, and two figures standing in the opening of the field.]

“Damn it! If that Scarecrow doesn’t want to be part of my little deal then so be it. But I will not let him get away with trying to intimidate me.”

[The silhouettes, now revealed as Pig and Luther, look over the fields, a gas can in hand. Pig seems to finish dousing the fields when he turns to Luther. Luther nods and motions for Pig to back up.]

“If he wishes to play games, then I will happily ruin his fun. Pig, watch for him.”

[Luther proceeds to pull a lighter from his pocket, flicking it to life and looking to toss when the fields rustle. Without warning the fields part in random places, and in each part a scarecrow walks out. This happens multiple times with scarecrows advancing onto Luther and Pig.]

“Don’t stand there, clear the way!” [Luther barks at Pig] [Pig tries to bash his way through the small army of scarecrows, tearing them to shreds only for them to piece back together. Luther yells for Pig as the small army forces him and Pig back towards the perch in the center. Just as the two are surrounded, the scarecrow’s stop just as abruptly as they started.]

“You still insist on playing games?” [Luther snarls into the face of one of the motionless scarecrows.] “So be it.”

[Luther pulls the lighter out once more and lights the nearest scarecrow, fire spreading through the small, tightly packed army, letting them all stand ablaze as Luther and Pig watch from the Perch in the middle, the burning of the scarecrow’s slowly spreading.] [The bell sounds as Pig charges across the ring, but Anna sidesteps him. Pig runs headfirst into the corner as Anna climbs up the turnbuckle and leaps off for a tornado DDT. Pig’s head spikes into the mat, but he comes back to his feet only to be nailed by a spinning heel hook. Anna Goodchild realizes the damage inflicted and goes for the crossface! Pig screams out in pain as he begins the crawl. Hand by hand, he gets closer and closer to the ropes before getting just about close enough to grab it, but Anna kicks off the ropes. They roll back to the center as Pig begins to fade.] [The referee slowly raises his hand but Pig fires up and begins getting back into it. The crowd is coming unglued, but Pig throws Goodchild off and into the ropes. She comes back and MARCH OF THE PIGS flattens her! Pig isn’t finished there as he grabs her up by the neck and… chokeslam to the mat! He grabs her up again and a second chokeslam! He goes to pick her up again and he lifts her up for… THE DAY THE WORLD WENT AWAY! Psych! Goodchild manages to get out of it as she positions herself behind him.] [THE PURIFIER! Pig goes down as Goodchild hooks a leg. ONE…TWO… NO! Pig powers out. Anna Goodchild climbs to the top rope as she spreads her wings. Frogsplash into… THE GREAT DESTROYER! Pig pops up and nails Anna with a superkick to the midsection. Pig hits the ropes and charges back for THE MARCH OF THE PIGS! Anna is down and holding her ribs in pain. Pig looks to Luther as he realizes the end is in his grasp.] [He pulls her to her feet, but she rolls him up! ONE…TWO…TH- NO! Pig is able to kick out and catches Anna around the throat! He lifts her up and… THE DAY THE WORLD WENT AWAY! He covers! ONE…TWO…THREE!] [Backstage, Smiley and Doubt are sitting and stewing over having to relinquish their titles last week to the original winners of the belt.]

“I hate this feeling. I need that title in my hands. I NEED IT.” [Smiley practically screams as his hand frantically scratches the back of his neck as if needing a drug.]

“Something so inconsequential yet having to give it up feels so… unjust.” [Doubt sits on the bench, seemingly immobile as if drained of the will to go on.] [Smiley finally stands to his feet with a face flushed with anger (around the edges of his facepaint). He lifts up a chair nearby and flings it down the hall.]

“You can’t just GIVE me something and then take it away. It was a gift from the doctor himself yet he ripped it away as if I was unworthy!”

[Doubt gets to his feet slowly and places a gloved hand on his partner’s shoulder.]

“Let not this trouble you. You seem unsure about our standings but our successes show us to be a force unlike any before. The Doctor knows this.”

“The Doctor knows this indeed.”

[As if appearing out of nowhere, the smiling face of D’Ville rounds the corner with Creeping Death right beside him with a scowl upon his face.]

“My most sincere apologies if taking these titles hurt your feelings friends. By rules of the company, there can only be one set of tag team champions. Next week, we shall see truly just how well you fare as a team as Creeping Death has the perfect test for the two of you.”

[Creeping Death takes a step forward with a grin hidden beneath the shadows casted by his mask.]

“Next week, the two of you will fight one-on-one in a No DQ match. It’s proven that fighting yourselves will make you stronger. Just look at Doc and me.”

[Creeping Death smirks as the OSW World Tag Team Champions begin to walk away. Doubt and Smiley look at each other with a hint of confusion.]

“Carry on my wayward son!”

[Kansas hits the PA and even though the crowd goes wild Ash Williams doesn’t look happy. Ash moves down the runway at a near jog and heads straight to the timekeepers area where he grabs a microphone and slides in the ring.]

“Since coming to OSW, I haven’t made many friends.”

[The crowd let him know “he’s wrong” but Ash is too focused to notice.]

“And that doesn’t matter! I didn’t come here to make friends. I came here to end things once and for all. I didn’t expect friends… and yet somehow, I managed to find one. More than a friend, a brother…”

[A “Nine-Tee’s-Guys!” chant breaks out across the crowd.]

“Matt had my back and I had his and we used that friendship to climb the preverbal ladder to success TOGETHER, two steps at a time…” [A smile stretches across William’s face but quickly dissolves into a frown.] “…but in the back of our heads, I guess we always knew that only one of us was going to reach the top first.”

[Ash seems torn. On the one hand, he obviously cares for Matthew Cories, but on the other, he’s clearly fed up and pissed off.]

“I don’t know if that’s what this is all about but wither it was the Boomstick or a back-stab or whatever it may be, Ash Williams and Matthew Cories was going to happen, eventually. Two great men who find less and less room on each new rung of the ladder will eventually find no other option but to fight it out for that space… I just wish I could have this match against Matt, not Dr. Evil! I’d hoped maybe I could beat the evil out of him at Pandemonium but I was grasping at straws… now, I just want to destroy!”

[Ash turns his attention to the runway.]

“So, I can sit around continuing to feel sorry for myself because I may be the one responsible for Matthew Cories turning Evil, or… I can destroy the evil that took my friend AND secure my spot atop the ladder where I belong! So I accept your challenge, Dr. Evil!” [The crowd roars.] “You want me at Heavy Metal, you got me! In a Ladder Match!” [The crowd goes wild.] “I’m done, Dr. Evil! I’m putting it all on the line! Even this!”

[Ash holds up his Hardcore Championship and the crowd goes near deafening.]

“Because at Heavy Metal we do end this thing… once, and for all.”

[Ash throws down his microphone and storms out of the ring, the fans going wild at the announcement.] [As Nigel Royal walks down the hallway, he finds himself flanked by a guard of honour. Security stand either side of him, forming a tunnel as he walks towards his locker room.] [Suddenly, a voice yells out.]


[Nigel immediately searches his surroundings, seeing Max Million standing outside the guard, looking ready to kick his ass.] [Max lunges forward but the security blocks him expertly, knocking him backwards.]

“What’s the matter, dear boy?” [Royal asks confidently.] “Are you struggling to infiltrate my top tier security? You must be rather discouraged, no?”

[Max struggles against the security stopping him.] “You’re never going to get away from me, Nigel. I’m not going to let this stand!”

“What have you been drinking, lad? I think you’ve had enough. If you think you can topple my security and get your grubby little mitts on me, you must be either drunk or stupid. I buried you alive, you little cretin. That’s the end of our association, so please, by all means, stop trying to ride my coattails to glory.”

“Your coattails? I’m going to destroy you. I’m going to rip you apart, Royal. You had better sleep with one eye open because wherever you are, wherever you rest, you will know that I’m nearby, stalking, waiting, wanting any opportunity I can get to rip your head off.”

[Nigel laughs, continuing to walk through his security to his locker room. He walks inside and slams the door, his force waiting on the outside and blocking a furious Million.]

“This isn’t over, asshole. This is far from fucking over!”

[As the two wrestlers circle each other, Hunter seems to keep careful watch of where he is. Bellator has two allies at ringside in Pedro El Salvador and Nox Bellator. They immediately lock up, and the two men immediately launch into back and forth chain wrestling. Almost too quick to keep track of, the two men spend the first minutes of the match reversing move after move, trying to jockey for position in a battle that will surely not be an easy victory. The chain wrestling is ended by Lux Bellator quickly, who gets into position and nails a very impressive enziguri to the Question.] [As Hunter gets up, they end up trading a few more holds, this time Hunter executing a picturesque backslide pin. Lux immediately gets his shoulder up, but as soon as he gets to his feet the Question is there with a pair of stiff elbows to the temple. In his efforts to keep the Warrior grounded, Hunter immediately goes to an arm bar to control the pace of the match. Lux attempts several times to roll through to some kind of pinfall, but Hunter refuses to let go of the hold, rolling through everything with Lux.] [Finally, Bellator seems to be done with it, nailing a hard uppercut to the squared jaw of the Question, getting the hold to be released. Hunter rushes through the pain to stay on Bellator, and they begin to once again trade holds. Lux maneuvers Hunter to the corner, and lays in with hard shots to stagger the Question. Lux backs off from the ropes as the official steps in, but NOX BELLATOR FROM NOWHERE WITH A SHOT TO HUNTER! SMALL PACKAGE BY LUX! ONE… TWO… THREE!! Light and Dark conspired to take this one from the Question here tonight!] [After that gruelling match, Lux Bellator gets back to his feet and invites Nox and Pedro into the ring.] [They join him, Nox looking rather standoffish as they do.]

“Hold on,” [Bellator says almost breathlessly into the microphone.] “I haven’t called you in here to fight. I called you in here because I must deliver to you, a sincere apology.”

[The fans boo.]

“Last week, I thought I was doing the right thing; I thought I was helping you onto the path of salvation. It has since occurred to me that you don’t need saving, Nox. You don’t need salvation.”

[Again, the fans roar with boos.]

“What you need is a brother, a partner and a friend. Together, we can vanquish the unholy and evil in Old School Wrestling. Together, we are stronger than we are apart. Light needs darkness and darkness needs light – that’s the way the Lord put this world together and who are we, but mere warriors, to argue with that? Join with me in prayer, my brother and together, we shall rid this world of sin.”

[Nox looks at Pedro who nods gleefully, telling him to except the offer. Lux offers a hand and Nox takes it, only Bellator pulls him in and MICROPHONE SHOT TO THE SKULL!] [El Salvador can’t believe it!] [The fans are on their feet now, cheering like they’ve never cheered before as Lux Bellator crouches down over the crawling Nox, ripping at his mask!] [Holy crap, he’s going to do it… he’s doing it!] [The mask slowly comes off, revealing nothing but minimal amounts of facial hair, as Nox quickly slams his hands over his face and rolls to the outside. Lux demands that he returns but he refuses, storming straight to the backstage and behind the curtain, leaving Lux alone with El Salvador.] [Lux picks up his microphone and looks through his former mentor.]

“Did you really think the Lord had forsaken me, Father?” [he asks menacingly.] “Did you really think I needed to be baptized. I have always been a solider of the light and like a sword, at Heavy Metal, I will rip through your darkness in Nox Bellator.”

[The fans explode!]

“Thy will be done, as it is on Earth, as it is in Heaven!”

[Pedro leaves the ring absolutely enraged, stomping up the ramp to the backstage. He can’t believe that Lux played him, that Lux pretended to be reborn just so he could have a chance at ripping that mask off of Nox.] [He drove a wedge in between them and now, and only now, will we truly see what Nox Bellator and Father Pedro El Salvador are made of!] [The bell sounds and Jake Jeckel wastes no time in attacking Ash Williams. A forearm smash to the skull makes Ash backpedal into the ropes. Jeckel lands some knee strikes to Williams’ mid section and then Irish Whips William’s across the ring. Jeckel puts his head down and GETS KICKED IN THE FACE! Ash hits the ropes again but is caught in a SPINEBUSTER! Jeckel goes for the cover but Williams kicks out at one! Jeckel locks Ash in a Rear Chinlock. He wrenches in more and more as the crowd gets on their feet for “The Chosen One”.] [Ash seems to be getting power from the School Yard crowd as he rises to his feet and lands elbows into Jeckel’s gut. Williams hits Jeckel with a Headbutt! A second Headbutt! Williams goes into the ropes and HITS A BIG RUNNING BOOT! Jeckel is sent into the ropes but braces himself, coming back at Williams… HE ALMOST TOOK ASH’S HEAD OFF WITH A CLOTHESLINE! Williams rolls close to the ropes as Jeckel gets back to his feet. Jeckel goes back on the attack, lifting Williams to his feet… PONY DOWN! Jeckel goes for the cover… ONE… TWO… KICKOUT! THE CROWD IS GOING NUTS!] [Jeckel can’t believe it and argues with the Ref about the count. Jeckel puts his hands on the Referee and gets warned. Ash WIlliams is back on his feet! Jeckel finally gets his head back into the match… DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! WILLIAMS GOES FOR THE COVER! ONE… TWO… JECKEL KICKS OUT! The crowd can’t believe it! Ash Williams is charging up The Boomstick! Jeckel is on his feet! WILLIAMS GOES FOR THE BOOMSTICK! JECKEL MOVES! JECKEL BOOTS ASH IN THE MIDSECTION… JUGGALO JACKHAMMER! JUGGALO JACKHAMMER! THE COVER… ONE! TWO! THREE! Jake Jeckel stuns Ash Williams and walks out of the School Yard with the win!] [Vlad the Impaler watches from the shadows as The Patriot Jim Jenkins walks around backstage. He looks even more disheveled than normal, if that is possible. Jenkins has bags under his eyes and his skin is waxy and clammy.]

“Vlad! What did you do to me! I ain’t felt right since you sucked me! Vlad!” [He stumbles into a huge wooden crate and bounces backwards, nearly losing his feet. He has a heavy white bandage on his wrist where he was bitten last week.] “Where you at you sumbitch?”

“I’m right here.” Vlad says as he steps from the shadows. “How are you feeling, my invalid friend?”

“Like a couple bull queers went to town on me for about a week straight. What’d you do?”

[Vlad smirks.]

“Ahhh! It has begun!”

[Jenkins looks confused.] “What’re you talkin’ about, you trans-vestibule?”

“The transition! It has begun!”

“Transitions! Like that homer-sexshual Bruce-lyn Jenners? I ain’t turnin’ into no she-male!”

[Vlad shakes his head and smiles, revealing his razor sharp fangs.]

“Of course not, you imbecile! You’ve begun changing into a vampire! You shall be my disciple!”

[Jenkins looks both worried and angry as some lucidity enters his eyes.]

“I aint becomin’ no vam-queer either!”

“Oh, contraire, my fat friend, you are. And I’ll help you along.”

[Vlad the Impaler pounces onto the Patriot again, forcing him into the shadows once more. Screams fill the hallway as the camera pulls away, leaving Vlad to feed.] [The bell sounds as Scarecrow stands in his corner, motionless. Alex Reese doesn’t seem slightly frightened as he stomps across the ring towards The Hayman. The Hayman realizes this and swings for The Haymaker, but Reese blocks it! Reese spins around to try for a discus clothesline, but Crow ducks under. He lifts Reese up for a German suplex, but Reese hooks a leg and whirls around him. He moves to the side of Crow for a side Russian legsweep, but Crow pushes him away. Reese smirks across the ring at Scarecrow who just rubs his gloved hands together. They lock up!] [Alex Reese tries to power Scarecrow back, but that isn’t happening as the miraculous powers of Crow force Reese backwards where he rolls to his knees. Crow is on him as he wraps up the head of The Motivation in a triangle choke! Reese is trying to get to the ropes but moving the deadweight of Crow is easier said than done. He inches closer to the ropes and manages to get a foot underneath the rope. The referee begins the count but Crow releases it before the five. Crow gets to his feet as he stalks Reese. He wraps his talon around the throat of Reese for a BYE BYE BI-] [But Reese is able to slide out! Crow turns around and gets nailed by a Pele Kick! Reese lifts up Scarecrow and manages to get him up before nailing MIND OVER MATTER! Scarecrow hits the mat hard as Reese hooks both legs! ONE…TWO…NO! The Hayman kicks out! Scarecrow gets to his feet and Motivation strikes with THE WAKE UP CALL! Reese lunges on him! ONE…TWO…THR-NO! Scarecrow just able to get a shoulder up. Reese looks at him with slight exasperation as he gets to his feet to set-up for THE EYE OPENER! But Scarecrow catches him with THE LAST STRAW! Reese is temporarily blinded by hay to the face! Reese has his hands on his face as Scarecrow leans back with THE HAYMAKER which staggers Reese. Crow goes to lift up Reese, but he slips out and connects with a leaping knee strike. He hits the ropes and… THE HEAD SPINNER! He leaps onto Scarecrow and ONE…TWO…THREE! Alex Reese gets a monumental win here!] [RECORDED EARLIER] [Marvolo steps out of a taxi and counts exact change for the cabbie. He looks up at a tall building. It towers overhead, and Marvolo walks into the shiny, glass doors. He looks at a sign listing all of the offices in the building, seems to locate his target, and makes his way to the elevator. We skip ahead as the elevator doors open, and Number One steps out. He walks straight to a glass door with the words “Immigration and Naturalization Service” written on it. He walks straight to the secretary, who is looking down at her computer screen.]

“Hello.” [No response.] “Hello!” [Nothing.] “HEY!” [Number One bellows. The secretary looks up, then double takes. Marvolo is in his full wrestling gear, as usual.]

“I’m sorry, sir, this is a government office. You cannot have a mask on in here.” [Marvolo ignores her.]

“Marvolo needs to talk to someone in charge.”

“Who is Marvolo?” [He looks at her as though she has just blasphemed.]

“I am Marvolo! Who is in charge here!?”

“Sir, you can’t go back with that mask on!”

[Marvolo waves her off and walks past her and barges into the office door behind the desk. He walks in on a man in a suit behind a large mahogany desk. The secretary comes running in behind him.]

“I’m sorry, Mr. Lewis, he ran right past me.”

“It’s okay, Leona, I know who he is. I’m surprised it took him this long to come here.”

[Marvolo looks confused, and Leona gives him a dirty look as she leaves. Mr. Lewis stands and reaches to shake Marvolo’s hand. Marvolo begrudgingly shakes.]

“Mr. Marvolo, I’ve been expecting you. I am a fan of Old School Wrestling, and I’ve seen what is going on with Raquel.”

“Where is she!?” [Marvolo demands.]

“I don’t know.” [Mr. Lewis responds, and Marvolo’s eyes double in size. He stands to grab Mr. Lewis, but he reaches out to calm him.] “I don’t know where she is at because my office has nothing to do with her being removed.”

“What?! What office is responsible?!”

“No office with the United States government is responsible. Here’s a file with all of her documentation. The best I can understand, Jake Jeckel is solely responsible for Raquel being taken away from you.”

[Marvolo takes the manilla folder, and stares at the man. Apparently he sees truth in his eyes, and leaves the room, slamming the door behind him.] [We cut to real time, with Jake Jeckel watching on a screen somewhere in the back of the School Yard. He pulls out a cell phone and quickly makes a call. A muffled hello answers.]

“It’s me………………. Yeah…………… The idiot knows……………… What the hell do you want me to do about it?………………. There is no way he can find out where she is?……………….. You’re positive?…………………….. Good, I want him unfocused. The campaign will be in full swing soon……………… Yeah, you better.”

[Jeckel hangs up and walks away, not quite as smug as he has been in the past.] [The bell sounds as the two villains circle around. Nigel takes a step back into the corner before throwing his legs up across the top as he yawns. Red River Jack smiles at this and turns his back to Nigel showing the most disrespect possible! Nigel leaps down and begins shouting at Jack. Jack turns with a discus elbow that catches Nigel on the chin! Jack wrenches the head of Nigel around into an abdominal stretch. Nigel grits his teeth but Red flips him over onto his knee before hitting a flatliner! NUMBER TEN connects as Nigel is laid out. RRJ isn’t finished yet though.] [Jack lifts up Nigel, but Nigel pokes him in the eye as the referee gets in his face to admonish him. Jack turns around and pulls the referee away allowing for a moment of blindness for him. Nigel kicks Jack in the balls but quickly hits a spinning heel hook to cover it up! Jack is on the ground and the referee has no idea what just happened. Nigel climbs to the top rope and hits a flying headbutt before staggering to his feet. Jack is getting back up as Nigel locks in a full nelson submission!] [Jack struggles to get free, but Nigel is really wearing him down. Jack begins to fade, but quickly fires back up and rams Nigel into the corner! Nigel releases the hold but Jack turns around to see him charging. SPARTAN KICK sends Nigel crashing into the corner turnbuckle as Jack is feeling the end coming sooner rather than later. Red River Jack grabs Nigel’s hand, kicks him in the gut, throws a leg over, and… SEEIN’ R- NO! Nigel pushes him out of it quickly! Nigel grabs RRJ’s arm and pulls him down for the DUNGEONS OF LONDON! RRJ tries to get to the ropes, but Nigel is using all of his weight to hold him in the center of the ring! Jack reaches out but is forced to tap out!] [Bursting into Errol Flint’s office is Lilith Evans, the carer-turned-friend of Gavin Davis, and she seems to have a real chip on her shoulder.]

“Did you see what the fuck just happened with The Shark and Gavin? Gavin is meant to be a guest here, and he has been attacked yet again by that goddamn lunatic, that psychopath! Something has to be done and mark my words, you are going to do it.”

[The unexpected interruption was enough to foul the boss’s mood, but the demands and threatening tone left him absolutely fuming.]

“You listen here you little bitch, I let you and that idiot come here for PR, nothing more. OSW gets a cheap nostalgia pop and the cripple gets to feel like he still matters, but he just had to go around interfering in other people’s business. He’s interfering with my roster and confronting them and you have the audacity to whine when he catches a beating? You’re right. Something has to be done… About Gavin. After that little picnic he tried to lay out for The Shark, Gavin’s little mancrush attacked multiple workers backstage and even a couple of visitors, and guess what? One’s suing, all because Gavin provoked Shark into a violent rage.”

“Provoked him? Are you crazy? That madman is going round attacking people, it would have happened regardless!”

“Well, that would be for the courts to decide, wouldn’t it? Would be a shame if the claimant was directed to Gavin, wouldn’t it? All of my employees know how to make phone calls.”

“You sick bastard…”

[Errol’s scowl gave way to a smile as he knew he held all the cards.]

“Now, me and you are going to have a talk. Be a good girl and close that door, gently. Then, come back here. And no, you don’t get to sit.”

[Furious but recognising her position, Lilith complies, walking over to the door with clenched fists and closing it, shutting the view of events out.] [The bell rings as both fan favorites circle on another, the crowd cheering both men as Kersh rushes forward, trying for an uppercut that Bruce dodges, delivering a kick to the gut that dazes the Enforcer. Bruce lifts him up high, trying for a vertical suplex but Kersh lands on his feet behind Bruce, grabbing him by the waist as an attempt at a German Suplex has Bruce land on his feet as well. Kersh turns around right into a massive dropkick which sends him staggering back into the corner] [Bruce rushes forward, driving his shoulder into Kersh’s gut before leaping up with an enziguri. Kersh ducks, grabbing the foot in mid-air, slamming an elbow on the back of the knee before locking in an ankle lock out of nowhere] [Bruce screams in pain, quickly scrambling to the ropes as Kersh is forced to break the hold but the damage has been done as Bruce gets to his feet, visibly limping. A right hand is easily dodged as a hard knee stuns Van Chan before Kersh grabs his injured leg and twists it to the mat with a dragon screw. Bruce hits the mat yelling out in pain as Kersh keeps hold of the leg, twisting it around and locking in the Lone Star] [Van Chan screams in pain, Kersh cranking the hold trying to make Bruce tap out as Van Chan tries to drag himself to the ropes. His fingertips just graze the bottom rope before Kersh pulls him back into the centre of the ring. Bruce raises his hand, as if he’s about to tap before he gets a surge of energy, twisting himself around until he’s able to flip Kersh over and reverse the pressure. Kersh quickly lets go of the hold but Van Chan could be done as he’s lifted up by Kersh, barely able to stand.] [Kersh pulls the limping Bruce up onto his shoulders, trying for the Southern Discomfort but somehow Bruce drops down Kersh’s back, NAP TIME! Kersh is planted on the mat as Bruce slowly drags himself to the ropes, but as he steadies himself on the top, the Enforcer is on his feet as he crotches Bruce on the top rope. Kersh climbs up to the second rope but as he tries to grab Van Chan, he’s kneed in the face by the US champ who throws Kersh down to the mat. Van Chan steadies himself for a moment before leaping off SHOT THROUGH THE HEART! Van Chan stays down for a moment, clutching his knee in pain before rolling over and covering the Enforcer. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [An interview room, recorded earlier.] [The rich and pungent smell of cigarette smoke filled the air as the detective sat opposite both Alex Reese and Hysteria – the pair unusually interviewed together here tonight.]

“It’s my understanding that you two used to be close, is that correct?”

“Used to be,” [Hissed Hysteria.] “But he was holding me back, “[He continues with a faint chuckle.] “Now that Hysteria is free, Alex is all alone, ain’t that right darling?”

[Alex scoffs at him.] “Shut your mouth, you son of a bitch!”

[The Detective puts his cigarette out, taking a moment to compose himself as Alex stares a hole straight through his former friend.]

“Hysteria, we’ve brought you in today because it is our understanding that Doctor Louis D’Ville may be behind a series of gruelling murders.”

“Aww,” [He says sarcastically.] “Ain’t that a kick in the head?”

[The cop frowns.] “Your family among them.”

[The tension inside the room is immediately amped up. Doctor D’Ville is under suspicion of murdering LH Harrison’s family?] [Reese looks at him in shock, but when Hysteria finally pipes up, it surprises both of them.] “My name is Hysteria, “[he says between bitten anger and gritted teeth.] “I have no family.”

[That’s enough for Alex Reese. That isn’t the man he once he knew. He lunges at him, ringing his neck enraged at his audacity, his pure disrespect. With both hands around his neck, he screams at him.] “How could you!? How could you just dismiss them like that!?”

[Cops filter into the room quickly, pulling them apart. They drag Alex out of his chair and into the hall way, the detective following as Hysteria laughs sadistically behind them. He slams the door and pushes Alex into the wall, officers still restraining him.]

“What the hell are you doing?” [The Detective demands to know.] “You said you could help us reach him, that’s why we brought you inside. What was that?”

“I’m sorry,” [Alex says, looking almost brought to tears.] “I let my emotions get the best of me. That’s not the man I once knew and loved in there. That’s not the man I called my brother.”

“No, it’s me who’s sorry,” [he chimes in with regret.] “You’re not able to help us after all. You’re free to go, Mr. Reese.”

“But-“ [He interrupts.] [The Detective grabs the door and points towards its exit.] “I said you’re free to go.”

[Reese begrudgingly makes his way to the door, taking one look back through the one-way glass to see Hysteria laughing hysterically behind him.] [His family may have been murdered by D’Ville and he doesn’t give a damn.] [We find Andre Aquarius in a backstage lounge, a small mess-hall area with a couple of catering tables. He is busy laying the groundwork on an unseen woman, presumably a stagehand, just out of shot.]

“Aww, c’mon. You just playin’ hard to get, bruh bruh.” [He flashes a smile.] “Quit playin’… When Prince Lightskin asks you to show him some sugar, you pour some sugar on me… hoe.”

[The camera shot pans around to reveal Roxy Cotton backed against a wall, Aquarius obviously having cornered her and blocking her escape. Vinnie Lane is nowhere to be seen. She looks decidedly uncomfortable as Andre continues to try and pick her up.]

“Did you not like what you saw last week?” [He flashes a smile at her while grabbing at his pants.] “Naw, I know you did. I saw that look in your eyes. You just…”

[*CRACK*] [Aquarius is slammed across the back of the head with a guitar, falling to the ground. Vinnie Lane steps in, tossing what remains of his guitar at the downed Andre.]

“Didn’t miss that time, did I? Maybe I didn’t make myself clear – keep your dirty hands off her.”

[Andre sits up, rubbing the back of his head slowly. Though grimacing in pain, he smiles.]

“You worried bruh that I’m gonna steal yo’ hoe?”

[Vinnie balls his fist.]

“Roxy isn’t some object that can be stolen away. She’s a woman… a sexy, gorgeous woman.” [Roxy tries to speak, but Vinnie holds her back.] “Why the hell would she choose you, some random dude with an attachment to his penis?”

[Vinnie drags Roxy away, leaving Andre to gather himself. As they exit, Vinnie can be heard speaking in an accusing tone to Roxy.]

“What the fuck, Roxy?” [The conversation trails off as they leave earshot.] [Away from the Schoolyard, we find ourselves in a darkened room. The room is only lit by small candles arranged in some sort of formation around two people. One male and one female. They are bound to vertical slats of stone. Their faces are covered with black sacks, and they are naked. The bindings that hold them to the slat cover their naughty bits.]


[A female voice enters the scene, speaking softly above echoing footsteps.]

“For too long has the Church failed to discipline homosexuality by its supportive silence or subtle protection.”

[Anna Goodchild walks into frame, standing behind the two naked figures.]

“It’s time to purify their sin.”

[She nods and sunlight floods the room as two drapes over the ceiling are removed. Slowly, two large glass orbs begin to creak into position under these windows.]

“With the Lord’s help, his light shall purify you of your struggle with homosexuality.”

[She reaches forward and removes the hoods from the naked man and woman. To no one’s surprise, this reveals Danielle Kersh and Bobby Neptune. They both look like they’ve seen better days, especially Dani, who has been held for a week in captivity.]

“Okay, Anna.” [Bobby begins, trying to catch his breath.] “The only struggle with homosexuality I have is that I can’t get a damn date.”

[Goodchild merely gives a condescending smile as she circles to stand before them.]

“Humans were created to lord over the other animals, so it is that the Lord above will do the same to us.”

[Her cold words just get an eye roll from Bobby. Dani for her part is scared out of her skin, and she keeps looking to him for help.]

“Some Lord he is.” [Bobby comments, more than a little snark in his voice.] “He sends his angel down here to torture an innocent girl who just wants to fall in love.”

[Neptune’s expression turns unusually hard.]

“Let the girl go, Goodchild.” [He states, steel behind his words.] “Do whatever you want to me, but Kersh didn’t do anything to you.”

“An affront to God is an affront to me.” [Anna coldly responds, looking up with a smile on her face.]

“Like an insect, the sunlight will purify your bodies in flame and light.” [Goodchild remarks.] “Should you emerge from the holy fire, you will be pure. As reformed homosexuals, you will be able to lead a fulfilled chaste life in the struggle of the Lord.”

[The glass orbs slide into their final resting position under the windows, and light begins to be concentrated in a single beam under each one. Neptune shakes his head at Anna as she backs away.]

“When I get out of here, Goodchild.” [Bobby remarks, watching the beam’s path.] “You’re going to find out who the ant is in the grand scheme of things. The universe is big…”

[Bobby trails off as the concentrated beams strike their target and a flame flares up on the ground. It slowly circles the candles one by one, almost like a set of dominos toppling one after the other. Dani is scared with shock, shivering under her bonds despite the flames encircling them.]

“With God’s help, I will guide you to the light.” [She smiles as the flames grow bigger.] “Let me guide you!”

[The glee in Anna’s face reverberates for a moment as Neptune locks eyes with Dani. They don’t need to say anything between them.] [CRASH!] [The front door to Anna’s hideout busts open, and Brent Kersh throws the two goons she used to kidnap Bobby down on the floor. Unconscious or otherwise. Phoebe Outlaw rushes in past that and levels Anna with a vicious leaping kick to the face!]

“Dani!” [Phoebe calls as Brent pulls the drapes back into place to stop the light.] [The fire still rages, but it has not reached them yet. Phoebe leaps across the line of fire to grab a coughing Dani. She slowly unhooks her, and takes Danielle Kersh’s body in her arms. She leaps back over the fire and heads for the door.]

“What the hell are you doing?” [Brent yells as he grabs her arm.] “We have to get Neptune!”

[Phoebe coldly looks back at the coughing All-Star Champion amidst the growing flames.]

“I came here for Dani. Neptune burning just means one less opponent at Heavy Metal.”

[Brent stares back at her for a brief moment, incredulous. He doesn’t even respond to Phoebe, dropping his eyes to Dani to make sure she is breathing before rushing into the flames to get Bobby.]

“Two less opponents, then.” [Outlaw comments as she carries Dani out of the hideout.] [Inside the circle of fire, Kersh releases Bobby, and he throws the man up over his shoulder before running out of the flame. Anna Goodchild has scurried away at some point during all this.]

“Hey Brent?” [Bobby sputters out between coughs over Brent’s shoulder.]

“Yeah?” [Brent grunts back, trying to fight through being out of breath as he heads for the doorway.]

“Let’s not mention my junk being on your shoulder.”

[Somehow, someway, the two men share a very brief chuckle as they have averted disaster.] [For now.] [The Asylum surround the ring, circling the World Heavyweight Champion like sharks. Mike eyes them all warily, his leg twitching in anticipation of doling out so many Shadow Kicks. Just as he points at Hysteria and gives him some choice words, Smiley rushes him from behind! He knocks Lane down and stomps away at him before the referee forces a break. With the first gauntlet entrant revealing himself, the official waits for a pissed-off Lane to recover, then calls for the bell to start the match proper! Smiley charges into Lane’s abdomen and forces him back into the corner. He pulls back before SLAMMING his shoulder into the ribs of Lane, who doubles over and grunts in pain.] [Smiley rams into Lane several more times, chipping away at the Shadow King’s armour. Mike clubs Smiley across the back, but it doesn’t do much good. As Smiley pulls away for another go, Mike palms his face and shoves him back. He swings a big clothesline at Smiley, but the happy-go-lucky sadist ducks it. With Mike spun round, Smiley grabs him in a waistlock aaand GERMAN SUPLEX! ONE…TW—Lane forces his way out! You didn’t think it’d be that easy, did you Smiley?] [The former Crowley patriarch looks to the Asylum inmates, who will him on. He kicks Mike in the ribs and transitions into a body scissor, looking to apply the GLASGOW SMILE! Juuust as he locks his hands around Mike’s jaw though… MIKE BITES HIM! Smiley laughs and screams in equal measure as Lane chomps down on his hands. Before the referee can intervene, Smiley breaks the hold and Mike rolls to his feet. Smiley advances – DEGENERATION! Mike folds him with the T-bone suplex! ONE… TWO… DOUBT PUTS SMILEY’S FOOT ON THE ROPE! The fans grill the Asylum, but Mike doesn’t let it faze him. He stands in the corner and starts stomping the mat! The crowd instantly get hyped; they know what’s coming…] [So does Smiley though, as he DUCKS THE SHADOW KICK and leaps behind Lane – HIDEOUS LAUGHTER! MIKE GRABS THE ROPES! Smiley ends up rolling through onto his feet and RUNS RIGHT INTO THE SHADOW KICK! ONE… TWO… THREE! Smiley rolls out but before Mike can catch his breath, The Shark overwhelms him with a frenzy of kicks and punches! Shark eventually relents just long enough for Mike to struggle to his knees… SUSHI KICK! That’s a wipeout! ONE… TWO… TH—SHOULDER UP!] [Shark argues with the referee and the fans POP as Lane ENDURES the shining wizard. Shark heaves Lane to his feet but immediately SPIKES HIM with a DDT! The Asylum rally behind Shark as he climbs to the top rope and mockingly waves goodbye to the Champ below… SHARK DIVE RIGHT INTO THE CANVAS! Another pop as Mike rolls out of harm’s way, but it immediately turns to booing as Hysteria CHOKES OUT LANE with the ring rope – unseen by the referee! Shark slowly gets to his feet then drags Mike into the centre of the ring. HE’S GOING FOR THE ASYLUM SPECIAL!] [MIKE ROLLS HIM UP! ONE… TWO… THREE-NO! Shark races to his feet and stomps around furiously, having almost been caught out. Lane is on his knees… SUSHI K—MIKE DODGES IT! Shark turns around as Mike rolls towards him – ROLLING IN THE FAST LANE! Shark drops like a brick as Mike’s knee cracks into his skull! ONE… TWO… THREE! Shark is fin-ished, but Hysteria is fresh in! The former Tag Team Champion immediately scoops Lane up into an electric chair! Before he can flip the switch, though, the Shadow King drops down.] [SHADOW KI—HYSTERIA GRABS THE FOOT! He slams it down and RKO OUT OF NOWHERE—MIKE SHOVES HIM AWAY! Hysteria slams on the brakes just in time, nearly pancaking the official in the corner. He whips round to see Mike ROLLING TOWARDS HIM but dodges him by a cunthair! Mike himself slams on the brakes, that close to kneeing the referee like he did Shark. ROUNDHOUSE KICK to Mike! The Champ is out like a light. ONE… not now… TWO… he’s come so close… THRNOOO! Mike kicks out on pure INSTINCT! Hysteria slaps the mat before his eyes settle on the turnbuckle. He makes a neck-breaking gesture towards Lane, then climbs up.] [Slowly but surely, Mike soldiers to his feet, looking unsteady. He turns around and DUCKS THE FALL OF MAN NECKBREAKER! Hysteria hits the mat hard and scrambles to his feet for a SHADOW KICK! ONE… TWO… THREE! THIS IS IT! LAST MAN! Doubt races in – SHADOW KICK! HOLY SHIT! Mike Lane immediately lays out the fresh Doubt – only to COLLAPSE! The fans groan as Mike fails to cover the one man separating him from Errol Flint. Doubt stirs and shakes off the cobwebs. He staggers over to Mike’s carcass and groggily CLAPS HIS HANDS—MOONSAULT—CAUSE OF DOUBT! Mike was damn near EVISCERATED by Doubt’s knees!] [ONE… Mike can TASTE that match with Flint!… TWO… NOT LIKE THIS… THREE! KICK OUT! Doubt screams in rage and kills the pop for Lane as he immediately peels him off the mat. Propping him upright, Doubt springboards off the ropes with another MOONSAULT to Lane, but before he can complete the PESSIMIST’S END with the tornado DDT, MIKE SHOVES HIM DOWN GUT-FIRST! Doubt is up—MIKE DUCKS THE ROUNDHOUSE—SHADOW KICK! DOUBT EATS HIS SECOND SHADOW KICK! ONE… come on Mike… TWO… don’t you dare kick out!… THREE! MIKE LANE HAS DONE IT! He has beaten the Asylum and now he is OWED Flint!] [Mike Lane rises to his feet after that gruelling Gauntlet Match, a fight with Errol Flint promised for his victory. He stumbles over to the ropes and Destiny hands him a microphone, clapping her hands in celebration.]

“Flint!” [A tired Mike Lane yells out.] “You said if I won this Gauntlet, you’d come out here and fight me, one on one!”

[Suddenly, “How’d You Like Me Now” hits and out onto the entrance ramp steps the chairman, dressed in the same gear he fought and beat Mike Lane in only a month or so ago. With a microphone in hand, he puts his other into the air, drawing a halt to proceedings.]

“Now hold on a second you two, I know you want my blood but before we get there, I have a stipulation to make. Mike, if you don’t end this show standing tall, with my broken body beneath your feet, you will be fired. You will be banned from the arena, you will take your Championship and get the fuck out of my company!”

[The fans boo.]

“Do you agree to my terms?”

[Destiny enters the ring and talks it over with Mike, the pair of them discussing it before Flint, who casually starts making his way to the ring. Destiny tells him to do it and slides to the outside, grabbing a steel chair and re-entering the ring.]

“I’ll take that as a yes, shall I?”

[Flint gets to the bottom of the ramp and drops his microphone, the fans urging him to get the hell in the ring and fight. Mike backs up, begging him with both hands.] [TH-WWWHHAAAACCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!] [OH MY GOD! DESTINY JUST NAILED MIKE LANE WITH A STEEL CHAIR! WHAT THE FUCK IS THE MEANING OF THAT!?] [Flint slides into the ring with a smile the size of Old School Wrestling on his face. He walks straight over to Destiny and hugs her, that evil Jezebel bustling with pride. She, she just turned on Mike Lane – her future husband to be. She just turned on him for the man that allowed her to be kidnapped!] [Mike Lane has been busted wide open and lays flat out on the canvas, blood pouring from a gaping wound at the back of his head that’ll certainly need stitches. Flint puts his boot on his back and raises his daughters arm in the middle of the ring.] [The fans boo.] [They throw cups, beer and rubbish into the ring, absolutely enraged that their hero has been unduly setup and fired here tonight.] [Monday Night Showcase goes off the air with the Flint’s celebrating.]