[There’s a tingle of anticipation in the air tonight.] [We’re just one week away from the anniversary celebration of Old School Wrestling and two away from Danger Zone.] [The black fades to the sound of buzzing.] [We open in a gritty alleyway to a poster promoting Monday Night Showcase on a dirty brick wall of the School Yard. The camera slowly rises only to be abruptly grabbed by two hands and pulled back down. It’s Red River Jack, his knuckles sore and bloodied, his face filled with a sadistic grin.]

“We’re here.”

[He releases the camera to show The Awakening in tow behind him. He’s holding the World Heavyweight Championship as Mike Lane follows from behind like a sheep. Something’s wrong. This isn’t The Shadow King we know, it’s… something else. As if he’s been brainwashed once again, Mike says nothing as Red wraps an arm around his shoulder.]

“BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” [Roar the fans] [Jack smiles.]

“It’s good to have you back, brother.”

[All four men walk into the arena as the OSW fans open the show in a chorus of boos. Red River Jack has done it again, just in time for his title match. Mike Lane is once again a shadow of his former self. That son of a bitch!] [The bells sounds and Grimes cautiously moves forward, raising a hand looking for a lock up. Freight Train just LEVELS the Grumpy Old Man with a right hand! Grimes is scrambling around and Freight Train stalks over yanking him to his feet. He hoists Grimes up by the neck, he’s just strangling the old veteran! Grimes is fading but THUMB TO THE EYE! Grimes is loose! Freight Train staggers and Grimes is on him, peppering him with blows. With one hand still covering his eye, Freight Train throws an uppercut that put Grimes on his ass. Now in a rage, Freight Train lifts Grimes and POWERBOMB! Grimes looks dead!] [FTF shows no mercy as he pulls Grimes to his feet and sets up another power bomb, he hoists The Grumpy Old Man and… ANOTHER THUMB TO THE EYE! Grimes staggers and falls into the ropes while Freight Train leans in the corner, favoring both eyes. Grime comes in and EYE RAKE! He’s trying to blind Ferguson! Grimes drops into the ropes and runs, sort of, across the ring and drives an elbow into Freight Train. He winds up for a big right hand but FTF swats the blow away and BIG POWERSLAM!] [Done screwing around, Freight Train lifts Grimes up and delivers a series of slams. Grimes weakly tries for another thumb, but FTF pushes his hand away, locks a big mitt around Grimes throat and heads to the corner. SLAM DUNK. Grimes is shattered and Freight Train covers him with a boot. Academic. 1. 2. 3. FTF wins and celebrates like some kind of man-God.] [What sounds to be a mash up of LH Harrison’s and Alex Reese’s entrance music plays and the pair whom many have taken to calling POP, the Power of Positivity, make their way to the ring.] [As Alex begins to speak we notice the pair is wearing matching t-shirts that have big plus signs on them.]

“Positive thoughts…” [LH Harrison points to his temple.] “…generate positive feelings…” [He cups both hands against his chest.] “…and attract positive life experiences.” [He extends his arms towards the crowd.]

“But sometimes…” [Alex Reese joins in.] “…it’s difficult to maintain those positive feelings. Especially when you have negativity dumped on you at every turn.”

[The crowd knows just what, or should we say who, the Power of Positivity are referring to.]

“So Gator!” [Reese shouts into his microphone.]

“Vinnie Lane!” [Harrison shouts into his.]

“We’re calling you out!” [Both men shout together.]

“Because there’s only one way to get rid of a negative.” [LH points to Reese.]

“And that’s with a positive!” [Reese points to the plus sign on his t-shirt and they get a pop from the crowd.] [The Power of Positivity waits patiently in the ring, until… Gator’s face suddenly appears on the Tron.]

“Hey, Vin, we’re live!” [Gator shouts off camera and Vinnie Lane joins the shot.]

“Hey, Positive Pussies!” [Vinnie chimes in.] “Listen, we’ve got matches tonight… so excuse us if we don’t waste our energy coming down to that ring.”

“Besides…” [Gator closes in on the camera, his masked face nearly filling the Tron.] “…we don’t accept your challenge, because we don’t wrestle pussies!”

“No, we just fuck em’!”

[Vinnie and Gator chuckle at the double entendre.]

“We’re going to ignore your crude language, gentleman…” [LH pauses, allowing Alex to continue.]

“We’re going to ignore your cowardice too…” [Alex smiles.] “…because we don’t need you in this ring tonight…”

“Just like we don’t need you to accept our challenge.” [LH adds.] “Because next week, at Danger Zone, we WILL get our match!”

“No, no, no…” [Gator Chimes in.]

“Next week is our Tag Team Championship number one contenders match!” [Vinnie screams.]

“Exactly gentleman!” [The Power of Positivity speaks together and their music hits over the PA.] [Love Bites screams profanity into the camera but they’re drowned out by the Power of Positivity’s music as LH and Alex celebrate the announcement in the ring. Next week, it will be P.O.P. the team Love Bites faces for number one contendership of the Tag Team Titles.] [The bell sounds as Nigel rushes across the ring and nails Lee with an axe handle! Lee falls down as Evan grabs Nigel around the waist to pull him back. Nigel turns it around and hits an elbow to the temple of Evan forcing him to step back. Nigel grabs his head and pulls him to the mat with a neckbreaker. Evan clutches at his neck as Nigel hits a lowering dropkick to the back of the neck!] [Nigel gets up only to be blindsided by SHOCK THERAPY spear! Nigel hits the ground and Lee begins throwing vicious punches to his forehead. Lee comes up only for two hands to wrap around his waist and lift him for a German suplex! Evan is standing over him as he is torn between targets. Lee gets back to his feet faster and Evan nails a roundhouse kick! Nigel comes up from behind but takes a roundhouse of his own! He doesn’t fall as Evan kicks him in the gut and… CRANIAL IMPACT! Evan doesn’t go for the pinfall though! He rolls Nigel over and locks in a TWISTED MIND! The front facelock with a bridge has Nigel clawing towards the ropes! Evan isn’t releasing it though! Lee comes out of nowhere with a dropping elbow onto the exposed abdomen of Evan!] [Lee pulls Evan to his feet and attempts to go for PSYCHOTHERAPY! Evan pushes him away and goes after only to be flattened by a CHELSEA GRIN spinning heel kick! Evan hits the ground as Lee ascends the top turnbuckle.] [TRAUMA! Evan’s face is smashed into the mat as Lee stands up with a smirk. He turns around and sees Nigel slowly pulling himself up. Lee goes for a roundhouse kick, but Nigel catches it and spins him around… BRAINBUSTER! Lee’s head spikes into the mat but Nigel capitalizes into a… DUNGEONS OF LONDONNNN! Lee is reaching for the ropes but is forced to tap out in his return match!] [Nigel stands tall in the ring but spits down on Lee before putting a few more boots into him. The referee gets in the way but Nigel just scoffs and exits the ring.] [Bruce Van Chan walks through the halls of the backstage, a letter held in hand. The camera zooms in to reveal it to be poorly made from magazine clippings, though obviously done mockingly by Jeckel, as evidenced by the Hatchet Man logos across the paper they’re pasted on. The note reads:]

“We HaVe HeR iN tHe LoCkEr RoOm”

[The letters are hard to read, but Bruce seems to make it out as he makes his way to the locker room, barging in and almost quite literally busting down the door to the inside, flinging it open and yelling out for Paige, his eyes meeting a horrible sight.]


[Paige Van Chan is bound and gagged, four large men in juggalo face paint having her forced to the ground. Bruce stands his ground, suddenly hitting the ground as a steel chair bangs across the back of his head! Jake Jeckel walks over Bruce, moving to stand in front of his posse, his devious grin plastered on his face. Bruce stumbles to his feet, poised to attack when Jake stops him.]

“One more step and you can bet your ass Paige will regret marrying you. Now back the fuck down or I’ll stop her head clean into the ground.”

[Bruce backs off, red faced and fist still balled up.]

“Let her go, Jeckel! Once I see you in our match I’ll-”

“You’ll do nothing, because you’re throwing the match. Do it or Paige gets plastered across the ground.”

[Bruce’s face goes pale as Jeckel holds his foot over Paige’s head, a sneer on his face showing just how serious he was.]

“Now, leave my sight. And when I get into that ring, you better throw the match. For Paige’s sake.”

[Bruce lowers his head, nodding in understanding as he leaves, realizing he can’t win this battle. Jeckel laughs as Bruce leaves, turning to his posse and having Paige picked up before they walk away.] [The bell sounds and they tie up. Phoebe is quick on the draw as she wrenches the arm of Axel into a precarious angle. She pulls him in close and NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX! She bridges it into an early pinfall! ONE…TWO…NO! Axel kicks out and backs away into the corner with a shocked (as best as we can tell) expression upon his masked face! He slowly approaches as they tie up again. This time she turns it into a swinging neckbreaker but Axel grabs the ropes. She slams into the mat holding her head as Axel sees his opportunity.] [SUSHI KICK! The running shining wizard catches her right on the chin as Axel wastes no time climbing to the top turnbuckle. He smiles down before leaping… FIN-NISH HER! But he misses! Outlaw is able to roll out of the way. She pulls herself to her knees and rushes Axel connecting with a roaring elbow! Axel hits the mat hard as she locks in a Fujiwara armbar! Axel is teasing tapping but realizes his feet are close to ropes. He inches over slightly and extends his leg out all the way to his side in comical manner to reach the rope!] [Feebs releases it as the referee pulls her away. She threatens the referee for touching her. Axel slowly gets up and hits a spear but no! He reaches around to chomp on the butt of Phoebe but she catches him by the sides of his head and pulls him back around to face her. Her face looks enraged as she hits a devastating right hand! Axel staggers back but charges for a clothesline! She ducks but grabs his neck for… NORTHERN EXPOSURE! She isn’t finished. She grabs Axel’s head and arm and locks in the Anaconda Vise entitled… THE NORTHERN CROSS! Axel tries to fight out of it, but has to tap out after only a few seconds!] [Phoebe gets to her feet with a triumphant smile. Her debut was a success and she was on her way.] [Lux Bellator and Father Pedro walk backstage headed towards their locker room.]

“Remember, he’s capable of anything. The brutality DEAD has shown is nothing short of reckless.” [Pedro says to Bellator, oblivious to the irony in his words. Lux, though, isn’t completely blind to it and looks slightly sideways at the priest.]

“His day is approaching, Lux! At Danger Zone, we end him!”

“But I thought we were trying to win him for the Light? With his gift, he could be very useful. We just have to show him the way.” [Bellator responds, and Pedro smiles grotesquely.]

“He’s too far gone, my boy. He can’t be saved. We have to rid OSW of his plague. Like it or not, this is our new home!”

“Yes, Father.” [Lux says, though he seems of two minds on the subject. They approach their locker room and open the door. The sight is quite a surprise. The DEAD is kneeling in front of a cross hung on Bellator’s wall.]

“Lord, I apologize for what I did to your humble servants over the past few weeks. I have seen your light, and I ask for your forgiveness.” [The DEAD prays aloud. Bellator and Pedro look at one another, and back at DEAD. Lux approaches him apprehensively.]

“DEAD, have you turned from the darkness? Have you embraced the light? I can show you; we can sho…..”

[Suddenly The DEAD grabs his shovel and swings, hitting Bellator in the gut. He doubles over and FINAL BREATH! Bellator is down! Pedro steps forward, thinks better and runs away. DEAD leans down and whispers into Lux’s ear.]

“This is Pedro’s doing.”

[He exits, leaving Lux to ponder his last words.] [Alex Reese goes to the corner and stands on the second turnbuckle, raising his hand to the crowd. They pop, but as Reese steps down, he turns directly around to RELAX!! Huge clothesline! Reese is leveled and the Question puts his boot against the throat of Reese, grabs the top ropes and pulls for leverage! Reese is squirming! Finally the ref’s five count forces the Question to release Reese. He pulls Alex to his feet and wraps his arms around him for THE IRONY, but Reese breaks free and PELE KICK!! The desperation move levels Hunter, and Reese gasps to recover!] [The Motivation climbs to his feet first and sprints to the ropes as The Question is on one knee. He returns for a RUNNING CROSSBODY!! Pins! One… Tw…KICKOUT WITH FORCE! The Question is not impressed as he climbs to his feet, and Reese begins a series of KNIFE EDGE CHOPS! They have little effect on Hunter, and he counters with his own KNIFE EDGE CHOP! It knocks Reese over the top rope and onto the floor!! Reese is quickly to the apron as the Question tries for a RUNNING BIG BOOT, but he misses and racks himself on the top rope!!] [Reese takes advantage and begins yanking the ropes up and down applying more pressure! He leaps and ENZIGURI! The Question falls back into the ring and Reese goes to the top! TTS! TOUCH THE SKY!!! One… Two… Thre…. KICKOUT!! Reese up quickly and waits for Hunter. The Question rises and Reese approaches. Reese shoots for The EYE OPENER, but HIGH KNEE TO THE FACE of Reese! The Question sets it up…. POETIC JUSTICE!!! Hunter slithers over for the pin with a smirk on his face! One… Two… THREE!! The Question gets the victory, but Alex Reese made him earn it!!] [The match with Alex Reese concluded, James Hunter stands in the middle of the ring having procured a microphone.]

“As Brandon Garcia rots in County somewhere, I am reminded of the beautiful young Elyssa. The pain in her eyes of an innocence lost, and the fear of not knowing what is going to happen to her now.”

[The Question looks out into the crowd, many of whom are disgusted by this display. They are not even able to boo this man. His depravity has gone beyond that.]

“What has happened to her is his fault, yet he continues to show his selfish ways, refusing to acquiesce to my demands. It’s very simple, Mr. Garcia. I know they have a flat screen in that hellhole, paid for by tax payer money, and I know you will see this. Give up your rematch clause, and all of this is forgotten. The truth about Alyssa will remain buried.”

[The lights suddenly dim in the School Yard and the video screen cranks up.]

“Mr. Hunter.” [Ozric Mortimer calmly begins.] “The Flock does not break as simply as your regular foes.”

[The video begins to crystalize, showing Ozric Mortimer standing before a bound and gagged William Preston, Esq. James Hunter almost jumps out of his skin. Ozric also happens to be holding an ax in his hand, hoisted up on his left shoulder.]

“I find humor, Mr. Hunter, in the fact that your own DNA was discovered on this destructive weapon. Your hands reached out and betrayed you.” [Ozric studies the ax.] “The only action I would need to enact would be to leave this here. The authorities would have no recourse but to prosecute you for the devilish fate about to befall Mr. Preston.”

[The Question is livid, his All Star belt falling to the mat as he steps up to the ropes.]

“The truth of Elyssa shall remain between the Flock and the shadows, Mr. Hunter. Not all knowledge bears sharing. Mr. Preston has many curiosities that the Flock could render public knowledge. Would you like that, Mr. Hunter?”

“What do you want?” [Hunter’s response is quick and frazzled.]

“The Flock wants what is due us.” [Mortimer simply states.] “Danger Zone. All Star Championship.”

[For a moment, Hunter paces the ring. He finally picks up his belt, staring at it. Weighing his options.]

“Fine.” [Hunter acquiesces. He begins to leave the ring.]

“Mr. Hunter. We are not finished yet.”

[The Question is fuming but attentive.]

“The Flock is not complete, Mr. Hunter.” [Ozric begins.] “Along with the Championship, the Flock wants to see Brandon released from confinement.”

[Hunter starts to shake his head, and then he grins.]

“Sorry, Mr. Mortimer, you don’t get to dictate a one sided agreement. I don’t need an attorney to tell me when I am making a poor business decision. Once I defeat you and break your Flock even further, I will release the secret of Alyssa’s fate to the world.”

[Mortimer merely grins, slowly and meaningfully.]

“Very well, Mr. Hunter. Your purveyor of justice will be relinquished to your dressing area. Mr. Preston remains unharmed.”

[Ozric looks over at the weapon.]

“I believe I will retain possession of this, however.”

[Ozric disappears and the lights come back up fully, leaving a fuming James Hunter.] [The bell rings and LH extends his hand as per usual. Max walks up and teases the shake before wagging his finger as he walks away. As Max turns around, he’s welcomed with a stiff right punch to the jaw followed by several shots to the body. LH smiles broadly before grabbing Max and sending him flying over the top rope and to the floor. LH gives a thumbs to the crowd before ascending the top rope and goes for a big body splash to the outside! Max has enough wherewithal to evade the move as LH hits the floor hard with a thud. Max rolls back into the ring as the referee begins to count.] [LH is stirring but will it be enough? He gets to his knees at 7! He places his hands on the apron at 9 anddd… propels himself back into the ring. Max is quick on the draw as he begins stomping on The Inspiration. Max climbs the turnbuckle and leaps driving his elbow into the spine of LH! Max drags LH to the center of the ring before clenching in his patented crossface maneuver! BAD INTENT! LH is reaching for the ropes, but is in the center of the ring! Max wrenches back on it and LH is screaming out in agony. The referee is checking with LH who shakes his head no. Max goes to wrench it back again, but LH pushes off the mat and rolls the move into the ropes! The referee begins the count!] [Max releases but drags LH back to the center for a pin. ONE…TWO…NO! LH powers out. Max pulls LH to his feet and… STOCK DROP! Max goes for the pinfall with an arrogant pinning stance with just his shoulders leaned back against LH. ONE…TWO…NO! LH got his foot on the rope! Max is furious! He grabs LH up and whips him into the ropes, but LH hits a HOPE LANDING! LH leaps onto the body! ONE…TWO…THREE!] [LH leaps to his feet with a huge smile upon his face. He shakes the referee’s hand and leaps to the top rope where he beams out to the OSW fanbase!]

“I still don’t know why you bothered leaving the flat, Edna! You’ve got no business here. This is a man’s profession!” [Victor Grimes says to his wife as they walk together backstage.]

“That’s why I’m here. Poor Phoebe Outlaw deserves an apology for your behavior last week, and we both know I’m going to have to be the one to deliver it.”

“Apology?! She deserves nothing but a swift kick in the arse for getting into a man’s ring!”

“Victor, enough!” [Edna stops him with a finger to his lips.] “Where’s your locker room?”

“Why it’s just here innit!?” [Victor grumbles under his breath about having to ‘suffer this bloody woman;’ Edna ignores him. As they approach, they spot a large, red heart clinging to the door.]

“What the bloody hell?” [Victor says.] [He opens the door and there is a candle burning on the table as well as a number of pictures spread out. As Edna and Victor approach it’s clear that these are racy photos of Phoebe Outlaw, many of them including Victor. Now, to anyone under the age of 40, it’s clear that they’ve been photoshopped to appear as though the pair had a romantic evening together. Edna stares at the pictures in disbelief.]



“Are you shagging this woman?!”

“Wha…? Of course not!”

“Well, it sure looks like it! You said last week that she was making your dobber stand up, something it hasn’t done for me in years, mind! Was all that mean talk just you on the pull!?”

“I.. I don’t…” [He says still looking at the pictures.]

“WELL STOP STARING AT HER!” [Edna begins hitting Victor with her handbag over and over again. The cameraman decides he’s seen enough and leaves the room. But as he does, he spies Phoebe leaning against the wall outside, eavesdropping and smiling.] [Loverboy feints an attack on Anonymous and nails Hangman instead – leaving Bird to tackle the stranger… is it even the same Anonymous as last week!? Both pairs slug it out in opposite corners. Vinnie and Anon take over and both whip their opponents – BUT HANGMAN AND BIRD COUNTER! Vinnie and Anon CRACK SKULLS like snooker balls! Hangman incapacitates Lane with a backbreaker, while Ethan drops Anon with a Samoan drop! ONE… TWO—Hangman pulls Bird off of Anon! Both big men duke it out – letting Vinnie cover Anon himself! ONE… TWO—they pull him off and stand over him menacingly. Vinnie laughs it off and punches Hangman on the arm… and he gets a GOOZLE for it!] [Hangman preps for the chokeslam, but Bird wrings his arm! Hangman on one knee… Bird yells at Vinnie, who digs his knee in the back of Hangman’s skull – BAD MEDICINE! Impromptu teamwork by Bird and Loverboy… the Lovebirds? Anon storms them with a BIG ELBOW and UPPERCUT! He covers Hangman. ONE… TWO… TH—Vinnie makes the save! Mike’s cousin starts TEARING AT ANON’S MASK! Anonymous rolls under the ropes, but Vinnie stays on him, hellbent on exposing him! Bird licks his lips and moves in on Hangman – BUT HANGMAN SITS UP! The crowd pop and Bird actually steps back, nodding his shaggy head.] [OOF! The fans punctuate each haymaker thrown by these beings. Hangman suddenly GRIPS BIRD’S THROAT – CAPITAL PUNISHMENT!? NO! Bird kicks him low, and WORLD’S END – BAD MEDICINE OFF THE TOP! Vinnie Lane crashing into the giants out of nowhere, toppling them like bowling pins! Right on cue, Anon spins Vinnie round and shoves him into the ropes. FLAPJACK… DROPKICK! Anon calls that THE BLESSING! ONE… TWO… THREE—shoulder up by Vinnie! Anon pauses to fix his skewed mask – GOOZLE! Hangman lifts him up – CAPITAL PUNISHMENT! Hangman turns round—kick to the gut—WORLD’S END BY BIRD! HE JUST SPIKED HANGMAN HEADFIRST INTO ANON’S BODY! Bird covers both men in a pin sandwich! ONE… TWO… THREE!] [The self-fashioned god, Ethan Bird, holds his arms out, having conquered three opponents – all of whom give each other a wide berth as they head to the back] [Brent Kersh is visiting backstage with some fans.]

“I knew you were still a good-guy, Bwent!” [A young boy says as Kersh autographs his shirt.]

“Thanks for believing in me, little buddy!” [Brent smiles at the boy and poses for a picture. He moves on to the next group, and a girl of about ten asks:]

“What was it like pretending to work with RAGE?”

[Brent smiles somberly.] “It was tough behind enemy lines, but it was all for a good cause. The good conquere……”


[A voice from off camera.]


[Closer and louder. Brent turns and spots Marvolo marching straight at him. Brent immediately turns and puts himself defensively between Number One and the fans.]

“Don’t come any closer, Marvolo! These fans don’t need a fight right in front of them” [Brent shouts.]

“Relax! Marvolo is not here for a fight. Marvolo is here… [he sighs deeply] …to apologize.”

[Kersh looks stunned.]

“That’s right. Marvolo is sorry. In fact… [He drops to a knee.]

“Marvolo, get up!” [Kersh says.]

“No! Marvolo must do this. Please come closer so Marvolo may apologize like his forefathers. By kissing your boots.”

“What?!” [Kersh asks.] “You don’t have to do that. In fact, I believe you’re sorry for turning on us. Get up.”

“NO!” [Marvolo shouts from his knees.] “Marvolo will disgrace his ancestors if not.”

[Kersh looks disturbed, but shrugs as if to say, “If I must.” As he steps forward, Marvolo bends to kiss his feet and…..LOW BLOW!!! Kersh falls to the ground in a heap.]

“Marvolo is sorry!! Sorry you are so stupid!”

[He laughs and walks away, leaving Kersh to writhe in pain as the fans try to help him.] [The bell sounds as Baxter rushes forward, landing a swift European Uppercut that knocks Cories down for a moment before he gets wrapped up in a headlock by the Culture Boy, who swings Cories down onto the mat. Matty tries to get to his feet but is driven back down onto the mat by Baxter. Matty pulls himself up, swinging his feet back as he trips the Culture Boy up, scrambling over and locking in a Texas Cloverleaf out of nowhere. Baxter quickly scrambles to the ropes, breaking the hold as both men get to their feet, the Culture Boy rushes forward pissed off, trying for another Uppercut but Cories ducks under it, nearly taking Baxter’s head off with a massive Superkick] [Cories quickly climbs up to the top rope, waiting for the Culture Boy to get to his feet before leaping off with a crossbody. Baxter rolls through however, getting to his feet clutching Cories in his arms before punishing him with a massive backbreaker. Cories goes down, holding his back in pain as Baxter pulls him to his feet, before powering throwing him into the turnbuckle. Cories lands back first, screaming out in pain as Baxter rushes forward, almost impaling the 90’s guy with his shoulder as he drives Cories back into the buckles over and over. Baxter finally backs off as Cories stumbles out of the corner right into a massive Spinebuster] [Baxter calls for the end, pulling the limp Cories to his feet before throwing him onto his shoulders but before the Culture Boy can hook in the Culture Rack, Matty manages to get free, rolling down Baxter’s shoulders and as he turns around, delivers a massive superkick to Baxter’s jaw. Cories signals for the end, as he pulls the Culture Boy up to his feet but he’s pushed away before he can hook the arms as Baxter leaps forward with an uppercut to the back, sending Cories to the mat in pain. Baxter quickly pulls Cories to his feet, throwing him on his shoulders and locking in the Culture Rack. Cories tries to fight but his back is screaming in pain as he’s quickly forced to tap out] [Axel the Shark stands backstage, chatting with a family that has come to the OSW show. The two parents lead their young son to a small VCR and CRT television set up in a small corner.]

“Thank you guys for bringing this.” [Axel begins.] “The best of Rick Plant!”

[Axel inserts a VHS tape, and the TV slowly comes to life with some footage as we zoom in. A newscaster is before a desk. This footage looks like it’s probably 10 or 15 years old.]

“A carnival stunt gone wrong. Tragedy strikes, the story at nine!”

[If possible, the eyes on Axel’s mask seem to go wide, and his change in mood is palpable.]

“I think I have the wrong tape.”

[Before Axel can eject it, he turns to look at the family and almost jumps back as the two parents are now wearing Guy Fawkes masks.]

“No Axel. That is the right tape.” [The father states, the child seemingly oblivious.]

“A local carnival decided to use a malnourished shark in a st…”

[Axel quickly picks up the VCR and throws it across the room. He kneels down in front of the boy, and tries to shake him slightly, but the boy seems entranced.]

“No need for that, Shark.” [The black robed form of Anonymous comes up behind the other two, his mask smiling wide.] “We seek to unmask the truth.”

[Axel looks up at them, his fists balled as he stands to his feet.]

“No. All I see are masks. The only person here without one is this young man.” [Passion enters his voice.] “You people want to corrupt the kids.”

[Summoning strength, Axel looks down at the boy to focus his rage.]

“Well I’m the Kid’s Champion, and no matter what you have on me. No matter what you expose of me. I will not let you take one more child like this. I don’t care how many of you I have to unmask. ”

[A throat clears and Axel turns to face an entire hallway full of people in Guy Fawkes masks. Anonymous steps up beside Axel, almost taunting him.]

“Good luck.”

[The lights completely dip out, and when they come back on, Axel the Shark is left with the boy, who seems to have come to.]

“Where are my parents?” [The boy asks. Axel’s mask seems to have taken on a confused vibe, yet he is as determined as ever.] [Here comes Corey Black swinging right off the bell, but the haymaker misses the mark as Doubt swiftly moves away. Doubt continues to keep his distance, bobbing and weaving and generally frustrating Black as he continues to miss with haymaker strikes. Frustrated, Black runs in with a Yakuza kick but Doubt somersaults underneath it! Doubt pops back up and kicks Black in the gut… butterfly suplex! Doubt immediately climbs to the top rope… SHOOTING STAR PRESS?? But Black was nowhere near worn down enough, he gets out of the way as Doubt slams hard to the canvas! Black jumps up and drives a knee to Doubt’s head!] [Grabbing Doubt, Black drags him to his feet – he lifts him over his shoulder in a belly to back, scooping his head… THEN DROPS IT ONTO HIS KNEE! Black with a cover! ONE… TWO… KICKOUT! Black tosses Doubt to the ropes and ducks down… too early! Doubt stops his momentum and swings Black around in a neckbreaker! Black gets back to his feet but is quickly caught in a snap suplex! Doubt has black up again, and he’s got him in position for an STO… but Black starts driving elbows into Doubt’s head and face!] [Black drops Doubt with a discus clothesline, then drops a senton on him! Black pulls him up – whip to the corner… reversed! Black hits the buckles hard and staggers out… Doubt with a high knee! Black’s nose is busted! Doubt springboards off the middle rope and hits a hurricanrana… NO! Black caught him! Black flips him over into an exploder suplex! Right into the corner! Doubt’s hanging from the tree of woe and here comes Black… BOMA-YE! Doubt slumps off the buckles and Black has him now, locked in… FOR VICTORY OR DEATH!!! There’s nowhere for Doubt to go and he slumps over unconscious! This one’s over!] [High Society stands in the center of the ring, the trio looking to the ramp before turning to the fans. Million takes the lead.]

“We gave him a week. And he didn’t respond to our demands. We thought this would happen, and already went ahead with our plan. but seeing as this was Baxter’s idea, I’ll let him explain it.”

[Baxter smirks and looks to the crowd.]

“We have begun a hostile takeover of OSW! As of right now, our newly formed company, High Society incorporated, owns twenty five percent of OSW. And Errol Flint now has five minutes to answer our demands, or we’ll commence with taking over the entire company! Come out, Flint!”

[Nigel Royal chips in.]

“And as it stands, we are also forming a lawsuit against the Crowleys for trespassing as non-employees. You’re out of options, Errol.”

[The crowd stares at the stage, all hoping for Flint’s appearance, but to no avail. Million smirks.]

“Looks like-”

[He is cut off, Deranged playing over the speaker system to the pop of the crowd. Lee Crowley and Hangman grace the ramp.]

“Woah woah woah, boys. I don’t know what you’re saying. Because as of last week, and before those attacks, did Errol Flint give me a new contract. And with it, booking you three versus me, Hangman, and Damian Crowley in a special referee match at Danger Zone! With our special referee, Tobias Crowley.”

[The trio erupt with anger, Baxter quickly speaking up.]

“You won’t face us at Danger Zone because now that Errol has decided to cross us, we’ll continue our takeover-”

“No you won’t, dear boy. For Flint has placed a negotiation in place. If we win, you give your stocks to him. If you win, you get a shot at the tag titles. And, as still acting chairman, it will stay in place just long enough for Danger Zone to pass. So, what do you say, put your money where your mouth is?”

[The trio convenes, looks of anger shared before turning back to the family, Royal speaking.]

“… We’ll see you at Danger Zone, Crowley.”

The crowd pops as the lights go out, returning to reveal the Crowley Family to be gone.

[The bell rings as Doc rushes forward with a series of punches and kicks that seem to do little to the Enforcer before Doc rushes to the ropes, bouncing off right into a giant right from Kersh that nearly knocks D’Ville out cold. The doc slowly gets to his feet, right into another right before a huge knee doubles over D’Ville as Kersh lifts the Doc up high into the air with one arm. Showing off his impressive strength, the Enforcer holds Doc up for ten, eleven, twelve seconds before finally dropping him down to the canvas with a suplex. Kersh backs up, running forward and landing a legdrop over the chest of the prone D’Ville before dropping down for a cover] [ONE…TWO…KICKOUT! Kersh goes to pull Doc up to his feet but gets a headbutt to the gut for his trouble as D’Ville delivers a series of sharp knees to the temple before flipping Kersh onto the canvas with a snap suplex. The Enforcer slowly gets to his feet just as the Doc charges forward, planting Kersh back into the canvas with a vicious bulldog as D’Ville calls for the end. Doc slowly climbs up the turnbuckles, leaping off, TREPENATION… hits only canvas as Kersh manages to roll away, D’Ville getting to his feet, holding his head in pain as he stumbles right into the Enforcers clutches, ENFORCER SPINEBUSTER!] [The Enforcer signals for the end as he pulls D’Ville up to his feet, throwing him over his shoulder as he prepares for the Southern Discomfort but D’Ville manages to roll down Kersh’s back trying to lock in the 302. The Enforcer struggles however, trying to grab the ropes, finally kicking off the turnbuckles as D’Ville locks in the 302 fully, not realizing that kick put his shoulders onto the mat, as the referee begins to count. ONE…TWO…THREE!!] [The King of All Wrestlers is shown walking through the corridors of the hallway with exhaustion obviously taking a toll on him. He rounds a corner and there he sees that same little girl from earlier.]

“Hey big brother!”

[Those words had haunted him for weeks now. The same words over and over again. Corey pulls his hands to his head in obvious agony. He slowly follows her, trying to find the source of this intrusion. As he does, the little girl’s head turns sideways.]

“Why are you so slow big brother? I wanted to show you to Mommy!”

[Corey stops dead in his tracks as his lip begins to twitch.]

“What… did you just say?”

[The little girl puts a finger on his lips and gives a shhh as her lips raise in a playful smile. She begins skipping down the hall as Corey begins his chase again with renewed vigor. As he rushes down the hall, he bumps into Ashley Williams.]

“Really? Again?”

[Corey comes to a halt as he stares at Ash who is prepared to fight. He sighs.]

“You wanted to help? Then follow me. I’m following her now. She just ran past you. How did you miss her?!”

[Ashley looks all around, clearly confused by what he said.]

“But I didn’t see anyone…”

[He shrugs his shoulders and takes off the down the hall to catch up with Corey and hopefully resolve this curious case of apparition.] [After a few moments of murmuring among the crowd, Corey Black appears on the ramp as his eyes are pointed straight ahead. He climbs up the stairs and enters the ring. Slowly behind him is Ashley Williams. Ashley is looking skeptical as Corey’s eyes seem to follow… something. Corey turns his head without letting his eyes wander from the source.]

“It’s my sister. I just… I don’t know how she’s there.” [Ashley looks at Corey with a worried expression before looking in the direction he was looking. He stares intently but all he sees is….] [Nothing.] [The crowd sees nothing.] [Ashley takes a step back and turns Corey to face him.]

“Look Corey. There is something seriously wrong going on here, but I don’t think it’s this apparition that you’re seeing.” [Corey looks at him with a furious expression.]

“You can see her! Why are you saying this, I know you can!” [Corey is in clear delirium as he steps back from Ashley.]

“No, I can’t. I don’t think these people can either. I think it’s only you.”

[The words hit like punches as Corey stares at the corner in which the source of the spirit is. At least, where he sees her at.]

“You’re lying. WHY ARE YOU LYING?!” [Corey turns around with his fists clenched, his teeth gritted, and his face contorted with anger.]

“Wha- I’m not lying, Corey! I’m just trying to hel-”

[His sentence is ended abruptly by a Busaiku knee attack! Corey Black looks enraged! Something is off about him. His eyes are filled with a growing hatred. He grabs Ashley Williams and begins headbutting him repetitively! STRIKE AFTER STRIKE!]


[Errol Flint walks out onto the stage glaring down at the carnage going on. Corey glances up with blood dripping from his forehead but not from his own head. Ashley’s lip has been busted open. Corey’s face is dripping blood but he just grins and… HEADBUTT!]


[Those words seem to jockey something loose in his head as his rage stops. He realizes what he is doing and staggers back to the opposite side of the ring.]

“What did I…”

“You want a fight with Ashley that bad, Corey? YOU GOT IT! At Danger Zone, it’ll be you two in a Las Vegas Street Fight!”

[Corey clutches at his head as he clamors out of the ring. The crowd is booing him unceremoniously as he departs in obvious confusion. Ashley rolls up onto his elbow as he dabs his lip. He winces at the pain before pulling himself to his feet.] [Ashley Williams checks his fat lip to make sure it isn’t bleeding before the match starts. Fans are screaming at Gator “YOU’RE GOING TO GET FIRED!”; he turns to heckle them. Ash see the opening and sprints at Gator. BOOMSTI……No! Gator turns and ducks at the last second. After the miss, Ash gets tangled in the ropes. Gator grabs him from behind and rolls him up with a SCHOOL BOY…… but the ref doesn’t count! This match can only be ended with a Boomstick! Gator pops up quickly and starts stomping on Ash before he can get to his feet.] [Ash quickly sweeps Gator’s legs and The Walking Disaster drops to the mat. Ash mounts his chest and delivers several right hands to Gator’s head before the ref pulls him off. Gator complains to the referee that the metal right hand is illegal. His pleas go ignored. Gator turns and just barely dodges another BOOMSTICK! Ash quickly turns, but Gator is faster and BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!! Gator sprints to the corner and jumps to the top. When Ash gains his feet… MISSILE DROPKICK!! Ash goes down hard, and Gator covers! Still no count! Gator is angry and pulls Ash to his feet.] [Gator goes for a SNAP SUPLEX, but Ash counters with a SUPLEX of his own! Ash stomps the downed Gator and pulls him to his feet. The Chosen One whips Gator to the ropes and BOOMSTI….. Gator rolls under it, but this time Ash is ready. He kicks Gator to the gut and set him up for HAIL TO THE KI……Vinnie Lane just came out of the crowd and jumps on the apron! Ash lets Gator go and runs over to Vinnie, the ref turns his attention that way, but both men missed Vinnie toss something to Gator! Vinnie drops off the apron, and Ash turns back to Gator ….BOOMSTICK!!! NO!! ASH DUCKED IT! HE STEPS BACKWARDS, LEAPING OFF THE MIDDLE ROPE AND BOOMSTICK! BOOMSTICK TO GATOR!! HE’S FIRED! ASH JUST FIRED VINNIE’S TAG TEAM PARTNER!] [Ash quickly rolls out of the ring and stumbles away as Vinnie slides in, absolutely dismayed that Gator has just lost his job due to his nemesis. The fans cheer as Williams backs up the entrance ramp, grinning the entire way.] [Ethan Bird sits on a perch of his own backstage, his legs dangling off the edge. It’s not the same perch as The Scarecrow and appears to be one designed for Birds.]

“Two months ago, you stole the RAGE Championship from me,” [Bird says with a grimace.] “And I haven’t looked back since. We’ve gone tit for tat, back and forth and it’s time we put an end to it.”

[The lights flicker.]

“I want back what you stole for me, Scarecrow. And I’m not going to ask again.”

[The lights suddenly go off. Bird doesn’t say anything and when they come back on, Scarecrow is sat across from him on the perch.]

“You won’t have to.” [Scarecrow says to the surprise of Bird, who snaps to look at him.] “Don’t you see, little Bird? I took from you what you didn’t deserve. I didn’t steal it, I didn’t have to.”

“Who are you kidding ‘Crow?” [He says with a sneer.] “You invaded, you snuck in and-“

[Scarecrow suddenly drops off the perch to the floor below.]

“Sh. You can have your rematch at Danger Zone, Bird. It will be there that I finish this once and for all. Where your eyes don’t go…”

“Fear the Birds.”

[Birds suddenly swarm the scene and get batted away by Scarecrow who vanishes into the darkness as Ethan sits and laughs maniacally.] [The teams line up opposite each other with Jeckel demanding that Bruce “follow his lead” as both men step into the ring. Only Dead doesn’t like that and pushes himself between them, telling Jeckel that he’ll start the match. Bruce – as frustrated as you’d expect, backs off to the ring apron as Dead locks Jake into a Headlock. He sends him across the ring and completes a Clothesline on the return. The DEAD quickly rushes across the ring and clocks Bellator with a forearm, knocking him from the ring apron. He turns back around and is immediately rolled up by Jake… One…. Two… Kick Out!] [Both men spring away from the pinfall and back to their feet, Jake running a knee through him as quickly as possible. He pulls him back up and drops him with a Snap Suplex, pointing to Bruce and flashing him a trademark Jeckel wink. The Juggalo grabs Dead and launches him into his corner, tagging in Bellator who goes to town with right and left hands to the mid-section, hitting a Snap Mare and then leaping over with a Throwback. He covers… One… Two… Kick Out! Bruce hasn’t even gotten into the ring yet as Dead attempts to go this alone.] [Finally Bellator has him back to his feet and looks for a Body Slam, only Dead drops down and runs him chest first into the corner turnbuckle. He turns around and BRUCE VAN CHAN WITH A SPINNING HEEL KICK TO HIS OWN PARTNER! He stands there in shock, his head lowered, utterly disgusted by what he’s just had to do as Lux looks to wrap him up with the Arm Of God – only wait, BRUCE ATTACKS HIM! BRUCE ATTACKS BELLATOR THE FANS ARE ON THEIR FEET! HE JUST COULDN’T DO IT! Jeckel storms the ring and clocks Van Chan with a Clothesline and the referee has had enough! He calls for the bell and throws this one out!] [All four men brawl as the referee calls for security to come and break this up. These guys can barely keep their hands off each other!] [Evan Jackson is pacing back and forth in his locker room backstage when there’s a knock at the door. He answers it, Doubt standing there with a stern look on his face. Evan steps away and lets him enter, folding his arms.]

“I can see it in your eyes, the failure.” [Doubt says, shaking his head.] “You’re realizing that you’re simply not good enough anymore, aren’t you?”

[Jackson laughs at him.] “Really? Is that your deal? You’re just going to abruptly arrive, tell me I’m a failure, and question my commitment then leave?” [Jackson scoffs.] “I’ve looked into you, kid. Isn’t your style to lurk in the shadows? Well since you’re in the light, why don’t we just fight and get it over with? After all, you weren’t exactly a winner tonight.”

[Doubt tilts his head.]

“Ohh, that’s confidence. Where was that when you were getting beaten earlier tonight? All I saw in that ring was a man full of questions and no answers. Do you think losing to me will get you the answers that you seek?”

“Lose? I don’t intend to lose. At Danger Zone, I’m going to show you that I have no doubts about what I can do in the middle of that ring.”

[Both men almost go nose to nose before the lights flicker and Doubt vanishes into the darkness. When they stop, Evan looks around himself to see that he’s no-where to be found. Only his voice, it lingers on.]

“You cannot fool me, Evan. I know that you’re uncertain.”

[The bell sounds and they tie up. Marvolo pokes him in eye and locks into a side headlock! Red River Jack grabs Marvolo’s arm and pulls him off. He pulls him in close and hits a cutter entitled Who’s Better Buster! Red River Jack climbs out of the ring and pulls out two Kendo Sticks! He throws them both into the ring and pulls out a steel chair as well. The referee can do nothing but watch in this match. Red River Jack climbs into the ring and…] [Marvolo locks on another headlock! He squeezes tightly as RRJ looks pissed. He swings with the kendo stick and nails Marvolo across the dome. Marvolo doesn’t relinquish the hold but after the third or fourth shot, he loses control. RRJ takes a step back before lunging forward and striking the knees of Marvolo with his kendo stick. Jack grabs Marvolo and pulls him out onto the apron where he hits an APRON NECKBREAKER! Marvolo is holding his neck as he rolls back into the ring. RRJ has a sadistic smile upon his face as he rolls back into the ring. He sets up a chair in the ring and turns to Marvolo. Marvolo leaps up to his feet and palm strike! The #1 grabs RRJ and…] [A THIRD HEADLOCK! RRJ is jostling around, but Marvolo is tightening the hold while drilling shots into his head. Marvolo throws him to the mat as the crowd is booing. They wanted violence and Marvolo just isn’t about that. He raises a finger to the crowd and RRJ rolls out of the hold. He lifts up the chair and connects with the outstretched legs that catch Marvolo on the chin. Blood flows from the mouth of The #1. RRJ sets the chair down in the center of the ring. He SPARTA KICKS Marvolo into the corner before lifting him up onto the top rope. He climbs up on top, readjusts himself, and… SUPER SEEIN’ REDDDDD! ONTO THE CHAIR! Marvolo is seeing stars and not responding to the referee! He’s been KO’d!] [Red River Jack smiles as he gets to his feet. He mouths off a little to Marvolo before leaving the ring.] [Matthew Cories is walking down the hallway in his normal garb. No X-Files or Star Wars affiliation this time. As he walks, his usual grin is lessened. Nothing more than a small smile. The lights in the hallway flicker.]

“Have you considered my proposal, Mr. Cories?” The enchanting voice seems to ooze from the walls as the dim lights flicker on and off. Cories looks around in confusion.

“Wh-what offer was that?”

“Ahh, my friend. You’re playing coy with me? Allow me to fix you. Let me dig my way into that brain of yours and set everything aligned.”

[Suddenly Cories looks up and Doctor D’Ville is standing a few feet in front of him. The Doctor smiles broadly as his one eye twinkles in the darkness as the lights continue to flicker. His hand extends forward just as it had the week before.]

“Join me, Mr. Cories. Let me… help you!”

[A warm laughter fills the space, a seemingly friendly aura controls the air. Cories smile actually enlarges as the lights change to a warm glow.] [Cories extends his hand slowly before withdrawing it quickly!]

“No, Doc! I’m perfectly healthy! I don’t need to pay you the high prices for a visit!”

[The lights begin to flicker incessantly, the smile of the Doctor doesn’t fade but the eye becomes faded.]

“You deny my services when offered so politely? Perhaps it’s time I offer them… a little less friendly.”

[Doc’s hand wraps around the throat of Cories, but Cories is quick to throw a punch backing Doc D’Ville up. Doc stares at him for a moment then disappears in the darkness of the flickering. Matthew Cories begins hesitantly walking when he senses an entity behind him. He throws an elbow back and strikes something hard. He turns around to see Doc D’Ville with blood pouring down his nose. A high-pitched laughter fills the hall as he disappears again.]

“I like that. I like the fight in you, Mr. Cories. At Danger Zone, I will fix you. Doctor’s orders.”

[The laughter rings through the hallways as Cories clutches at his head.] [The two men immediately rush to the center and start exchanging blows! It’s like Frye vs. Takayama in the middle of the cage! Ozric hammers punches down onto the head and face of Lane, staggering him, but the Shadow King roars right back with a knee to the midsection, then grabs Mortimer in a facelock…. DDT! Mike Lane hits the ropes… and lands a rolling knee right to Ozric’s face! Lane with an elbow drop, and another, but Ozric grabs him and transitions into a key lock, then a kimura! He’s going to break the champ’s arm! No! Lane struggles up… and he lifts Ozric! He breaks the hold with a powerbomb!] [Ozric is down and Lane walks toward the door. Jack and the Awakening open the door and are beckoning him to exit… but Lane waves them off and starts to climb the cage instead! He took too long! Ozric grabs him from below and he’s got him set up… INVERTED DDT FROM THE CAGE WALL! Now Ozric starts to scale the cage, and the Awakening gather on the other side looking to prevent him. Ozric pauses to exchange words with Red River Jack, and Lane is up! Lane to the top rope and he and Ozric begin trading blows again! Lane misses a big right hand and Ozric has him… TASTE THE CURB! From the top rope!] [Ozric pulls Lane to his feet, and he’s making eye contact with RRJ outside of the cage now… Ozric has Lane up for the Flight of the Sparrow! Lane wiggles free and spins Ozric around! SHADOW KICK! Ozric hits the mat and Lane again heads for the cage wall, getting about halfway up before Ozric grabs his foot! Lane kicks him away, and Ozric stumbles back… Lane turns around and dives off the cage wall onto Ozric… WHO CATCHES HIM ON HIS HOULDERS! Ozric with a sick grin… GRACE AT GROUND ZERO!] [Ozric hurries to the cage door but as soon as he gets it open Manson and HAtE are there to get in his way! Ozric tags them both with punches to the skull, dropping them, but Red River Jack swings the cage door shut right onto Ozric’s head! Ozric is split open and he falls back into the arms of Mike Lane. Release German Suplex! Ozric gets right back up! Lane grabs him again… Northern Lights Suplex! Ozric is still getting up, though a bit slower… Lane’s got him again… DEGENERATION! That one keeps Ozric down, and once again the door is opened for Lane by Red River Jack. Lane moves toward the door!] [Lane gets to the door but he stops! He’s shouting at the Awakening, and here comes Ozric from behind with a huge forearm to the head! Ozric spins Lane around and drives a knee into his belly. Powerbomb! Into a facebuster! Mike Lane is barely moving, but as Ozric begins to scale the cage wall, Lane somehow gets a hold of his boot. Ozric turns back to Lane and catches a stiff right! And a left! Now Lane starts to climb, and Ozric follows him… the two men climb side by side, exchanging huge punches as they go, until they are both straddling the top of the cage! They’ve gone over to the outside! Both men climb down, and Ozric drops from the cage… but he’s caught by the members of the Awakening! Laner hits the floor for the win, as the Awakening put a beating onto Ozric! They roll him back into the ring where Jack and Lane follow.] [Wait a damn minute, what the hell is going on?] [Red River Jack is ushering Mike Lane back into the ring. He tells The Awakening to guard the door and motions for Lane to help Mortimer to his feet. They get him there and Jack demands The Champion take action, motioning for a Shadow Kick.] [Mike backs up and leaps forward, ALMOST TAKING HIS HEAD OFF!] [The fans are going mental. They don’t care that it’s Ozric Mortimer, they just care that Lane is following orders. Jack stomps Mortimer to the cage exit and The Awakening drag him out, throwing a lock and chain in to RRJ. He quickly wraps it around the door and locks it. What the fuck? He locks both himself and Mike Lane in!]

“It’s time, man!” [Red says off microphone.] “It’s time for you to surrender unto me!”

“WE WANT LANER!” [Chant the fans as Mike slowly walks across the ring.] “WE WANT LANER!” [Clap, clap clap.] “WE WANT LANER!” [CLAP.. CLAP.. CLAP. The noise is deafening now.] [Mike stands there and lowers his head, being grabbed by the smiling Red River Jack. He pulls him into position.. THE WAKE UP CALL!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!]


[MIKE LANE PUSHES HIM AWAY! HE PUSHES HIM AWAY!] [Red looks at him bemused, his eyes widened with absolute disgust. Did Mike Lane just do that? He can’t believe it. The Shadow King shakes his head, pointing at his tormenter.]

“I’m awake!” [He yells, RUNNING ACROSS THE RING WITH A LEAPING SHADOW KICK! HOLY FUCK! MIKE LANE JUST BLEW THE ROOF OFF OF THE SCHOOL YARD!] [The fan’s are on their feet, roaring now. The atmosphere is intense, but The Awakening isn’t finished!] [David Manson rattles the door, frantically trying to open it as Hate climbs the cage walls. They’re coming for him like a pack of dogs right now. Finally Hate reaches the top and spins him over, leaping down and INTO A SHADOW KICK OF HIS OWN! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!! HATE JUST LEAPT FROM THE TOP ROPE INTO A KICK THAT HIT HIM RIGHT UNDER THE GOD DAMN JAW!]

“HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” [Roar the Las Vegas crowd.] [Manson finally snaps the lock on the door and leans through the middle rope, The World Champion leaping in with YET ANOTHER SHADOW KICK THAT STOMPS HIM DEAD! He falls immediately through the ropes and lays there, unconscious!] [The World Champion throws his arms in the air, the fans pouring their support onto him like they’ve been wanting to do for months. He nods as they chant at him.]




[Monday Night Showcase goes off the air with the crowd on their feet, the atmosphere absolutely electric.] [The Shadow King endures.] [And by fucking GOD, he endured.]