“And now, Old School Wrestling presents…”

[The Old School Wrestling logo flashes in neon, hung upon the wall.]

“Monday Night Showcase.”

[The unusual sound of fireworks explode throughout the small School Yard as our cameras switch to a sold out crowd, booing as if their lives depended on it. Only last week did Errol Flint do the unthinkable again and try and screw our World Champion.]

“Now there was a time,

When you loved me so.

I couldn’t do wrong,

And now you need to know.

See, I been a bad bad bad bad man.

And I’m in deep.


I found a brand new love for this man,

And can’t wait till you see.

I can’t wait.”

[“How’d You Like Me Now” by The Heavy trumpets into the arena as Errol Flint steps out from behind the curtain with James Hunter in tow. The Question holds Mike Lane’s World Championship over his shoulder like it’s correct owner as both men make their way to the ring.] [Once inside, Flint receives a microphone as James stands by.]

“What’s the matter, Las Vegas?” [Flint arrogantly asks.] “Last week at Pandemonium, things didn’t go exactly as planned. Mike Lane likes to say that he endures but we, we like to think of him as a Cockroach. Once again, the Cockroach found a way to survive in the middle of the ring and unify the World Championship.”

[The fans are booing so loudly that Flint can barely here himself talk.]

“Despite the fact that I’ve brought down upon him a nuclear catastrophe of destruction in recent weeks, Lane, like the Cockroach that he is; endures and endures, and endures. It makes me sick!

[Flint begins to pace now.]

“For months I’ve wanted nothing more than to destroy my son-in-law. Ever since Desmond Cross was allowed to torment and kidnap my daughter, I’ve wanted revenge. I’ve bided my time and waited for someone to knock him from his perch but time and time again, people failed. Mike has built a career based on the successes that have been monumental disasters for my family. Well no longer will that happen. I took the initiative and I teamed up with the Alpha of Old School Wrestling; James Hunter. James is the future of this company. James is the man destined to strip Mike Lane of the OSW World Championship, as evidenced here today, as that belt sits upon his shoulder.”

[Errol hands the microphone to James who doesn’t show any emotion, he simply stares into the camera.]

“Months ago, Errol Flint came to me and offered me a mouth-watering proposition. He said; ‘James, I want you to be OSW World Champion. I will give you the location of my daughter and if you kidnap her, Mike Lane will never know what’s hit him’. So naturally, I took him up on it. Now things haven’t worked out as planned, since Errol was going to lay down for me in the Fatal Four Way but that doesn’t mean they won’t work out now.”

[He begins to pace the ring.]

“Because at Heavy Metal, Mike Lane, you will defend your Championship against me in the Main Event and I will lead the OSW into a new era. My axe doesn’t miss and at Heavy Metal, I’m aiming for your heart.”

[The fans boo as Errol Flint’s music hits once again, both men raising their arms in celebration of what they’ve accomplished. God knows how Destiny will react to this but you had better believe, it won’t be good.] [We find Vinnie Lane backstage, relaxing on a couch with an acoustic guitar in hand. Roxy sits with him, mid-way through being serenaded by the Megastar.]

“Just another heart in need of rescue, waiting on love’s sweet charity.

And I’m going to hold on for the rest of my days,

‘Cause I know what it means, top walk along the lonely street of dreams…”

[Vinnie is interrupted by the door to the room swinging open. Andre Aquarius struts in, oblivious and wearing only a towel. He doesn’t even see Vinnie Lane, but he sure does see the bombshell Roxy sitting next to him.]

“Daaaaamn, guuurl! [Andre stops dead in his tracks.] “You’re one sexy bitch… Those lips look like they could suck the ocean dry…”

“Hey…” [Vinnie shouts, catching Andre’s attention.] “…Fuck off!”

[Aquarius looks at Vinnie, then back at Roxy. He ignores the Megastar.]

“Why stay here with this little Whitesnake when you can have all of this big black python?”

[At that, he lets the towel slip, giving Roxy a face full of all of him. Thankfully, the camera catches the shot from behind, but notices the surprise on her face. Vinnie stands up at this.]

“I said fuck off… You have no idea who you’re talking to do you? I am a damned Megastar, chump!”

[Andre simply winks at Roxy.]

“I’ve got a match tonight, watch carefully doll and I will show you what a real man can do.”

[Vinnie steps forward and swings the guitar, aiming at Aquarius. Andre exits the room just before the guitar connects. The guitar smashes into the concrete wall where his head would have been and shatters into a thousand pieces. Vinnie is left holding a small piece of the neck, shaking with rage.] [The bell sounds but these four villains of different nature explode! Creeping Death charges Jim Jenkins with a discus elbow strike followed by a barrage of other elbow strikes. The Shark hits a dropkick to Dr. Evil before following him into the corner with a serious of chops. Death knocks Jenkins into the corner with a bicycle knee strike pushing him into the corner opposite. The Shark and Creeping Death lock eyes with a nod. They grab the arms of their respective opponents and whip them towards each other in the center of the ring. Jim Jenkins lifts up Evil onto his shoulders and rams him into Shark in the corner!] [Death charges into the fray but Jenkins turns about and catches him with a kick to the balls! Death falls to his knees and Jenkins drives his knee into the chin of Death! He lowers down onto Death with his flab pinning Death to the mat! ONE…TWO….NO! Dr. Evil breaks up the count with a mauling set of strikes to the back of Jenkins, but Jenkins turns around as the strikes appear to do no damage to the gargantuan. He reaches forward and hooks the nostrils of Dr. Evil with his fingers! Evil is flailing about! Shin kick as Evil bounces up and down comically.] [The Shark sees this ongoing from his perch atop the turnbuckle before lunging off for a huge missile dropkick sending both men to the ground! The Shark bounces right back up before hitting massive headbutts to Dr. Evil. Dr. Evil grabs his head and yanks him to the mat before locking in the Texas Cloverleaf! The Shark is trying to get to the ropes but Creeping Death is there to help. BLACK MIST into the eyes of Dr. Evil! He flails about before collapsing to the mat in pain.] [Jim Jenkins gets to his feet and heart punch, throat punch, right, left jab! Creeping Death is in a bad way. Schoolboy pin! One…Two…TH-NO! The Shark breaks it up with a kick to the side of Jim Jenkins. SUSHI KICK TO JENKINS! He covers! One…Two…THREE!] [Streamers! Confetti!] [The party is on and the banner in the middle of the room says “HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANI”] [The birthday girl stands by a makeshift bar, sipping on a mixed drink. She is wearing a tight and short dress, showing off her body. Of course, she is definitely off the market, as any potential suiter could tell by the way that Phoebe Outlaw is looming beside her, keeping an eye on the whole situation.]

“I promise, Feebz.” [Danielle Kersh begins.] “You can go get ready for your match. It’s a big one tonight.”

[Phoebe examines the practically untouched drink in front of her, her mind occupied elsewhere.]

“You sure you don’t want to just get me out of here before your dad shows up?” [Outlaw retorts.] [Around the two ladies, various backstage workers for OSW mill about, enjoying the finger foods and free drinks. Around the corner, an unpaid intern pushes a small children’s tour past the room. Axel is no longer doing them, obviously, so now one of the production interns gets to do it.]

“You didn’t have to hit him with a chair, you know?” [Dani retorts, cocking her face to the side in a pose eerily reminiscent of her father.] [Outlaw finally takes a drink, shaking her head as she lays the glass back down.]

“No, I did have to.” [Phoebe says, getting a raised eyebrow from Danielle.] “At least when he beat me in our one-on-one, he did it straight up. When he took me out of Pandemonium, he acted like he didn’t want to. Like he was doing my favor, like I was a wounded bitch to be put out of her misery.”

[She takes another drink.]

“I’m nobody’s bitch.”

[With that, she drains the drink and walks off, leaving Dani alone. The young lady merely takes a drink and speaks with the nearest stagehand about mundane matters.] [The bell rings and Doubt is ready to put the cocky newcomer Andre in his place. We get a lock up and a go behind by Doubt who puts Andre a side headlock. He goes for a takeover, but Andre is able to block with a series of elbows to the back of Doubt’s head. He gives Doubt a knee to the gut before going for a suplex that Doubt blocks!] [Doubt hits a forearm strike, that Andre catches and reverse into an uppercut! Count hits back with backhand across the Prince’s face! Doubt with a whip and a reversal by Andre. Doubt off the ropes and Andre goes for a clothesline, but Doubt ducks under. Doubt off the other side and comes back with a running forearm shot! Andre’s up and Doubt with a second forearm shot. Doubt goes for a third, but this time Andre nimbly dodges. Doubt’s turns around and Andre nails him with swift kick to the head and gut! He flips for an enziguri, but Doubt ducks, grabs the man’s heel and slams him down. Andre bounces back up like rubber and gets up in Doubt’s mask. Both men are at a standstill as the crowd POPS!] [Andre hits a shin breaker followed up by a leg whip, the throws down a knee into the back of Doubt’s head!#DANKINFUSION, which probably #REALLYFUCKINGHURTS. He picks up Doubt, but the emotion counters with a throat strike! He dives up to the second rope and hits Aquarius with a moonsault! He goes for the cover 1! 2! Kickout from the new guy who kicks up and nails Doubt with a SPINNING HEEL KICK! Doubt is down and out in the corner! Aquarius charges and…DIVING CANNONBALL SENTON!] [Doubt can barely stand and Andre takes his moment as the crowd BOOOOS! BUT NO! Doubt with a leg sweep out of nowhere! THE SECOND GUESS! HE LOCKS IT IN! ANDRE AQUARIUS TAPS OUT!] [CCTV Footage.] [Two detectives stand inside a LVPD evidence room, their faces blurred and their voices distorted.]

“The case isn’t getting cold, “[states the first man in reply to a statement we didn’t get to see.] “I just need some time. Let me bring in Harrison, alias Hysteria. I believe that the key to this case lies with him – you know that.”

[The second, clearly the first’s boss, debates that.] “Are you sure that’s wise? He’s still an unofficial suspect.”

“He’s the closest we’ve got to D’Ville. He’s the closest we’ve got to this whole case. Let’s get officers to Monday Night Showcase and pick him up this week.”

[The boss thinks about it.] “If we do that. We risk revealing our entire hand. This case has been years in the making and we’ve hardly gained any traction. In fact, it’s going cold. Do you really want to risk what we do have on Hysteria? Once D’Ville knows we’re onto him, he’ll vanish.”

“Hysteria is the key, you’ve gotta believe me. I wouldn’t risk our efforts if I didn’t think we would get something out of it!” [the cop almost pleads.]

“Okay,” [the boss reluctantly gives in.] “Bring him in.”

“I’ll have officers pick him up this Monday. We need to press him right if he’s going to give us anything.”

“Fine, but you can’t be the one to do it, got it?”

[The officer sighs loudly.] “Why?”

“You know why. This case has become too personal for you, kid. How many years have you been investigating this? You came up through the force quickly and this case has driven you since you got it. As the head of the special criminal task force, you have to step back.”

“Alright, alright, you’ve got it.”

[The footage abruptly stops, going to static.] [Before the bell can even sound, Reese has charged across the ring with THE EYE OPENER! Vlad takes it right on the chin but is able to roll to the floor outside to avoid a pinning attempt. Reese is incensed after what transpired with his partner! Vlad seems to be on the receiving end of a venting! He leaps to one rope, to the second and… TOUCH THE SKY TO THE OUTSIDE! Vlad goes down and Reese is on fire! He lifts up Vlad and rolls him back into the ring. He slides into the ring and rolls him up, hooking both legs. ONE…TWO…NO! Vlad gets a shoulder up.] [Reese allows Vlad to get to his feet. He rushes up behind him, leaps into the air and drives his knees into the back of Vlad! THE WAKE UP C- but Vlad avoids it by hooking the top rope in front of him. His face turns with agony written across it. Bulldog to Reese as he gets to his feet is followed up by a superkick to flatten Reese once more. Reese keeps coming but Vlad isn’t allowing him room to breathe. He gives Reese another superkick before pulling him up to his shoulders for… ESSENTIAL ELIMINATOR! ONE…TWO… FOOT ON THE ROPE! Vlad looks irritated as he drags Reese back to the center of the ring for another pinfall. ONE…T-KICKOUT!] [Reese is beginning to fire up now! The crowd are on their feet. Reese hits the ropes and hits a running crossbody. Both are back up as Reese hits the ropes for a running kneelift! Both back up again but Reese runs right into… BLOOD! But Reese is able to duck right under the blast! Superkick to the gut of Vlad but Reese keeps on running and… THE HEAD SPINNER! Vlad is out cold as Reese hooks a leg! ONE…TWO…THREE!]

Backstage, arguing can be heard. The tone is more tense than angry, and we discover that the two culprits are none other than The Man-Child Gavin Davis and his carer-turned BFF, Lilith Evans. A worse-for-wear Gavin is carrying a picnic basket for some reason or other.

“Do you know how stupid this is? Last week you ended up with stitches and two black eyes! You were lucky you didn’t get hurt far worse!”

“Hey! Cheer up, don’t think of them as black eyes, think of them as panda eyes. Pandas are cute. Axel practically did me a favour.”

“Cut the cra… Cut the doo-doo, Gav. I know you feel like you know Axel and owe him something, but you don’t. Why on Earth do you care anyway? Especially considering he hurt you and the kids last week.”

“Who else cares, the spiderweb head doctor man? If nobody else cares, he’ll always stay with D’ville, and the kids will never get their champion back.”

“Is it really worth your health though?”

“Yes. Everyone needs a hero, and for many, that is Axel, a guy with a heart of gold who cares about children. I had my heroes as a child, and they spent as much time in my heart as the ring. They kept me strong when Maria and Steve did… The bad stuff. I’m in no fit state to fight, I can’t be that guy to the people who need someone, Axel can.”

“You can’t fight, exactly…So what makes you think Axel won’t go for you the moment you start speaking?”

With his free hand, Gavin pulls a tape recorder out of his pocket and waves it with a cheesy, smug grin, before heading off down a corridor, Lilith following.

“I still don’t think this is a good idea, Gav!”

[The beautiful Dani Kersh relaxes at her birthday party backstage, speaking with a beautiful lady that works in the production truck. They seem to be getting along nicely, when the other woman suddenly stiffens up, and quietly dismisses herself. Dani seems surprised as a voice comes from behind her.]

“Better not let Outlaw see you.” [The voice of Brent Kersh seems to bring a smile to Dani’s face as she turns to face her father.] “She’ll bend a steel chair over her skull if she does. Trust me on that.”

[The grim smile from Kersh doesn’t betray the anger under the remark. It’s just that his daughter isn’t the one to take that anger out on.]

“Yeah, about that…” [Dani starts.] [Brent just holds up a hand.]

“That’s between me and her, Danielle.” [He flatly states. There will be no arguing on this.] “I wanted to wish you a happy birthday.”

[Father and daughter hug in a strong embrace. They hold it for a few moments before Dani pulls back.]

“I’m sorry.” [Danielle almost whispers.] “I hate that this had to happen. I just wanted you two to get along.”

[Ever the comforting father, Brent merely rubs his hand through her hair. He already made it clear they aren’t going to discuss this, so he doesn’t even offer an answer. A drink is slid over to him and he eyeballs it for a moment.]

“She put together a good little mixer for you, didn’t she?” [Brent offers. This is the best she is going to get.] [Before Dani can respond, Brent cuts her off.]

“But can we go find a seamstress and get you some more material on that dress? Good Lord, you don’t know the type of people that lurk around here.”

[They both laugh at that.]

“I think I have a pretty good idea.” [Dani says with another chuckle.]

“Anyway, I think I’d better get out of here before Phoebe is back.” [Brent sadly says, knowing what he has to do.] “Call me when you get a chance, we’ll have dinner.”

[Dani nods in response, and Brent walks off. She is handed a new drink and she drains it in one gulp before sitting down on a stool.] [Maybe she’ll get her girlfriend and father on the same page one day.] [A crooked sign is shown down one corridor of the Old School arena attached to an archaic door. The door creeks open to show a seemingly out-of-place room within as the walls appear to be stone from a castle. Or an asylum. Within the confines of this room, there is an uproar of sound as the members of The Asylum meander around. The madman in charge grins his teeth as he takes a step forward into the center of the room.]

“Hello, my glorious family. How nice it is for all of us to get together again after all of our recent success. The Shark defied the very weakness that used to hold him down: children.”

[The Shark just stares at the doctor without leaving his red-tinted drink.]

“Hysteria has renounced his foolish ways of chasing after the unobtainable.”

[Hysteria laughs wildly before regaining his composure to resume his position leaning against the wall.]

“And Smiley and Doubt have retained the most glorious attribution to our trophy case: the OSW Tag Team Championship.”

[Doubt and Smiley raise the titles up as Doctor D’Ville’s eyes linger on the straps.]

“You two have formed a most formidable bond, but now it is time to return the straps to the ones who claimed them in the name of The Asylum.”

[Smiley’s face droops as Doubt’s head cocks to the side in confusion. Creeping Death takes a step forward with his hands outstretched. The two shake their heads as they’ve obviously grown quite attached to the gold.]

“Hand it over, my friends. There’s no need to be stingy as you’ll get them back… someday.”

[The Doctor laughs as his eyes tell a different story as he watches them. Reluctantly, Smiley and Doubt place the titles in the hands of Creeping Death. Death hands one title to Doctor D’Ville and carries his own on his shoulder.]

“Now, let’s move this party away from the somber tone of that situation. Enjoy the night, my friends.”

[The doctor ends his speech as Doubt and Smiley stare at both of the men holding the titles that they had recently defended in replacement of them. Their fists tightened as they step back as the irritability of the situation boils within.] [Smiley squares up with Ash as Williams gets set to defend his Hardcore Championship for the third time in 15 days. The bell rings… the two move in on each other and…]

“The year was 1995 and I was too young to drive!”

[“TGIF” by The Secret Handshake starts playing over the P.A. system , bringing fans to their feet! And Matthew Cories walks out on the top of the ramp in a Bayside Tigers varsity letter jacket! Just as we remember him, only bald. He high fives the fans as he makes his way to ringside leaving Ash looking utterly confused… and Smiley takes advantage! ROUNDHOUSE KICK! And Ash, caught by surprise, goes tumbling through the ropes to the outside. Smiley follows him outside and Cories gives them room to do their thing. Smiley grabs Ash by the back of his pants and charges him RIGHT INTO THE STEEL STEPS!] [Cories seems to be rooting Ash on as Smiley runs him to his feet and charges him RIGHT INTO THE BARRACADE! Smiley begins to root around under the ring as Ash fumbles to his feet. Just as Williams gets himself upright, STEEL CHAIR SHOT! But Ash ducks under and the chair hits the barricade, sending a shockwave up Smiley’s arms that causes him to drop the chair. He turns back to Ash… KENDO STICK SHOT! Smiley is sent reeling from the Kendo stick Ash pulled from under the ring but Williams doesn’t stop there, laying into Smiley with all his frustration! Finally Smiley catches the stick but Ash catches him with a boot to the gut! And a KNEE TO THE FACE!] [Ash has turned the momentum and as he tries to get Smiley in the ring he can’t help but be distracted by Cories standing at ringside. Smiley with the EYE GOUGE! Ash is sent reeling and Smiley roots under the ring again, this time coming up with Smiley Jr! His crowbar! Smiley charges… CHUMBAWUMBA! Cories with his finisher on Smiley! And Ash can’t believe his… eye. Cories grabs the crowbar and extends it towards Ash… CROWBAR SHOT TO THE HEAD! Cories catches Ash with that crowbar and sends him into the ring, followed by Smiley! Cories rolls Ash over Smiley for the cover! One! Two! Three! Cories helps Ash retain his Hardcore Championship!?!] [Matthew Cories tares off his Bayside jacket and chucks it out of the ring, moving in on the “cover” and taring Ash and Smiley apart. He picks Ash up by the head and hooks his arms… ZIP IT! Devastating double arm DDT to Williams!]


[The crowd isn’t happy with the display, but Cories doesn’t seem to care. He grabs a microphone from ringside.]

“Did you think I was your man crush, Ash? You’re Matthew Cories!?!” [Dr. Evil lets loose his tell-tale laugh and the crowd boos even louder.] “Oh, come on people… Evil is right in the name.” [Dr. Evil smirks.] “Can you blame me!?!”

[Dr. Evil notices Smiley starting to stir and finds this to be a good time to hightail it out of the ring, but not before delivering one more cheap shot to Ash – a boot to the gut of our fallen friend. As he hurries up the runway Dr. Evil continues on the microphone.]

“You may have beaten me at Pandemonium, Williams, but that doesn’t mean I’m done with you! This scar on my face has your name all over it, and I’ll give you a receipt if it’s the last thing I do!”

[Dr. Evil almost trips over his own two feet as he reaches the top of the runway. Turning around to face the ring, he raises a pinky to his cheek.]

“So you have two options, Williams. I can continue to be your snake… slash mongoose, or you can agree to step in the ring with me at Heavy Metal and settle this thing once and for all! The choice is yours, but I want my answer by next week!”

[Dr. Evil is joined at the top of the entryway be “#2” whom ushers Evil backstage as he laughs uncontrollably. By the time Ash finds his feet, Dr. Evil is already gone…] [“God Save The Queen” blares into the arena as Nigel Royal steps out onto the stage, English flag draped across his back like a cape. The crowd are on their feet, booing the former High Society member as he walks towards the rings, climbs the ring steps, wipes his boots on the apron and enters through the middle rope.] [Nigel walks over to Paloma Ruiz and demands a microphone, snatching it from her on the return.]

“It has been a week of questions. Why, old chap, why? Everyone from the fans to my own tea lady have questioned my actions; though she was promptly sacked and deported for her complete and utter cheek.”

[He paces the ring, soaking up the boo’s.]

“Max Million may have brought High Society into this world but I ended it. I buried him and it alive. So why is the question you all want answered is it? Well, why not? Max was a fraud, a fake, a worm that I plucked from long forgotten obscurity and thrust into the limelight.”

[Nigel sneers, curling his lip in rage.]

“I stole his money, I broke his heart and I exposed him for the weak, pathetic, fraudulent weasel that he is. Max, you paraded around here like butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth but I showed you. No expense was spared to engineer your demise. I dragged my own flesh and blood over the coals to destroy you and I don’t regret a damn thing.”

[The crowd boo louder, if that was even possible, almost drowning Royal out.]

“It was worth it. Nigel Royal is High Society, the upper crust, the bloodline to greatness and Max Million is dead!”

[“Big Money” By The Game hits as the crowd rise to their feet in cheers, willing Max Million to make his way out onto the stage. It’s a matter of moments before the formerly hatred High Society founder comes out to a rapturous ovation – stunning Nigel Royal in the process.] [Max though isn’t as you remember him, oh no, he’s sporting a shaved head, baseball cap and much different attire.]

“Dead? I think rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated,” [he says to a pop from the crowd.] “Which for you, must be a real kick in the teeth, huh? See, I’ve been down this road before Nigel. The difference is, I could live with the betrayal, I could handle the lies, even the defeat. I could. But what I can’t handle and what I refuse to accept, is you using Robert to get inside my head – not because you had to or needed to, but because you wanted to.”

[Nigel grins as Max starts to get riled up.]

“The minute you did that, you started a war that you can’t win. You may have my money, but if you didn’t know, I’ve gone hood before.”

[He smiles back.]

“I will hustle until my last breath to see you buried under the shit heap you’ve become King of. You know Max Million, but you don’t know MNM. Tonight, you get your first taste. You can’t knock the hustle, but I can knock you out!”

[The fans roar as MNM drops the microphone and makes a b-line for the ring. He slides straight in as Royal cowardly slides out. The Bloodline runs straight around the ring and up the entrance ramp, escaping as Max looks on in fury.] [Max points at him, telling him that he’s coming for him as Royal grins from ear to ear, too afraid to get into the ring with his former friend.] [But come Heavy Metal, he won’t have a choice!] [The bell sounds but neither man moves. Vinnie just shakes his head and seems confused by Harrison now wearing the mask of Hysteria again. These two have fought many times over the years but the end result is always the same… Vinnie wins. The two lock-up in the center of the ring, but Vinnie pushes Hysteria away as he shakes his head again. Hysteria shakes his head in mockery of Vinnie before stepping right to mirror Vinnie’s left step. Vinnie raises a hand and Hysteria does the exact same. The fingers interlock for a test of strength, but Vinnie goes for a kick! Hysteria does it at the exact same time. Both men kneel over after being kicked.] [Vinnie goes for a headbutt and Hysteria mirrors once more. Only the mask on Hysteria’s face does more damage as Vinnie is woozy. Hysteria hooks the arm and pulls him in for a cross armbreaker, but Vinnie quickly scrambles to the ropes while Hysteria just laughs before releasing at a count of four. Hysteria hits the ropes and charges Vinnie for a spear, but Vinnie kicks him in the shoulder standing him right up. Before a second can pass, SUPERKICK lights up Hysteria as Vinnie pulls his head beneath his knee and… BAD MEDICINE KNEE-DRIVER! He rolls Hysteria over and hooks a leg. One… Two… Head butt from Hysteria breaks it up!] [Hysteria slides across the mat before getting to his feet in a most-unusual fashion. Vinnie gets to his feet still a little disoriented. He looks across the ring and spots Hysteria strumming away on a guitar in absolute mockery of Vinnie. Vinnie’s face turns red as he charges him for a ROUNDHOUSE to the face stuns Vinnie! Hysteria climbs the turnbuckle and leaps off for… THE FALL OF MAN! Hysteria goes for the cover! ONE… TWO…THR-NO!] [Hysteria begins slapping Vinnie uncontrollably while his laughter is heard all around. Vinnie slowly gets to his feet after being pelted by slaps. Hysteria grabs his arm and whips him into the ropes. Hysteria goes for another roundhouse, but Vinnie slows just enough to miss it and… STO TO HYSTERIA! Hysteria gets back to his feet in a daze but… BLACK LABEL DRIVER! Vinnie’s patented finisher has been the end of many matches, especially at LH Harrison/Hysteria’s expense! ONE….TWO…THREE! Wait! The referee is waiving it off as Hysteria’s arm was stretched under the rope! Vinnie is irate! He goes to grab Hysteria and ROLL-UP! ONE…TWO…THREE! Hysteria steals a victory here!] [It’s moments before their match and Nox Bellator stands in a home-made chapel backstage.] [The dark warrior looking up at the cross above the altar and shaking his head. He seems lost in thought when he hears noise behind him, turning around just in time to catch a kick to the jaw!] [Nox stumbles backwards as Lux reveals himself as the assailant. Pedro is seen behind him pouring holy water into a basin and praying over it as Lux hits a second kick that makes Nox’s head whip back into the alter! Lux tosses him off of the stage to the floor and jumps after him.]

“Bring him to the basin, Lux! He must be purified by a true baptism if he is to see the light!”

[Lux does so dutifully, dragging Nox to the bowl and attempting to force his head into the basin as Pedro begins to pray once more. Lux almost has Nox into the basin when he brings pulling on Nox’s mask! Nox fights back with all of his strength, kicking Lux in a knee before elbowing him in the jaw! Lux stumbles backwards, allowing Nox to grab him and toss him into a pew, a large smack heard as Lux hits it back first.]

“You chose your side, Pedro, I will not allow you to attempt to derail me from this mission by purifying me. I’ll see you in the ring, Lux.”

[Nox is quick to leave the church, Lux getting up just in time to see Nox leaving the church, Pedro going to check on Lux after he gets to his feet.] [The bell sounds as Marvolo rushes forward, taking Pig by surprise with a flurry of right hands before a wind-up haymaker dazes the monster. The #1 rushes to the ropes, bouncing off with an attempting clothesline but he gets grabbed by the throat in mid-air by Pig, who tosses Marvolo away with one hand and as the #1 stands up to his feet, Pig rushes forward with a massive March of the Pigs spear which sends Marvolo crashing to the canvas, holding his gut in pain. Pig pulls the #1 up to his feet, hooking him under both arms before slamming him over his knee with a backbreaker. The #1 drops to the mat, writhing in pain as Pig drops down, hooking the leg for the cover] [ONE…TWO…Marvolo gets a shoulder up. Pig gets to his feet but as he tries to pull Marvolo up, the #1 rolls himself into a ball. Pig rolls Marvolo around, trying to break the ball when the #1 reaches out with a hand, Pig taking it before he’s flipped onto the mat and Marvolo leaps onto him for a cover. ONE…Pig powers out. The Monster gets to his feet before he’s flipped down to the mat again with an arm drag. Marvolo flips him down with a second before leaping up as Pig gets to his feet and taking Pig down with a headscissors. The #1 quickly climbs up to the top rope but before he can leap off, Pig is at his feet and throws him off the top rope, Marvolo holding his back in pain as he hits the canvas] [Pig pulls the #1 up to his feet but gets nailed by a chop to the throat out of nowhere. Pig staggers back, holding his throat as the #1 loads up, waving the deadly fingers in the air before locking in the Touch of Death. Pig staggers around, refusing to go down to the canvas before slamming his head forward, breaking the hold. Marvolo stumbles back, eyes glazed as Pig rushes forward, delivering a massive knee to the gut before lifting Marvolo up high, and Powerbombing him into the turnbuckles. The #1 goes down hard as Pig pulls the almost limp Marvolo to his feet, powering him up high, THE DAY THE WORLD WENT AWAY! Marvolo looks to be out cold as Pig drops down for the cover ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The short, fat man walks backstage. The Patriot Jim Jenkins looks positively smug fresh off his defeat of Vlad the Impaler. His “Make America Great Again” t-shirt looks like it hasn’t been washed since Vlad dumped buckets of blood on him four weeks ago. As the crowd boos him on the tron, he approaches Micah Wright, who even with her diminutive statue stands several inches taller than Jenkins.]

“Mr. Jenkins, congratulations on you victory over Vlad the Impaler last week at Pand…”

“Shut up, ya bleached blonde hooker slut!” [He interrupts Micah and rips the microphone from her hand. She looks taken aback. He shoves her away by the boobs.] “I am the Patriot Jim Jenkins! Of course I beat the hell outta that train-sexshual vampeer. I’m a follower of the Prophet Donald J. Trump! Now, it’s time fer yours truly to be movin’ on to bigger and better things. Next stop… World Champi……”

[A whispering voice from the shadows interrupts him…]


[Jenkins snaps his head around looking for the source of the voice.]


[From the opposite direction. Jenkins pulls a wooden stake from his back pocket.]

“Come on out of the closet, then, ya vamp-queer!”

“Jenkinsssss.” [From right behind him. Jim spins and is immediately hammered to the face. He drops to the ground and starts squirming as Vlad the Impaler pummels him with boots to the head over and over again. He shows no sign of slowing until he drops down on his hands and knees and grabs the unconscious Patriot’s pudgy arm. He sniffs it, and then bites down, burying his fangs into the fat wrist. Suddenly, several referees come around the corner to try to take Vlad off of Jenkins, but he looks up with malice in his eyes and blood covering his mouth and chin. The referees scatter, and Vlad is left to feed.] [The past few years have been hell for poor Destiny. Tonight, she paces back and forth in the locker room of her future husband, absolutely distraught at what she’s seen here tonight.]

“I can’t believe this; I can’t believe he’d do this to me. After everything I’ve been through, he was the one to have me kidnapped? He planned all of this!?”

[Mike stands up and consoles her.] “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I didn’t think for one second that he’d do this to you to get to me. He’s supposed to protect you, look after you; we both are.”

“He’s never been there for me, Mike. The first time he ever showed me some love was when you brought me back from the brink with Desmond Cross. I don’t know why this surprises me, you know? He’s only ever cared about himself!”

“How can I make this up to you? What can I do, huh? You just tell me and I’ll do it!” [Mike proclaims.] [Destiny looks up at him, tears in her eyes and lays it out.]

“I want you to end his reign of terror. I want you to stop him, Mike. I want him out of my life for good!”

[Mike thinks about it.] “How?”

“Do what you do best; kick his fucking face off!!” [She bellows with furious rage and anger.] “Next week, I want Monday Night Showcase to end with a river of his blood and when it does, I’ll take control of Old School Wrestling and right this ship he’s doing his best to sink!”

[The World Champion nods just once, signifying an agreement to do exactly what she wants.]

“I owe you that much.”

[The scene comes to a close with Destiny crying as Mike Lane embraces her, her father having done the unthinkable. How much more can this poor woman take?] [The bell rings and these four men are going at it! Lux and Laner are trading blows as Hunter and Nox are changing the very tint of the other’s chests with chops! Mike Lane gets the upper hand over Lux with an elbow shot. Question hits a European uppercut to knock Nox back. The two take a step back and whirl around after bumping into one another. Laner and Hunter have bad blood between them. They raise their hands to throw down, but Lux whips The Shadow King around as Nox whips around The Question.] [Lux drags Laner to the ground and begins laying in some mounted elbow strikes while Laner tries to cover up. Question is thrown aggressively into the corner turnbuckle before being kicked in the knees and connected with… DARKNESS FALLS! The superkick blasts Question as Nox grabs a leg to pin. One…Two…NO! Question kicks out. Lux meanwhile waits for The Shadowmaker to get up before rushing his side for a DEUM LUCEM! The side sunset flip catches Laner and Lux now goes for the pinfall! One…Two…NO! Laner kicks out as well! The match seems to be going in a pattern.] [Lux and Nox drag their respective men to their feet before propping them up together in the center of the ring, back-to-back. Lux hits one set of ropes and Nox hits the opposite. They charge the center of the ring as Lux tries for a low strike as Nox goes high. THEY MOVE! Nox misses wildly and comes crashing down on top of Lux! Mike Lane wastes no time in hitting a ROLLING IN THE FAST LANE to the face of Nox seemingly in synchronization with Hunter’s CONTRACTION! Laner goes for a cover, but Question yanks him up by his mane before trying for a pinfall himself. Laner yanks him up and the two come to a standstill.] [The two begin trading blows back and forth and THEY’RE TAG PARTNERS! Lux gets to his feet and sees his opportunity. Bicycle kick to the back of Question’s head which forces both Laner and Question to connect heads. Question hits the mat as Lane falls to his knees. Lux stands behind Mike as if offering him as sacrifice to Nox! Nox gets to his feet, takes a step back, and… DARKNESS FALLS! UPON THE CROTCH OF LUX AS LANER DUCKS! Nox looks at his fallen partner as Mike Lane hits the second rope and springboards off for… SHADOW KICK TO NOX! He covers! One…Two…THREE! Laner and Question win despite their issues!] [Marvolo, but he doesn’t look the same. Even coming off his big victory over Jake Jeckel at Pandemonium, he is not happy: Raquel is still missing from his side. Though he looks tired and worn down, fire burns in his eyes.]

“Mr. Marvolo?”

[A voice rings out from behind Number One, and he turns. Standing there is a small, bespectacled man in a courier’s outfit.]

“What?!” [Marvolo snaps back.]

“I’ve got a message for you from a Raquel….”

“Raquel! Give it to Marvolo, now!” [He grabs the courier by the collar, who shies away. Marvolo realizes that the man likely needs his freedom to get the message and releases his grasp. The man reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out a letter in an envelope. Marvolo, grabs it and rips it open and begins reading aloud.]


Marvolo is number one. Raquel is okay.

Love, Raquel.”

[He looks up and stares daggers at the messenger.]

“Raquel doesn’t write in English.” [The messenger’s eyes grow huge as Marvolo raises to swing, but at the last moment, a flash of movement in the reflection of the messenger’s glasses. Marvolo ducks, and Jake Jeckel nails the messenger with a chair directly in the face! Marvolo saw him coming in the reflection! Jeckel turns as Marvolo boots him in the gut! White Tiger Driver on the concrete!!] [Marvolo stands and stares down at Jeckel, who is out on the floor.]

“Marvolo wants Raquel.”

[He walks away, leaving Jeckel to recover.]

“Shot through the heart

And you’re to blame

Darling, you give love a bad name…”

[Fireworks explode from the stage as Bruce Van Chan steps out holding his United States Championship – with wife Paige in tow. Confetti begins to fall from the rafters as he walks down to the ring, slapping hands with the fans to his left. Bruce hops onto the ring apron and holds open the ropes for Paige, who steps inside.] [He’s about to grab a microphone when ‘To Get To You’ suddenly interrupts and the fans immediately boo. The arena darkens and smoke fills the entrance ramp, Red River Jack stepping out – the bright red tip of his cigarette the only thing we see. Slowly he makes his way to the ring and gets inside, the lights turning on to see Jack face to face with Bruce Van Chan.] [He pulls a microphone out and cools Van Chan off with a hand.]

“Relax, man,” [he asks calmly.] “I’m not out here to fight you. When I came back to Old School Wrestling, I did it with one singular purpose, man. I did it to expose you.”

[Bruce off microphone asks him ‘expose what?’]

“I wanted to expose you for a liar and a fraud. I wanted to show the world that Bruce Van Chan was anything but what he claimed. I’m man enough to admit, that maybe, just maybe, I was wrong. I’m proud of you, man. And I wanted to come out here and shake your hand.”

[Red puts his hand out there and waits for what seems to be an eternity before stepping past Paige and standing in front of the United States Champion. Bruce thinks about it and SWINGS WITH A RIGHT HAND!] [BUT NO! HOLY SHIT! BRUCE VAN CHAN DECKS PAIGE! HE TAKES OUT HIS WIFE!! RED RIVER JACK DUCKED AND THE UNITED STATES CHAMPION DELIVERED A THUNDEROUS RIGHT HAND TO THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE!] [Jack smirks and immediately backs away, falling through the middle rope as Bruce drops to his knees to check on Paige, who’s holding her stomach in pain after the fall.] [Bruce calls to the backstage for a stretcher, absolutely shocked at the amount of pain his wife appears to be in. EMT’s rush out from the back and get into the ring, checking on her as Chan forgets about Red River Jack.] [Meanwhile his tormenters voice roars from outside of the ring.]

“It’s time for you to wake up, Bruce.”

[Van Chan turns to see Jack, laughing outside the ring, and uses every bit of will power to contain his fury.] [Jack finally whispers.] “Wake up.”

[Bruce escorts the EMT’s out of the ring, having watched Paige get loaded onto a stretcher. He’s about to accompany them up the ramp when the head medic turns to him and tells him bluntly that Paige doesn’t want him to accompany her to the hospital. The fans boo, displeased by this turn of events as Bruce watches from the ramp way, hands on hips, in absolute shock.] [And yet, he defends his United States Championship here tonight!] [What the hell is going on? She may have broken a rib in that fall here tonight.]

As Axel walks to the designated area backstage for members of The Asylum, he opens the door not to find Smiley, Creeping Death or Hysteria, but instead Doc D’Ville standing next to a picnic hamper and holding a tape recorder.

“Hello, my friend. It appears someone wishes for you to receive a gift and a message. Allow me to show you.”

Opening the top of the basket, various tupperware boxes can be seen. As The Shark approaches to take a look, The Good Doctor presses play.

“Hey Axel! It’s me, Gavin! I mean, it’s my voice. We can’t have a conversation or anything, it’s called a tape recorder, Lilith showed it to me. I don’t have your phone number so couldn’t give you a message. Do sharks have phones? I know you can get some water resistant ones.

“Anyway, I think we got off on the wrong flipper last week, so I wanted to give you a gift. I know lately you’ve been biting a lot of people, so I just fought maybe you’re hangry. That is like so hungry it makes you angry. I like that word. Anyway, I brought you a variety of food stuffs that should leave you feel stuffed. With food.

“I thought ‘what do sharks like?’ so I’ve gone mainly for seafood. I bought you some sushi rolls, because sushi is uncooked fish and sharks don’t have fingers to operate ovens. If that’s too non-sharky, since they aren’t 100% fish, I also have just a fish. I don’t know what fish, I saw it at the market and went ‘Yay! Fish!’ without stopping to check because I was excited and stuff. I also cooked some fish fingers in breadcrumbs with Lilith, just so you can try something cooked. Maybe you’ll like it. Personally, I didn’t know fish had hands! And finally, just in case you wanna bite a man, I included a gingerbread man. They’re ok to bite, Lilith says they don’t have feelings. Anyway, hope you feel better soon! We love you Axel!”

As he turns off the finished recording, D’Ville looks directly at the snarling Shark, posing a question.

“Tell me, my kin, do you hunger?”


“Then I would be a poor family member to deny you your food. Tuck in.”

Rather than heading to the feast before him, The Predator walks straight out of the door. Doc merely smiles as the screaming begins outside…

[DING DING DING! Kersh goes for a right hand but Jake manages to duck and follows up with a quick uppercut that startled his foe. Kersh stumbles , but catches himself. The two men lock up, and right as it looks like Knight is about to get the upperhand… But Jeckel HEADBUTTS him, hard! Kersh is out of it and Jeckel hits a belly to belly suplex. He goes for a quick cover 1! Quick kickout!] [Kersh shakes off the cobwebs and glowers. Jeckel advances but Kersh rolls to the side and leaps up with surprising agility and rushes to shoulder tackle his foe, but Jake counters with a BACK BODY DROP! Kersh rolls out and is right back on his feet.] [Kersh stops messing around and leaps forward, slamming a knee into his opponent’s abdomen! Jeckel doubles over, as Kersh stalks. He straightens out only to be taken out by a SPEAR! Kersh pounces, grabbing Jeckel’s arm and locking in a FUJIWARA ARMBAR! Jeckel screams in pain! The ref asks if he wants to give, but the Juggelo grits his teeth and shakes his head… HE GRABS THE ROPES! Kersh releases and wastes no time grabbing his opponent’s hair and slamming his knee a few times to Jeckel’s face. He drops him back to the mat and grabs his legs, HE’S GONNA GO FOR THE LONE STAR!] [BUT NO! Jeckel kicks Kersh away! He jumps to his feet, beat red with anger! He practically roars running forward hammering Kersh barrage of strikes, from fists to forearms. Kersh struggles to block them all, but a vicious uppercut gets through and Jeckel has control. He grabs Kersh’s neck and….PONY DOWN! A vicious chokeslam right onto his knee! Kersh is almost out, but kicks out Jeckel’s knee from the mat! Jackel falls back and this time KERSH GETS HIM! THE LONE STAR! KERSH LOCKS IN THE LONE STAR! JECKEL TAPS OUT!] [The World Champion is walking down the corridor with a purpose, his bags over his shoulder and Destiny in tow. The pair are heading out of here tonight and have no intentions of coming back until next week.] [They pass by some workers hauling a crate into the air, attached to a crane. It appears they’re trying to stow it away in a section about twenty feet from the ground as Mike and Destiny pass underneath.] [Crunch. Whip.] [The sound of the chain whiplashing away from the crate sends the entire force into ‘Look out!’ as Mike Lane drags Destiny barely out of the way and to safety as the entire crate comes crashing down exactly where they’re stood.] [The workers rush over to check on them and see if they’re okay, only Mike Lane is quickly back to his feet; furious.]

“What the hell was that? Didn’t you secure it properly?” [he barks.] [The foreman immediately checks the wire.] “It’s snapped, it’s frayed and snapped. It’s just an accident man, I’m sorry.”

[Mike helps Destiny back to her feet and the pair of them head off towards the exit, that accident having nearly crushed both of them here tonight.] [One can’t help but question if this was a sinister attempt on the World Champion or not.] [The scene comes to a close with a view of that frayed rope.] [Bobby Neptune walks down the hallway headed to the Gorilla Position. He secured his All-Star Championship and very nearly won the Pandemonium match a week ago. Tonight, he faces off with a very game Phoebe Outlaw in a submission match. His confidence seems to be through the roof at this point.]


[Neptune doesn’t even get a chance to turn around before Anna Goodchild attacks him out of nowhere. She begins to stomp on him as he tries to get up. The All-Star Championship falls from his waist and she picks it up. Neptune starts shaking his head.]

“Really? This is getting old, dude.” [Bobby pants.] “Can I just keep the belt for a few days?”

[Anna throws the belt to the ground, her eyes burning holes in Bobby.]

“I don’t want your false idol, demon.” [Goodchild coldly responds.] [Bobby gets up and charges at Anna and the two of them seem to be grappled together for a moment.]

“What the hell are you on?” [Bobby asks.]

“If you’re in there Robert, I will exorcise this demon that has taken you!” [Anna speaks to the face of Neptune, but speaking past his face.] [Neptune releases for a moment and cocks his head.]

“Oh hell no, girl. Don’t try to wrap me up in your crusade.”

[Bobby tries to continue, but gets battered backwards. Before any damage can be done, Neptune grabs a steel bar off a piece of equipment in the hallway. Anna quickly darts to the side, and falls through the wall?]

“Hey, where’d you go?” [Bobby asks out into the hallway.] [Anna Goodchild seems confused as she looks around her dark surroundings. Someone has built a secret room into this hallway. The wall she passed through has repositioned itself somehow. She holds her hand over the exit to leave and continue the battle, but something catches her attention. Goodchild turns around to look at the room before her and her lips curve into a sinister grin.]

“The Light of God shines on me today.”

[Anna steps forward into the room, but we leave her to do that.] [Phoebe Outlaw and Bobby Neptune circle one another, neither wanting to make the first mistake. Finally Phoebe gets tired of waiting and shoots for a single leg takedown grabbing Bobby by the leg, but he counters with a pancake on top of her, driving her face into the canvas. Blood immediately flows from her nose, and Starboy immediately goes for a REAR CHOKE… but Phoebe quickly wiggles to the ropes and then throws a back elbow that catches Neptune under the right eye. He stumbles backward and Outlaw pounces with a ROARING ELBOW!!Neptune to the mat!] [Outlaw jumps on Neptune’s back and locks in a COBRA CLUTCH!! She cranks back and Bobby screams. Somehow he gets his legs underneath him and stands. He gets his arms free, but Phoebe transitions into a SLEEPER HOLD! Neptune flails and starts to go out on his feet… but he reaches up and grabs Outlaw’s head. SITOUT JAWBREAKER! Phoebe rolls on the mat, clutching her head as Starboy recovers quickly and sprints to the top turnbuckle. He waits till Phoebe stands and FLYING CROSSBODY!! He immediately reaches for an ARMBAR, but Outlaw links her hands together to block!] [Neptune releases and sprints to the ropes… SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT TO A STANDING OUTLAW!! They both crash to the mat! Neptune rolls through straight into a TRIANGLE CHOKE!! Phoebe squirms and reaches for the ropes…. She just gets them! The ref pulls Neptune off and pushes him back. As Outlaw gains her feet, Starboy rushes at her and SHE NAILS HIM WITH AN ENZIGURI!! He is rocked but not down! Phoebe grabs him and throws him to the ropes. She lifts her foot for a BIG BOOT… But Neptune catches it! She leaps for ANOTHER ENZIGURI, but Neptune ducks! She falls to her stomach and ….PILLARS OF CREATION!! It’s locked in… Outlaw taps!! Neptune remains impressive with a huge win over Phoebe Outlaw!!] [Pig and Luther are seen in the backstage area, a path of injured bodies litter the floor as Luther commands pig to attack.]

“Toss them to the side, Pig! Find that Scarecrow, now!”

[Pig does as asked, busting his way into a backstage office, screaming heard from inside as a random employee is tossed from the inside of it. Luther grits his teeth as he looks to Pig.]

“The Scarecrow has to be here somewhere. He wouldn’t just disappear.”

[Luther would find out just how right he was, a cold breeze soon causing him to turn around, coming face to face with the Scarecrow.]

“Of course I wouldn’t simply disappear. But I also wouldn’t waste time with the likes of you, Luther.”

[Luther scoffs, seemingly offended, or more likely annoyed, with Scarecrow’s response.]

“You haven’t heard the reason why I was looking for you. I would think you smarter than to cut me off so fast. I have a deal to offer you.”

[Scarecrow merely leans downwards, forcing Luther to back up, motioning for Pig to come to his side.]

“And what might a deal with you be?”

“Simple. The Megacorp has caused losses on both ends. And quite simply I believe you would be interested in say… joining forces with me. With you and Pig we could topple those standing against us.”

[Scarecrow looks up at Pig before looking back to Luther. He straightens out and tilts his head slightly.]

“I have a counter offer. And it’s simple. Try to exert power over me again, and you will soon find yourself without the throat to make another offer.”

[Luther is quick to shout to Pig] “Attack him!”

[Scarecrow, however, remains unfazed as he throws hay into the faces of both Pig and Luther, a cold breeze and Scarecrow is gone, leaving only a message scrawled across the wall.]

“And so my offer is accepted.”

[Police storm the School Yard in numbers tonight; their mission? Arrest Hysteria and bring him in for questioning. We follow the officers down the hall until they finally reach The Asylum. Carefully, they enter, officers restraining other members of the group as they approach and tackle Hysteria, placing cuffs on him.]

“Mr. Harrison, we’re arresting you for questioning-“

[Hysteria cuts him off.] “It’s Hysteria.”

[The cop finishes reading his Miranda rights and drags him out into the hall, hauling him off for questioning.] [Just then, Alex Reese appears as if out of no-where, leaping into the sea of officers and catching Hysteria with a right hand. He pummels away at him, beating the holy crap out of Hysteria’s mask whilst he laughs, handcuffed and unable to fight back.] [The officers finally manage to separate a furious Reese and drag him away, keeping him at a distance as he tries to escape back to his former brother in Hysteria.]

“That’s it!” [screams one of the cops.] “Alex Reese, I’m arresting you on assault. You havave the right to remain silent; anything you do say can and may be used against you in a court of law; you have the right to have an attorney present before and during the questioning; and you have the right, if you cannot afford the services of an attorney, to have one appointed, at public expense and without cost to you, to represent them before and during the questioning. Do you understand?”

[Reese smirks.] “I understand. Now do you understand that nothing is going to stand between me and kicking his ass!”

[The cops drag both men away, arresting the pair here tonight. Boy how things have turned upside down for POP.] [The reigning US Champion and Pandemonium winner squares off against the mastermind behind High Society’s downfall. Both men circle each other warily, having tangled before. Nigel extends his hand with an oily smile. Bruce looks at the crowd to gauge their reaction. Against their judgement, he goes to accept the handshake—DUNGEONS—NO! Royal chuckles to himself as Bruce shoves him away, narrowly avoiding a very premature loss. If Royal gets that crossface locked in, it’s over – and Bruce knows it. They circle again… lockup! Nigel slaps a headlock on Bruce, who backs them into the ropes and sends Nigel packing.] [A shoulder tackle floors Bruce, but he’s quick to get back up and pulls Royal into an arm drag – but he catches a knee to the ribs instead! Nigel rakes the back then grabs the back of Van Chan’s head – SLAMMING him backwards into the mat! Bruce could have whiplash after that! Nigel skulks into a cover. ONE… TW—Bruce powers out with a grunt. Royal backs into the ropes lazily… knee to the head! He pulls Bruce to his feet and ducks behind him with a waistlock… belly-to-back suplex! He keeps his fingers locked… suplex deux! He pops his hips… hat-trick! Another swivel of the pelvis, looking for the ROYAL FLUSH – but Bruce drops down behind him!] [Nigel unleashes a spinning backfist but Van Chan ducks it and tears into the ropes, where he takes Royal down with a headscissors! The fans pop for Bruce, who follows up with a dropkick that sends Nigel through the ropes! Bruce goes to pursue him but the referee holds him back. Outside, Nigel slaps the ring apron and mouths off at the crowd before walking off up the ramp! The referee starts counting him out. 1… 2… 3… the fans grill Royal, who rubs his thumb and fingers together. “I AM MONEY! YOU CAN’T AFFORD ME!” he screams.] [4… 5… a BIG POP makes Nigel turn around just in time to see Bruce sprinting after him – a DROPKICK sends him backfirst into the steel ramp! It isn’t much better for Bruce though, who also landed on the steel. He grits his teeth against the pain and pulls Nigel up, pointing to the ring – Bruce having broken the countout. He isn’t letting him off that easily! They make a beeline down the aisle and Bruce HURLS Nigel headfirst under the ropes! Bruce quickly climbs through but DUNGEONS OF LONDON OUT OF NOWHERE!] [Wait a minute, the referee is calling for a break! Bruce still has his foot on the ropes! Nigel screams in fury and PLANTS HIM with a DDT instead! He pulls him away from the ropes. ONE… TWO… THR-SHOULDER UP! The fans gasp as Bruce came within a hair’s breadth of losing his United States Championship! Nigel tugs at his hair, knowing as much. He eyes the turnbuckle, leading the fans to rally Bruce on. Nigel climbs to the top… HE JUMPS! SPITFIRE – BUT THIS SPITFIRE CRASHES AND BURNS! Bruce rolls out of harm’s way to another BIG pop as Nigel nurses his ribcage.] [These 2 warriors are leaving it all in the ring tonight. Bruce pulls himself to his feet, as does Nigel. They stagger towards each other… right hand by Bruce! A left hook from Royal! The fans chant with each thunderous blow in this slugfest! Bruce takes the lead with an uppercut, then a spin kick to the injured midsection! Bruce suddenly EXPLODES into a martial arts combo, throwing everything but the kitchen sink at a black and blue Royal. The fans build to a crescendo as Bruce winds up for the knockout roundhouse kick… ooooOOOOOOHHHH—DUNGEONS OF FUCKING LONDON!] [Nigel is a man POSSESSED in trying to lock it in, Bruce fighting tooth and nail! If Royal gets it, this thing is over! Bruce looks around frantically as he tries to shake the English bull terrier off of him. He grips the top rope with one hand and A FRONT FLIP BREAKS THE HOLD – ROUNDHOUSE KICK! THUD! The crowd groan at the sickening sound as Royal hits the mat, out like a light. Bruce points to the top and climbs up… BRUCE! VAN! CHAN! SHOT THROUGH THE HEART! He hits the 450! ONE… TWO… THREE!] [Bruce struggles to his feet as Bon Jovi celebrates his hard-earned victory. The referee hands him his United States Championship and claps him on the back. Nigel broods outside, though a handful of fans commend his ultimately gutsy performance.] [A tired Phoebe Outlaw staggers back through the hallway to the room where Danielle Kersh is having her birthday party. Phoebe rounds the corner, putting a smile on.]

“Let’s get this shit star…” [Phoebe trails off as she walks into the party room.] [It has been WRECKED.] [The tables have been overturned, the bar destroyed. Chairs are in splinters all around the room, and it is empty save for one person.] [Brent Kersh.]

“Where’s Dani?” [Outlaw feebly asks, already knowing the answer.] [For his part, it seems like Brent just noticed Feebz has entered the room. His eyes are red with anger, sadness, or maybe a mixture of the two. He just stares at her for a moment, his fists clenched and his arms pulsing with anger.]

“Gone.” [Brent states, monotone.] [Phoebe quickly darts around the room, looking around every table and chair in the room. She looks behind curtains and around pieces of stage equipment. There is no bounty to be found. Phoebe slowly comes to a stop in front of Brent, who is so angry he cannot form rational thoughts.]

“What do w…” [Outlaw whispers before Brent cuts her off by throwing something at Phoebe, who catches it with a surprised expression.]

“This is…” [Feebz trails off again as she runs her fingers through the small bits of fabric in her hand.]

“The dress.” [Brent coldly responds. Phoebe looks up at him, at a loss for words, and turns as Brent nods behind her.] [On the wall in some kind of paint is a single word.] [SINNER.] [The fabric crumples between Phoebe’s fingers as her hand forms a fist. Brent’s anger doesn’t falter as the duo stare at one another.] [Enemies just a short time ago, they have common cause now.] [Find whomever kidnapped Danielle Kersh, leaving her clothing behind.] [And pray she is okay.]