[The black fades to the sound of buzzing.] [We open in a gritty alleyway to a poster promoting Monday Night Showcase on a dirty brick wall of the School Yard. The camera slowly rises to see the Old School Wrestling logo, buzzing away in flashing neon colours that are vibrant and flashy.] [It doesn’t matter that we’re outside, because the noise of the Old School Wrestling faithful can be heard loud and clear.]




[The scene shoots inside the School Yard to where thousands of fans are on their feet. Errol Flint stands in the middle of the ring, soaking up the atmosphere with a huge smile on his face. Finally, he decides to jump in.]

“Long Live Old School Wrestling!” [Flint says to a big cheer from the crowd.] “Last week at Dead End, we conquered Jackson Slade and RAGE. But not everything about that night is dead and buried. You see, I have some unfinished business. I need to speak with those who tried to ruin my company. I’ve invited them here tonight, despite them not being in competition. So please, come on down.”

[To no music and no fanfare, Lux Bellator, Jake Jeckel, Ethan Bird, James Hunter & Lee Crowley, make their way to the ring. They enter and stand opposite Flint.]

“Thank you all for coming,” [Flint says to boo’s from the crowd.] “You five men are all that’s left of RAGE and I’m sure that many here would love to see you out on your ass, just like we would have been had we lost – but I’m not about that. That’s not the kind of man I am. I’m a businessman and I make smart business decisions. That’s why I’m going to give you a chance to stick around.”

[All five look at each other in fear, none of them truly wanting to lose their jobs.]

“Therefore tonight, in the middle of this ring, all five of you will be in action. If you win your respective matches, you’ll earn an Old School Wrestling contract but if you lose, you’re fired. And since two of you currently hold OSW Gold, both of your titles will be on the line as well!”

[The fans cheer that one. All five look at each other, realizing that tonight, it’s every man for himself. RAGE is no more.]

“Now get the hell out of my ring!” [He yells rudely, surprising them all. They exit, though Ethan Bird stays behind, as bold as he is brave.] “Didn’t you hear me? I said get the hell out of my ring!”

[Bird produces a microphone from his pocket and shakes his head.]

“Who exactly do you think you’re talking to? This may be your company but this is my universe, Flint. This is my world. I’ll earn your contract, I’ll fight your match and I’ll win. But if you ever and I mean ever talk to me like that again, I’ll drop you where you stand.”

[Flint gulps.] “Is that so?” [He says hesitantly.] “Well in that case, your match is up next. It’ll be Ethan Bird versus Bruce Van Chan for an Old School Wrestling contract. Goodluck, kid.”

[Errol hops out of the ring and leaves Bird stood there, awaiting his opponent. It looks like these former RAGE roster members have a chance to become full-fledged members of Old School Wrestling.] [Fresh out of the cornfield, Ozric Mortimer enters the school yard, trying to keep to himself. Unfortunately, it appears someone has been waiting for him.]

“Welcome, Mr. Mortimer.” [James Hunter welcomes, accompanied by the well-dressed man from Dead End.] “I hope your friend found his accommodations to be comfortable.”

[Mortimer looks at Hunter and the other man, eyeballing the All-Star title on The Question’s shoulder.]

“You can play your games, Hunter, but that belt is coming back home to The Flock soon enough.”

“I’m not so sure about that.” [Hunter states matter-of-factly, before motioning to the man beside him.] “I know you already know Mr. William Preston, Esquire. I believe he has had legal dealings with Brandon before.”

[Ozric is full of barely restrained anger, but he just darts his eyes back and forth.]

“It is just like the ignorance of man to question the intimate details of which he has no knowledge.”

[Hunter doesn’t laugh or react other than the faint hints of a smirk along the side of his mouth. Instead, he turns to Preston.]

“Mr. Preston has so graciously offered to represent the authorities against Brandon Garcia. I believe he would recommend that I not comment on an ongoing investigation, but instead, I just want you to make your friend aware that he’s in hot water.”

“You planted that axe, Hunter. Everyone knows it.” [Mortimer spits.] “Only, I’m less concerned with legal proceedings than I am with getting back what’s ours. You see, Brandon is entitled to a rematch at Zero Hour for that title and he’s passed his legal right over to me. Therefore, it is you whom owes Ozric Mortimer a title opportunity.”

“Why would I do that?” [Hunter queries.] “Trust me, I would love you to get your rematch, but I believe Mr. Preston here has offered up a deal. If Brandon agrees to drop his contractually obligated rematch, some additional evidence may come to light.”

[Mortimer grimaces, the trap being snared. The Sparrow pushes past the two men, shaking his head. We follow him down the hall. Hunter’s voice comes from beyond.]

“Think about it. I would hate for the truth about Elyssa to come out and for Brandon to spend the rest of his life in prison.”

[Those words ignite a fire in Ozric, but as he turns around with murder in his eyes, Hunter and Preston are gone.] [Ethan tears across the ring and takes it to Bruce, fighting not for his living or the money, but for the platform it gives him to spread his message. He and Bruce lock up, grab each other’s hair, and UNLOAD with frenzied punches before being pulled apart by the referee. The crowd rally behind Bruce, who gives them an appreciative nod – allowing Ethan to catch him with a gutwrench suplex! One… t- strong kickout! Again, Ethan not looking to show off tonight. He hoists Bruce up into an atomic drop, then shoves him into the ropes and BIG SAMOAN DROP! One… two… kickout by The Real Frickin’ Deal!] [The leader of the Flock backs Bruce into the corner and lays into him with bare knuckle boxing shots. He eventually relents and caws to the crowd, who boo him. They rally behind Bruce, who spits out a mouthful of blood as he stumbles into a SUPERKICK! HE BLOCKS IT! Bruce is but a blur as he nails Ethan with a rapid-fire Street Fighter-esque combo – minus air juggling – which ends with a ROUNDHOUSE KICK – BUT ETHAN GRABS THE FOOT… ENZUIGIRI! Big pop for Bruce as Ethan lands spreadeagle on the mat. One… two… t- kickout!] [These two warriors laying it all on the line; Bruce looking to banish a RAGE alumni, Ethan fighting for his platform. Both men soldier to their feet, racked with pain. Ethan snatches Bruce’s wrist and pulls him into a CROSSFACE! Bruce struggles in the hold as his fans will him on… he rolls over and traps Ethan in a crossface of his own – THE VAN CHANINATOR! Nobody cheers for Bird, but he still manages to claw his way to the ropes! Both men DRAG themselves up. Bruce kicks low, then sets up for the fisherman suplex. Ethan sandbags it and tries picking up Bruce instead – we have dueling fishermen! Both men kick their legs and sandbag each other until BIRD WINS OUT! Fisherman suplex DDT – WORLD’S END! One… two… THREE!] [The fans groan as Ethan laughs behind his bird’s nest of a beard, barely able to stand. Bruce looks disappointed with himself, but the crowd applaud his efforts.] [Ethan Bird gets back to his feet after that gruelling match, somehow managing to defeat Bruce Van Chan and earn a contract with Old School Wrestling/ unable to defeat Bruce Van Chan and earn a contract with Old School Wrestling. Just then, the lights go off.] [The sound of birds fluttering..] [The lights flicker and flash, showing multiple figures around Ethan. He’s spinning, turning, and checking every angle as the flashing lights disorientate him in the middle of the ring.] [Then it stops.]

“Where your eyes don’t go… fear The Scarecrow.” [Says The Scarecrow’s voice.] [A bird squawks and the lights come back on, showing Ethan Bird surrounded by Scarecrow’s on perches. He turns around in a panic and bumps into another, not realizing it was there. Bird falls down onto his ass, only for the Scarecrow’s to suddenly start moving, removing themselves from their perches, one arm at a time.] [The fans cheer as Ethan gets the life scared out of him, surrounded by four Scarecrows’ and not knowing which one is his nemesis. Just then, Brandon Garcia, Ozric Mortimer and Corey Black make a b-line for the ring! The Flock are coming and they’re not afraid! They slide straight in and a brawl breaks out, Scarecrows’ fighting Black, Garcia and Mortimer at every turn. Bird gets back to his feet, turns around and.. pop up… CHOKESLAM!! BYE BYE BIRDIE!! THAT’S THE SCARECROW!!] [The lights again go off and when they return, The Flock stand in the ring, Ethan Bird unconscious at their feet and every single Scarecrow having vanished into the darkness.] [Jesus Christ, what a war.]

“SAY NO TO THE BOOMSTICK!” [A voice shouts as we head backstage to find Vinnie Lane literally picketing the office of Errol Flint. He’s waving his HashTag BanTheBoomstick sign around as Gator enters the fray.]

“The Boomstick ruined my life!” [His Tag partner joins in, pretending to weep.] “It knocked loose one of my molars!”

“Don’t you see people? The Boomstick is a dangerous weapon. Ash Williams is walking around here with a loaded gun and you dudes aren’t doing anything about it! Protect yourself! HASHTAG BAN THE BOOMSTICK!”

“Take up arms! Get weaponized! I’ve got Uzi’s, only a hundred bucks a pop!”

[Lane looks at him awkwardly.] “You do?”

“I know a guy,” [Gator responds with a nod.] “Anyway, that cunt-bucket needs to be stopped. Hey you, yeah you, old guy with the… face. Oi mate, over here.”

[That’s Errol Flint and he’s none too impressed.]

“Do you have the balls to stand up against the tide of fisting bullshit? Ash Williams walks around here fisting guys on the roster and no-one has had the balls to stand up against it until now. Love Bites are here to tell you..” [Gator says.] [Vinnie, as you’d expect, interrupts.] “Dude, that’s-”

“Mate, I’m talking here? Shut the fuck up a minute.” [He continues.] “Love Bites are here to tell you that we’re done getting our asses fisted by that fucking fag.”

[Flint folds his arms and shakes his head.] “Colourful. Do you know something Gator, I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced. My name is Errol Flint – OSW Chairman.”

[Gator shrugs as if to say ‘yeah’.]

“Duuuuuudeeee.” [Vinnie slaps his head in disbelief.]

“And maybe you hadn’t heard, but I already gave Vinnie here the opportunity to show me what he’s made of against Ash next week with the Boomstick banned. But for you, I’ve a different scenario in mind. So picture this, [Errol puts his arm around Gator and looks off into the distance. Gator though, only focuses on the arm.] “In two weeks time, Gator takes on Ash Williams.. one on one. Only, in a reverse manner to Vinnie here, the only way to win is by Boomstick.”

“Yeah, that’s great, but let’s talk about this cheese string you call an arm that’s resting on my shoulder. If you don’t remove it, I’m going to gnaw it off and beat you with the soggy end.”

[Flint removes his arm as Vinnie chimes in.]

“I think what my partner is trying to say is that he feels your match proposal is a little unfair, dude. I mean, he’s ugly under that mask, don’t get me wrong but taking a Boomstick by Ash is like taking a truck to the solar plexes. Didn’t you get my petition?”

“Oh I got it,” [Flint nods.] “That was colourful too. Look gentlemen, I get it, you feel abused and you want vengeance. I see your twitter campaign, your hash tags, your petitions and I raise you a Number One Contenders opportunity at Zero Hour. But if you lose, Love Bites can.. well, they can bite me.”

[The Chairman walks off as Vinnie slaps Gator on the chest, shaking his head.]

“What was that?”

[Gator scoffs.] “He touched me.”

“Jesus dude, he didn’t fuck you, he touched you. Now see what you did?”

[The scene comes to a close with Gator and Vinnie arguing amongst themselves backstage. One thing is for sure, at Zero Hour, they have a number one contenders opportunity – but against who?] [We have the debut of two wrestlers: Redrum and Alex Reese! Redrum starts off the match by juggling three balls and walking around the ring! Reese watches him, enthralled and clapping. Redrum throws one of the balls wayyyy up into the air and Reese watches it fly. The clown takes advantage of the distraction and DROPKICK!! Reese is leveled and Redrum cackles!! DOUBLE FOOT STOMP!!! He lands hard with both feet on the chest of the Motivational Superstar! He pins! One… Two… Th…Kickout!!! He pulls Reese up and SQUIRTS HIM IN THE FACE WITH WATER FROM HIS FLOWER!! Reese drops again and Redrum bends over his face laughing!] [Reese quickly kicks Redrum in the head from his back. He kips up and kicks Redrum in the gut. SITOUT POWERBOMB!! Reese sprints to the ropes andSPRINGBOARD SOMERSAULT LEG DROP!!! One… Two… Thr…KICKOUT!! Reese gets up and laughs to himself. He’s having a great time finally getting into the ring. He pulls Redrum to his feet and whips the Clown into the ropes. He bends for a back body drop but Redrum stops and SNAP NECKBREAKER!!!One… Two… Th….Kickout! He pulls Reese quickly up and WHOOPIE CUSHION!!! Reese is flattened!!] [The Carnival Freak slips out of the ring and reaches under. He pulls out an umbrella and quickly mounts the top turnbuckle. TIGHTROPE WALK!! He leaps off for a leg drop, but Reese rolls away!! Redrum crashes hard to mat! Reese kips up again and lifts Redrum from the mat! MIND OVER MATTER!!! The facebuster crushes Redrum!! Reese is really feeling it now and raises a fist to the crowd who gives him a cheer! Reese puts his hand on his knees and waits for The Freak to stand. When he does…. THE HEAD SPINNER!!! Rolling Cutter! He covers! ONE… TWO… THREE!!!! Alex Reese gets a big debut victory over Redrum!!] [David Manson and Hate are walking down the corridor backstage, looking for Mike Lane who suddenly comes out of no-where, blind siding them with the World Championship. He takes down Hate first, turning to attack Manson who stumbles backwards, hands raised.]

“What are you doing?” [Manson asks with concern.]

“You can consider this the end of any ‘alliance’ we had, Manson. But you know what; I’m not going to take you out, not yet.” [He lowers the title.] “Instead, you can deliver a message to Red River Jack for me.”

[Manson smiles.]

“And what message would that be?”

“You tell him that I’m coming. I’m coming for The Awakening, I’m coming for him and I’m coming to put an end to this once and for all.”

[David folds his arms and bravely steps closer to Lane.] “It’s funny you should say that, because we had a message from Jack for you; ‘Thanks for the shadow’.”

[Mike looks confused but clarity soon appears in the form of Red River Jack, who runs straight through him from behind with a steel chair. He takes The Shadow King to the floor and stomps away at him, damaging him as much as he can.]

“I tried to wake you up, I tried to help you, I gave you the World Championship and this is how you repay me? Your betrayal will result in your demise, man.” [Jack sneers as he finishes stomping.] “I’m seein’ red, all hail the real king.”

[Manson helps Hate back to his feet as all three members of The Awakening walk away, leaving the World Champion in a heap, holding his head.] [The bell rings as Anonymous rushes forward, trying for a clothesline as he bounces off the near 280 pounds of the Sparrow. Anonymous tries again, springboarding off the ropes with one that staggers Ozric back a few feet. Anonymous tries for a third but he’s stopped in mid-run by a massive forearm haymaker that drops him to the mat. Anonymous slowly gets to his feet right into a huge flurry of rights and lefts by the sparrow, each one doing massive damage to the mysterious one before he’s slung into the corner by Ozric. Mortimer almost decapitates Anonymous with a clothesline of his own before grabbing him as he stumbles out of the corner and driving him down to the mat with a belly to belly] [Ozric goes to pull Anonymous up to his feet but Anonymous suddenly pulls him down into a small package. ONE…TW..Ozric kicks out, getting to his feet before Anonymous and landing a vicious flying knee to his face. Anonymous is somehow still on his feet as Ozric pulls him close, placing his head between his legs and leaping up, driving him down face first with the Taste the Curb. Anonymous looks out cold as Ozric hooks the leg for the cover. ONE…TWO…THR..Anonymous gets a foot on the rope, breaking the pin] [Ozric pulls Anonymous up to his feet as Anonymous pops up, landing a heavy right with all his strength that staggers the Sparrow. Anonymous grabs Ozric by the head, trying to take him down with a Suplex but Ozric refuses to be taken down, as he throws Anonymous off him. Undeterred, Anonymous rushes forward with yet another clothesline that Ozric ducks before kicking him in the gut and driving him down to the canvas with a lightning fast snap DDT. Signalling for the end, Ozric pulls up the limp Anonymous, locking him up from behind, pulling him up behind his back, FLIGHT OF THE SPARROW! Anonymous is done here as Ozric hooks the leg for the cover in the middle of the ring, ONE…TWO…THREE!!] [Errol Flint is walking through the hallway backstage, looking extremely proud of himself when Marvolo comes across his path. Number One has a big smile on his face, approaching Flint with a big handshake.]

“Oh Mr. Flint, I bet you’re glad to see me, aren’t you? To think, if Marvolo hadn’t joined RAGE with a plan of getting kicked out, you’d be without your company.”

[Flint releases his hand, reluctant that he even grabbed it in the first place.] “Ah Marvolo, just the man I wanted to see,” [He says with a smirk.] “I’ve been thinking about you a lot over the past few days. You know, how can I repay you for what you did?”

[Even Marvolo seems surprised.]

“Marvolo doesn’t know, but a World Championship opportunity would be well deserved.”

“I don’t think so. I think that tonight, due to you being a traitorous bastard, you’re going to have a match,” [Marvolo gulps.] “It’s going to be you, The Great Marvolo taking on Those 90’s Guys in a Two on One Handicap Match.”

[The Great Number One looks to say something but quickly changes his mind, realizing that it could get a lot worse if he dares to open his mouth.]

“Oh and if I were you, I’d watch your back. Brent Kersh,” [The fans cheer at the mention of his name.] “Has a bone or two to pick with you.”

[Marvolo gulps and stands there, as still as a statue as Errol Flint walks off rather chipper in the opposite direction.] [Nigel Royal and Gator circle each other in the ring, neither one wanting to make the first mistake. Finally, it’s Gator, who shoots for a leg and is met with aSTIFF KICK TO THE FACE!!! Gator drops immediately and Nigel wastes no time. He pounces onto Gator’s back, The Bloodline to Greatness locks in theDUNGEONS OF LONDON!!! He wants to end it early! Gator is reaching for the bottom rope and……he just gets it! The ref breaks the hold, but Nigel is back to him quickly. He lifts Gator up and POWERBOMB!!! One… Two… THR….KICKOUT!!!] [Gator kicks out and Nigel pulls him too his feet but Gator punches Royal hard to the stomach! And Again! Again! Royal is reeling and Gator takes advantage. He whips Nigel to the corner and as Royal stumbles back out RUNNING HIGH KNEE!! Nigel drops like a stone and Gator goes to the top!! He waits for Royal to stand and when he does MISSILE DROPKICK! He covers. One… Two… KICKOUT! Nigel isn’t happy and both men get to their feet at about the same time. Gator throws a haymaker and Nigel returns on of his own!!] [They trade punches until Gator start to get the upper hand! He throws Nigel into the ropes and as he returns 3’S AND 7’S!! The Samoan Drop!! One… Two… Thr….KICKOUT!! Gator pulls Nigel to his feet and Nigel quickly counters with a kick to the midsection. FACEBUSTER!!! Gator bounces to his back and Nigel sprints to the corner and to the top! SPITFIRE!!! But the frogsplash misses!! Gator rolled out of the way and he pounces! He pulls Royal up and RUCKUS’ DA CHRONIC!! ONE… TWO… THREE!!! Gator with a big victory over The Bloodline to Greatness!!! ] [The sound of “Chariots of Fire” by Vangelis is heard throughout the arena, prompting the crowd to rise to their feet with a roar of excitement as the lights slowly begin to dim. Suddenly red, white, and blue pyrotechnic effects begin to explode from the base of the entrance ramp that last several seconds before “The Enforcer” Brent Kersh appears on the upper portion of the structure. The OSW superstar steps out onto the steel stage with his hands on his hips and looking around the arena in appreciation of the response from the crowd. He makes his way to the ring and gets himself a microphone.]

“You know, it’s been a tough few months,” [He says, interrupted by ‘Thank you Brent’ chants from the crowd.] “In November I had to turn my back on Old School Wrestling. It broke my heart. I can’t explain to you what it felt like and how it tore me up inside. But it was for a good reason, the best reason; Old School Wrestling.”


[The fans cheering bring him to a pause.]

“When Errol Flint asked me to be a ‘double agent’, I almost didn’t do it. I was afraid that I’d lose your respect and that you’d hate me, even after it was revealed. I was scared and I’m not afraid to admit that. I knew that Scarecrow and Mike Lane would despise me and that each and every single one of you would rightfully think I’d turned my back on you and this great company. The truth is, as you saw at Dead End, I’m Old School Wrestling through and through; there’s nothing in the world that’ll change that.” [The fans roar.] “But I can’t say the same for Marvolo. I knew why I did what I did, but him? He’s a coward and if there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s a coward. So, why don’t you get your ass out here, son?”

[The trumpets of Aaron Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man hits on the P.A., but the lights do not dim like a normal Marvolo entrance. No, the house lights stay on AND a bright spotlight flood Marvolo in light. It’s clear he wants to be seen. He is covered head to toe in Old School Wrestling gear, including a head band, wrist bands, and a clearly homemade t-shirt with “OSW IS NUMBER ONE!!!” written on it. Brent Kersh shakes his head in the ring. Marvolo spots a fan with a foam finger that says OSW on it, rips it off the child’s hand and puts in on his own. He holds it proudly in the air as he makes his way to the ring. He gets a microphone as well.]

“Brent, my boy! It’s so good to see you, but you have Marvolo all wrong! You see, I too, was a double agent!” [That politician’s grin; the gold tooth reflecting the light.] “Totally unsanctioned by our dear Mr. Flint, of course, but Old School Wrestling to the bone!”

“Is that so?” [Brent asks. Marvolo feigns hurt from the question.]

“Of course! Did you not notice how Marvolo was tossed out by that slimeball Jackson Slade at the last minute!? He must have seen something that tipped him off that I, too, was playing him. As unlikely as that is, considering Marvolo’s performance was good enough to fool you and all of these fans!”

[Brent puts his hands on his hips as the crowd boos Marvolo. Marvolo looks at the fans as though he doesn’t understand why they are booing. Brent looks at the fans, and back at Marvolo.]

“I don’t believe you!” [Brent says before hammering Marvolo with a huge right hand. The crowd goes absolutely insane. Kersh is ready for a fight, but Marvolo drops to the canvas and quickly rolls out of the ring. He holds the side of his face and looks back at Kersh with hate in his eyes. Kersh beckons Marvolo back to the ring. Raquel comes running, the best she can in heels, and Marvolo collapses into her arms. The pair limps backstage as the crowd chants.]


[James Hunter knows he has to win or will be fired! Axel the Shark seems wary as The Question seems in no mood to be toyed with. Hunter rushes at Axel and quickly lifts a HIGH KNEE TO AXEL’S MIDSECTION! SNAP DDT!!! The Question doesn’t cover yet, but pulls Axel to his feet and THE IRONY!!! On the third German Suplex Axel is tossed like a ragdoll across the ring!! The Question covers One… Two… Three!! NO!! Axel just barely got the shoulder up! The Question is quick to his feet and lifts Axel for a CHOKESLAM, but Axel kicks Hunter to the gut! He drops Axel and DESPERATION ENZIGURI!!] [Both men are down, but Hunter starts climbing to his feet first. He does and pulls Axel up. But Axel strikes out with with chops to The Question’s chest! Axel pushes Hunter back and leaps up… HURRICANRANA!! Axel gets up and the crowd pops! Axel quickly climbs to the top rope and leaps off to FIN-NISH HI…..NO!!! The Question got a big boot up in the air and Axel slams face first into it! Hunter climbs to his feet with a nasty smile on his face. He lifts Axel and makes a throat slitting gesture. POETIC JUSTICE!!! One… Two… THREE!!] [ NO!!! Axel’s foot is on the bottom rope!!! The Question can’t believe it. He’s furious. He pulls Axel up by the mask and whips him into the ropes! RELAX!!!!One… Two… Thr…KICKOUT! He covers again! One… Two… Kickout! He pulls Axel up again and lifts him for another CHOKESLAM. But Axel elbows him to the side of the head!! Again! Hunter drops Axel and Hunter drops to a knee! Axel backs up and SUSHI KIC…..NO!!!! CONTRADICTION!! The inverted RKO outta nowhere!!! ONE… TWO… THREE!!!!! The Question retains the All-Star Title and saves his job!] [We open into a dark and dingy basement in which an elderly woman sits tied to a chair, a gag in her mouth. The floorboards above suddenly start creaking, dust falling from them onto her as she squirms against her restraints.] [Then there’s a voice; it’s Mike Lane and it appears he has left the arena.]

“It’s interesting the things you learn, the closer you get to a man,” [Lane says pulling a chair up and taking a seat in front of the woman.] “His vices, his strengths, his weaknesses, they’re all on display when you truly get to know someone.”

[He smirks.]

“That’s how I know about you Joan. You see, this isn’t me; this isn’t who I want to become. I didn’t choose this, I didn’t want it. He thrust it upon me and now, I’m doing what I know. I’m in the shadows, I’m lurking in the darkness and for once, it’s time I struck whilst the iron was hot.”

[Lane pulls the gag from her mouth and watches her catch her breath.]

“What do you want from me?” [Joan asks, hoarse from the lack of water.]

“It’s not what I want from you; it’s what I’m going to take from you. If we follow the linage back, it starts with you, doesn’t it? Your political aspirations, your hopes and dreams; oh how they’ve shaped the America we know and loath. Oh how they shaped your son.”

[He pauses with a grin.]

“Red… River…. Jack.”

[She gulps, with good reason to be afraid.]

“Say hello to your mommy, Jack.”

[Lane grabs the gag and slams it back into her mouth, stepping away into the darkness, a much more sadistic side of him on display here tonight. And now, Red River Jack has to go into the Main Event, knowing that his mother is being held captive by The World Champion. Meanwhile, Mike Lane had better get back here for his match.] [Lux Bellator does a quick hand motion across his chest before the match as he mumbles a prayer. Doctor D’Ville stares curiously at this as a smile spreads across his face. The bell rings as they tie up in the center of the ring. Lux hits Doc with a forearm shot as Doc takes a few steps back. His smile doesn’t falter, but he quickly strikes back with a gouge to the eyes of Lux! Lux recoils in surprise as Doc pulls his masked face down into a knee strike followed by another. Lux falls back into the ropes as Doc charges him and takes both of them up and over to the floor.] [Father Pedro is right there whispering prayers as Doc turns to stare at him. Father Pedro meets his gaze with a slight amount of hesitation. Doc stalks Father Pedro who strikes Doc with the incense burner he was carrying. The referee motions for the bell but Doc gives him a look that tells that he better not. Doc grabs the incense burner and smashes it only the floor before turning his attention back to Lux.] [BUT LUX COMES OUT OF NOWHERE WITH AN ELBOW STORM! The mounted shot hits as Lux begins reigning in blow after blow to the dome of Doc! He lifts him up quickly as he rolls him into the ring. Lux ascends the top rope as he hits a missile dropkick! Doc is sent careening across the ring, but catches himself on the ropes. The two men meet in the center of the ring with a fury of blows, but Doc interrupts it by biting the ear of Lux! Lux cries out in agony before kicking Doc in the shin and following up with a flapjack palm strike uppercut! Doc’s nose explodes in blood as the blood soaks the mask of Lux quite grotesquely.] [Lux pulls Doc to his feet, but Doc gouges his eyes once more! Doc lifts up Lux for the LOBO-NO! Lux fights out and hits a spinning backfist! He pulls Doc in and… DISCIPLE MAKER! Lux goes for the cover to keep both his title and his job! ONE…TWO…THREE! Lux gets to his feet with a huge smile across his face. Not only did he overcome Doctor D’Ville, he also retained his job and his championship. Father Pedro looks on proudly as he enters the ring to raise his champion’s hand.] [After Bellator’s hard fought match with Doc D’Ville, the Tron comes to life with static.]

“Lux! LUX!”

[Bellator, still stood in the ring, looks up at the Tron, to see the smiling face of The DEAD. He is sitting in a rocking chair, slowly going back and forth. The chair makes an eerie creaking sound with each motion.]

“Oh, hello there, Bellator! Have you missed me? [He chuckles a mirthless laugh.] “Your ‘tests’ have proven futile, have they not? I felt no pain, yet I have still not joined your…cause. You thought the best way to get my attention was to burn me, threaten my eye, and crucify me!? What if you had succeeded? What good would a blind man be to you? What good could a man without the use of his arms do for you? Did you even think about that, Lux?”

[Back in the ring, it is clear that Lux hadn’t thought about that.]

“I can see by the look on your face that it hadn’t even crossed your mind. No, you were just following the orders of Pedro, right?” [Another humorless chuckle.] “You may be asking yourself, where is Pedro now? I don’t know what to do!?” [A mock panic appears on the face of the DEAD.] “Don’t worry, Lux, he’s safe and sound, right here with me.”

[The camera pans to the left. It focuses on Father Pedro, tied to a chair, duct tape over his mouth. His eyes are wide with fear. In the ring, Lux is losing his cool. He is kicking and flailing his arms.]

“What’s wrong, Lux?” [A real grin crosses the DEAD’s face. He stands and puts his hand on Pedro’s shoulder. Pedro looks at him panic in his eyes.] “Don’t worry! I’ll take gooood care of him.”

[He starts laughing, honestly this time. The tron goes black, and Bellator jumps from the ring, running backstage as fast as he can.] [The bell sounds and these two circle around. Jake knows that his job is on the line but Hangman knows he can end the career of a growing legend within this industry. Jake tries to keep his distance from Hangman who is reaching out with broad strokes. Jake grabs his arm and whips him into the ropes. Hangman hits them and returns back with a big boot! Jake is taken to the mat as Hangman begins laying the leather to him. Stomps away at Jake until finally the referee has to get in between him. Hangman gives the referee a look as the referee backs away. He turns to Jake who quickly kicks him in the balls as the referee can’t see it.] [Jake hooks the head of Hangman as he pulls him into a roll-up. ONE…TWO…NO! Hangman powers out and is irate. He grabs Jake and whips him into the corner before ramming him with a spear! Jake spits out in surprise. Hangman comes up with a wicked right hand that nearly sends Jake over the top rope! Jake hits the bottom of the turnbuckle as Hangman begins laying the boots in again. The referee goes to pull Hangman away, and Hangman steps back. Jake smiles before rushing forward and twisting the mask of Hangman around by sticking two fingers into the eye sockets!] [Hangman begins flailing around, but Jake kicks him in the stomach before hitting PONY DOWN! The chokeslam backbreaker takes Hangman down. Jake goes for the cover… ONE…T-NO! The Hangman pushes him over his head and onto the referee! The referee is down as Jake reaches into his tights and withdraws a pair of brass knuckles! Hangman gets to his feet and… WHAM! Brass Knuckles to the face! Hangman goes down hard. Jake shakes the referee to wake him up. ONE…TWO…NO! Hangman kicks out! They both get to their feet but Hangman is seething.] [Hangman wraps his hand around the throat of Jake and… CAPITAL PUNISHMENT! ANOTHER CAPITAL PUNISHMENT! Hangman still hasn’t released his hold as he pulls him up for a THIRD CAPITAL PUNISHMENT! If that wasn’t enough, he wraps his tree-trunk sized thighs around the head and neck of Jake and begins to squeeze but there is no resistance from Jake as he fades away. The referee raises his hand and lets it fall three times to end it. Hangman gets to a standing position as the referee raises his hand. Even with that brutal beatdown, Hangman doesn’t seem finished! He grabs Jake up in a gorilla press position and deposits him outside of the ring before standing tall. Jake Jeckel has been fired from OLD SCHOOL WRESTLING!] [Matthew Cories, having just left Ashley, slinks around the halls dressed in Fox Mulder apparel as he eyes one of the doorways suspiciously. He flings the doors open and sees the night sky. He gazes up at the stars as he spots a blinking ‘star’ moving across the sky. He pulls out a notepad and begins jotting down information. It’s during this that he doesn’t realize a pair of eyes watching from behind.]

“Hello my friend, enjoying a bit of alone time are we?”

[Matthew Cories turns to see Doc smiling broadly before he gazes back upwards to take a look.]

“Just looking for aliens. Do you believe in aliens?”

[Doc looks upwards for a moment as if to humor him before returning his icy gaze on That 90’s Guy.]

“Aliens are of a curious nature for sure. However, I am more intrigued by your current attire. I don’t recall you ever wearing a suit. Is this a new fashion choice for you or is this something tied closer to the fact your mental status is unhinged. I can refine it, if you will let me. Set up an exam with the Doctor, and we’ll see if we can’t find the symptoms causing your illness.”

[Cories looks at him pensively before sighing.]

“Look, I don’t know what you’re on about, but I’m trying to examine the planet Jupiter which is supposed to be visible tonight.”

[Matthew Cories goes back to writing in his journal. The Doctor looks on curiously before taking a few steps backwards.]

“You’ll see soon enough. My doors are always open, and I never fail a client.”

[The bell rings in what could be Lee Crowley’s last as Harrison rushes forward, laying into Crowley with a series of stiff right hands, staggering Smiley as Harrison picks him up over his shoulder, trying for a Powerslam. Crowley slides down Harrison’s back, landing a vicious roundhouse as LH turns around, before grabbing him by the head, trying for a butterfly DDT but Harrison pushes out. The crowd begins to cheer as both men circle one another, feeling each other out before Harrison rushes forward, trying for a superkick that Lee ducks under, landing a savage leg kick that staggers Harrison. Another drops him down to one knee as Lee rushes to the ropes, bouncing off right into the arms of Harrison who spikes him down to the mat with a Spinebuster] [Harrison pulls Lee up to his feet, staggering him with the stiff right hands once more as he backs him up against the turnbuckle, squashing him into the buckles before grabbing him by the head, and lifting him up onto the ropes with a modified stun gun. Harrison begins to climb up to the top rope, setting himself up but the leaping elbow hits only canvas as Crowley manages to roll away. Harrison gets to his feet, holding his elbow in pain, CHELSEA GRIN!] [Harrison is down and seemingly out as that devilish smile is etched on Lee’s face. He pulls Harrison up to his feet, landing several hard kicks to the gut and legs once more as a massive one to the head dazes Harrison. Lee wraps his arms around Harrison’s head, twisting around as he tries for the Psychotherapy but Harrison pushes Lee away, landing a superkick as Smiley turns around. Crowley bounces off the ropes right into the arms of Harrison who lifts Crowley up once more, trying for another Powerslam but again Crowley slips down the back of Harrison, landing another stiff roundhouse kick before driving him down to the mat with a butterfly ddt. Smiley calls for the end as he pulls the limp Harrison up to his feet, HOPE LANDING! Harrison hit that out of nowhere and Crowley is down as LH hooks the leg for the cover. ONE…TWO…THREE!! LH Harrison just ended Lee Crowley’s OSW Career!]

“Doooh, doooh, dooooh, doooooooooooh!” [Matthew Cories hums as he’s donned his blue suit and tie. Ashley Williams is standing looking out at the back entrance where a group of picketers are standing with signs that read ‘#BANTHEBOOMSTICK’ and ‘ASHLEY’S A GIRL’S NAME!’ The whole group appears to be women with ages varying from 17 to 37. Cories taps Ashley on the shoulder.]

“Come on Scully, I just saw something!”

“What, Matty? Did you just call me Scully?”

“It’s a Flying Saucer… you don’t believe in that, do you?”

[Ashley sighs as he looks at the crowd of people and at his partner’s X-Files quote.]

“Go on, Matty. I’ll catch up with you later.”

[Matthew Cories walks on briskly, carefully looking over his shoulder in true Fox Mulder-fashion. Ashley looks at the crowd with a deep sigh.]

“I’ve bled, sweated, and endured untold amounts of abuse within this Schoolyard. Yet these people want to take away my Boomstick? Because a blonde-haired 80’s reject decreed it overpowered? What a joke.”

[The back of Ash’s head is shown as the camera zooms out slowly. Nothing but the sounds of the crowd yelling and spitting profanities is heard until a small giggle. A little girl skips across the hallway behind him. The Avenger, Corey Black, comes stumbling into the picture and bumps into Ash nearly knocking him down.]

“Hrph! Hey, watch where you’re going!” [Ash says as he catches himself to see Corey Black staggering on. Ashley walks up and turns him around.]

“What’s the deal man?” [Corey looks at him blankly as if not really seeing him before scanning the room.]

“Damnit! You made me lose her!” [Corey takes off down the hall as Ash stands infuriated.] [The DEAD is angry after losing his U.S. Title and is looking to take it out on Vinnie, who is checking out the busty brunette in the front row. DEAD wastes no time and runs up on Vinnie before the bell rings and hits him with a KIDNEY PUNCH! Vinnie slouches to one side as the ref starts the match and the DEAD continues the assault. He whips Vinnie into the ropes and BACK BODY DROP!! Vinnie was too close to ropes and is tangle between the bottom two. The DEAD sees and opportunity and locks in a LEGBAR!!! Vinnie is in the ropes so the submission won’t count. The DEAD doesn’t care and cranks on the leg. The ref gets to four before he will let up!] [The DEAD backs off and begs Vinnie to get up. He does and The DEAD sprints at him, but Vinnie jumps and catches the DEAD with a HIGH KNEE, leveling him! It took a toll on Vinnie’s stressed leg as he grabs it and limps. The DEAD starts to climb to his feet and Vinnie approaches… BAD MEDICINE!!! The DEAD goes down and Vinnie mounts the turnbuckles. ROCKER DROPPER!!! One.. Two… Three!] [NO! The DEAD kicks out!! Vinnie doesn’t like it and a pulls DEAD to his feet. He lifts DEAD for a STALLING VERTICAL SUPLE…..but DEAD wiggles free and drops to his feet. Boot to Vinnie’s midsection! He whips Vinnie to corner and follows. EL MUERTE!!!! Vinnie stumbles from the corner all the way across to the other corner. He spins and sees the DEAD running at him and dives out of the way! DEAD SPEARS THE RING POST!!! He can’t feel it, but his body knows something is wrong. He turns back around and BLACK LABEL DRIVER!!!! ONE… TWO… THREE!!!! Vinnie escapes this battle with a victory!!] [High Society makes way down the hall, forcing the help out of the way as they walk to the now ever so exclusive ‘Nigel Royal Wing’]

“Good thing Errol caved, my name over the entrance to that wing makes it worthy of true talent, wouldn’t you say?”

[Million nods his head, giving a smile towards his cohorts.]

“And a place to keep the bottom of society from getting in our way. If I wanted to deal with sharing a locker room with the trash under our feet I would.”

[The three keep talking when suddenly a strange little clown cartwheels into their way, blocking the door to their wing and laughing as looks up at the trio.]

“Who ordered the-”

“I’m RedRum the clown!”

[He laughs again as he sprays his water, hitting Baxter in the face before leaning against the door and pulling an umbrella out from behind him.]

“Oops! Shoulda had one of these, huh?”

[Baxter, obviously unamused wipes the water from his face.]

“Get this low society trash out of my face!”

[As if on queue the doors to the wing fly open and the six Nigel Royal hired guards file out and surround the poor clown. A taser here and some pepper spray there and the clown drops, convulsing on the ground. Million walks up to him and smirks.]

“Get this unfunny clown out of here. Now.”

[The guards nod and file out, but Nigel pulls one of them to the side and hands him a clip of money.]

“And don’t be afraid to use… ‘self defense’ when you do.”

[The guard nods and takes the money, leaving High Society to walk into their cushy lounge, Million calling out that the champagne is cold and their private room is set up perfectly for them.] [The three men of High Society lounge around the Nigel Royal Wing, the wing having been fully refurbished by the three through their wealth, now teeming with red carpet and tile. The trio drink champagne as they converse.]

“This was a right idea, Max. And with those commoners banned from our little area, no one is going to mess with High Society!” [Royal finishes with a chuckle before going back to his drink.] [The trio continue talking down about the less fortunate when the lights go out, provoking a “What the hell?” from Million before the lights come back up to reveal a coffin in the middle of their posh room. The trio get up to inspect when “Pop Goes The Weasel” Begins to play. All eyes are trained on the coffin, Baxter breaking the silence.]

“Well, don’t just stand there, someone check it out.”

[Neither Million or Royal move as the song comes to an end, the coffin remaining docile. Million creeps forward and it POPS OPEN! A decrepit porcelain doll made to look like Reichous Marx pops out! The doll holds a sigh saying “BEHIND YOU” The trio turn around instantly, finding themselves face to face with the Crowley Family!] [The three don’t stand a chance as they get assaulted by the demented family, Royal getting throw into the doll, breaking it as he lands in the coffin. The coffin gets slammed on his back, Lee closing it and allowing Piotor and Hangman to hit stereo Chokeslams on Baxter and Million, crashing them down on the coffin and crushing Royal even more. Lee leans down towards the battered Max.]

“Remember, boy. Respect those below you, you’ll never quite know just when they’ll bite back.”

[The lights go out and when they come back up the Family is gone, the six hired guards rushing into the room to check on their employers.] [Marvolo couldn’t believe that he was being punished and actually felt hard done by as he decided to forego his usual flashy entrance and stomp to the ring. This two on one match was going to make sure he suffered. Ash and Cories were in the ring at the same time and both attacked, beating on Number One with right and left clubbing blows to the back of the shoulders and neck. They’re OSW through and through and it shows. Matthew throws him off into the ropes for Ash to knock him down with a massive Clothesline. They pulled him back to his feet, quickly setting him into position for a Double Snap Suplex, delivering with perfection.] [He rolled away and to the outside, only Cories and Williams split up and exited in front and behind him. He begged off of Ash, turning around to see Matthew who nailed him with a Swinging Neckbreaker. Ash immediately rolled him to his feet, whipping him into the steel ring steps with such force that he flew straight over them. Number #1 could only writhe on the floor in agony as The Tag Team Champions approached him, stomping away at him. They pull him back to his feet and ram him backwards into the ring apron, driving the air out of him.] [The fans are loving every minute of this as Ash lifts him up and drops him down on a leaping knee of Cories. Cories grabs him straight after and bounces him head first off the ring apron, rolling him back into the ring and following. The Tag Team Champions should try and finish this but first look towards the entrance ramp, where Brent Kersh has made his way out with a microphone. “I don’t know about you Marvolo, but the Enforcer fights until he can fight no more.” Kersh says as Marvolo begs on his knees, exhausted from the beating he’s taken. “And I fought for Old School Wrestling. It’s a shame the same can’t be said about you, traitor.”] [Kersh nods towards Cories who suddenly nails him with a Double Arm DDT! WEAR A HELMET! Marvolo bounces back off the canvas just in time for Ash to leap into action.. BOOMSTICK!! BOOMSTICK!! NO!! MARVOLO ROLLED OUT OF THE WAY. He pops up as Cories storms at him and pulls down the top rope, sending him to the outside. Ash quickly leaps with another BOOMSTICK!! BUT MARVOLO DUCKS!! ROLL UP… ONE…… TWO…. THREE! “BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” THE FANS ROAR WITH BOO’S AS BRENT KERSH LOOKS ON IN ABSOLUTE SHOCK! HOW THE HELL DID MARVOLO PULL THIS OFF? He celebrates like he’s won the World Championship inside the ring, Brent shaking his head with disgust.] [Bruce Van Chan walks backstage, Paige on his arm, Dr. Sleep keeping a close eye on her after the events of last month. He looks around, paranoid a bit as he heads down the hallway, making way out of the building following his match that evening. As he reaches a doorway, the large sign above it labeled ‘BACK STAGE’ creaks, Bruce looks up and- IT FALLS DOWN! Bruce pushes Paige forward and stumbles back, the large letters narrowly missing them, though one traps Bruce’s leg. He looks up and sees none other than Jake Jeckel, Paige knocked out and over his shoulder.]

“Well, looks like dropping signs still does the trick, wouldn’t you say Brucey?”

[Jeckel laughs as Bruce, mockingly wiping a tear from his eye.]

“Don’t you hurt my wife, Jeckel. Don’t you dare! YOU’RE NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE HERE!”

[Bruce tries to free his leg from under the letter but Jeckel walks forward and stomps on it, getting a yelp of pain from the hardcore champion.]

“Now don’t get it twisted, mother fucker. When you decided to cheap shot me, I decided we were definitely not fuckin’ done! Now I’m keeping a nice hold of your wife, who knows, maybe a taste of that Juggalo life would be good for her. And I’ll be keeping her as collateral so you don’t skip out on me. I think I need a job and I think you’re the man to get it for me. Keep that championship warm for me, Brucey.”

[Jeckel stomps the letter once more, forcing Bruce to stay down as the Clown walks away. Bruce musters up the strength to shove the letter off of his now bruised leg and run after them, but he is too late, seeing a car peel out of the parking lot, Bruce drops to his knees, pounding the ground in frustration as we cut to commercial.] [Since Brandon Garcia couldn’t make it to the arena, Corey Black was forced to fight alone. He and Max Million start off in the ring. Million puts his hands up for a Test of Strength. Black obliges and then quickly pulls Million to him driving a knee into his midsection! Million doubles over and Black hits a HALF-HITCH SUPLEX!!! One… Two…T… Kickout! Black drags Million to the corner and grabs him around the waist and RELEASE BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!! Million is sent flying! Black covers! One… Two… Thr….Culture Boy breaks the pin!] [The ref backs Baxter out of the ring and allows Black to pull Million up for a POWERBOM….NO! Million slips out and on his way down grabs Black and buries him with a DDT!! Million stomps on Black a few times and tags in Culture Boy. Baxter enters the rings and they start stomping on Black together. There’s no-one here to even the odds as the ref starts a ten count, but is pushed back. Culture Boy pulls Black up and STUFF PILEDRIVER!! One… Two… Thr..Kickout! Baxter looks frustrated and tags in Million. Million picks up Black and SCOOP SLAM!! One… Two… Th…Kickout!!] [Million pulls up Black and tries for a VERTICAL SUPLEX, but halfway up, Black wiggles and REVERSES THE SUPLEX!! Corey gets back up stands and waits for Million to get to his feet and when he does he leaps for DIVING ELBOW….Million ducks! Black misses and runs straight into a STRAIGHT RIGHT HAND from Culture Boy! Corey stumbles backwards and Million rolls him up with a SCHOOL BOY!! One… Two… THREE!! Black couldn’t break the pin in time and High $ociety picks up a big victory over the Flock!!] [Alex Reese’s music plays as Aces make his way down to the ring.]

“How’s it going Vegas!?!”

[The crowd cheers wildly.]

“I’m thrilled to be making my in-ring debut in front of my home town crowd, here, in OSW…” [Alex extends an arm towards the crowd, receiving a cheap pop in response.] “…but I’ve only been here for one week and I already have a chip on my shoulder…” [Alex looks to his shoulder, as if actually staring at the “chip”.] “…and for those of you that know me, and yes my family is here tonight, you know that isn’t Alex Reese.”

[Alex paces back and forth inside the squared circle as he contemplates his options.]

“No!” [Alex wags his finger in the air.] “I know what Gator did to me last week was wrong, but I’m not going to allow negativity to fill me up because of it. This is a brand new day for me, and I can’t live it to its fullest unless I’m filled with nothing but positivity. So Gator, I forgive you for what you did to me last week.” [The crowd boo’s] “Now, come on. Gator was under a lot of stress and with that security guard…

[Alex is suddenly cut off by Vinnie & Gator’s entrance music and the crowd goes wild at the prospect of a confrontation.]

“I’m so fucking sick of this positivity bullshit!” [Gator spits into the microphone as he and Vinnie strut out on stage.] “You forgive me, Alex? Well forgive this!”

[Vinnie and Gator storm the ring and viciously assault Reese! They drag him to ringside where they display him to an older female fan, before pummeling him right in front of her! Is that Alex’s foster mother? He said his family was here!] [Suddenly LH Harrison’s music hits and LH storms the ring! Vinnie and Gator, having had their fun, hop the barricade and disappear into the crowd as LH checks on Reese; Harrison for some reason serving as Alex’s protector here tonight. The fans cheer, watching as Harrison helps Reese back to his feet and helps him out. What the hell is Love Bites problem here tonight?] [The match starts off with the world champion getting straight on top of the Scarecrow, with a flurry of punches that would take a normal mans head off. With the wind knocked out of Scarecrow Mike Lane picks up a steel chair and swings toward the skull of The Crow, but Scarecrow ducks just at the last second and the chair smacks off the wall behind him. The vibrations go through the chair and into Lane’s arms, forcing him to drop the foreign object. Seizing the initiative Scarecrow backs up then returns with a big boot to the back of the skull of Mike Lane, his head spurts forward and smacks off the wall.] [Blood pouring from Mike Lanes head, Scarecrow grabs Lane by the scruff of the neck and leads him to the ambulance, instead of opening the doors, The Haymaker slams Mike Lane’s entire body into the the back doors… and again… and again. Lane just slumps up the ambulance. Telling him to turn around, Lane obliges. HAYMAKER PUNCH, MISSES. Lane’s turn to duck at the last second this time. SCARECROW TURNS AROUND. SHADOW KICK!! FROM NOWHERE. Mike Lane begins fastening Scarecrow into the ambulance. THIS ONES OVER.] [The Ambulance begins to pull away, Mike Lane has won. When all of a sudden the ambulance screeches to a halt, the back doors fling open and the stretcher comes bouncing out, WITH A PARAMEDIC ON IT, WHERE THE HELL IS SCARECROW? The drivers door flings open and Scarecrow pounds out. Mike is shocked, almost rooted. Once close enough Scarecrow launches his fist again, HAYMAKER, LANE IS SHAKEN. BYE BYE BIRDIE ONTO THE STRETCHER AND ON TOP OF THE PARAMEDIC. Scarecrow manages to get it back in, secure the doors and this time the ambulance whizzes off! SCARECROW WINS] [When we come back from a commercial break, stood inside the ring is a sight for sore eyes.] [It’s Solomon and he looks pissed.] [In the meantime, ‘OS-DUB’ chants fill the arena.]

“Aren’t you forgetting someone, Mr. Flint?” [Solomon asks.] “Now I may not have been an active competitor during the RAGE Invasion, but I was one of the two men who started it.”

[The fans boo.]

“You can boo me, but I deserve the same opportunity as my brethren.”

[“Hate Me Now” hits and the fans immediately get to their feet in anticipation of once again seeing Errol Flint. He steps out onto the stage with a big grin and a microphone.]

“Cut the music, cut the music,” [He says as the music is immediately cut.] “Hello Solomon, it’s been a little while hasn’t it? I understand that you’re a little displeased with being forgotten about and I can tell you, I’m once again displeased that you’ve managed to worm your way into my arena. It seems you have a knack for that. I do though have a response to your request. So without further ado, my response.”

[WAIT A MINUTE!] [OH MY GOD.. IT’S… INSIDE THE RING.. IT’S FREIGHT TRAIN FERGUSON!! WHAT THE FUCK!?] [Solomon turns around to see Ferguson stood there, dressed in blue, an Old School Wrestling logo there to replace the RAGE one of old. He grabs the confused Solomon by the throat and… HE DUNKS HIM LIKE A BASKETBALL!! HOLY FUCK!!] [The fans don’t know what to think as Ferguson gets back to his feet and looks towards the clapping Errol Flint, who couldn’t be any happier with what just happened inside the ring.] [Fergie gets himself a microphone and stands over his now fallen brother.]


[FtF slams the microphone down on Solomon, stepping over the top rope and heading towards Flint who awaits him with a high five. The fans cheer, actually pleased it would seem that Ferguson has no only found a home with Old School Wrestling but shows absolutely no loyalty to RAGE in the process.] [Fresh off of a PPV victory over Yuki Shiroi, Axel the Shark is holding court backstage. Several kids on an OSW tour are listening in rapt attention as he shows them various sights.]

“So what are you afraid of?” [One of the kids asks, getting Axel to cock his head to the side. He regards the question for a moment, with his hands on his hips.]

“I’m afraid of a lot of things, but most people are. Everyone has fears.” [He seems to drift away in remembrance.] “I took up the mask to become a Champion to kids around the world because of one of those fears. I remember a particular incident at a carnival. I was just a little Shark, but…”

[Axel trails off as a new player enters the scene. With a Guy Fawkes mask, he simply watches what’s going on before kneeling before some children.]

“Do you want to know the dirty little secret, kids? Axel The Shark is a liar.”

[He turns his attention to The Shark, who immediately puffs out his chest..]

“Excuse me?” [Axel nervously says.]

“We seek the truth, Shark.” [Anonymous says, standing up to face him.] “And within your past lies a dark secret, doesn’t it? Would you like to tell the children what you’re really afraid of?”

[Axel shifts to the side with nerves.] “N-no?”

“He’s afraid of the truth, children.” [Anonymous says with a judgemental tone.] “He’s afraid of the truth getting out.”

[Both men stare at each other for a moment before Axel turns tail and runs in the opposite direction. What deep dark secret is Axel The Shark holding onto? Anonymous looks at the children and then turns around, walking away. The kids remain, looking disappointed at what has just transpired.] [The referee orders Jack to put out his cigarette, as a lump of hot ash burns a hole through the mat. Surprisingly, he does as he’s told – but FLICKS THE BUTT INTO BRENT’S FACE! Jack sneaks behind the distracted Enforcer and trips him with a leg sweep. He rolls under the ropes and grabs Brent’s arm, THEN SLAMS IT AGAINST THE APRON! Jack displays his cunning as he drags Brent to the floor and pulls him over to the ambulance, but Brent elbows him in the ribs! Kersh WHIPS HIM INTO THE STAIRS – but Jack springs off them and comes charging back – BIG CLOTHESLINE BY BRENT! Jack splats onto the floor.] [Brent snatches Jack’s hat and puts it on, getting a laugh from the crowd, finally enjoying himself again after Dead End. He gives it to a front-row fan and leads Jack to the ambulance, but the resourceful cultist grabs the back door and SLAMS it into Brent’s skull! A big gasp from the fans as blood begins to flow from Brent’s scarred forehead. The veteran stumbles to the side. Jack grabs the arm and sends him HEADFIRST INTO THE WING MIRROR, which FLIES OFF! Brent rolls around, seeing stars – and red. Jack laughs manically and kicks the Enforcer in the face.] [The Consumer of Worlds drags Brent to the blood-smeared back door, and opens the other one. He turns round right into a stiff punch to the gut. Jack elbows him, but Brent takes it and keeps dishing out. Overpowering Jack, Brent scoops him onto his shoulder! HE CHARGES FORWARDS – BUT JACK DROPS DOWN! Brent stops short and turns around – SPARTAN KICK! Jack kicks Brent right inside the ambulance! He slams the doors shut and slaps the side of the vehicle, which begins to drive off. The fans grill Jack as he laughs and lights up, following the ambulance like some mock funeral procession. SPEAR TO JACK! HOLY FUCK! BRENT KERSH JUST GORED THROUGH THE DOORS RIGHT INTO RED RIVER FUCKING JACK, whose cigarette twirls through the air! The fans EXPLODE as a bloodied Kersh does a battle cry, then picks Jack up and HURLS him inside the ambulance!] [Brent Kersh has done it! The white knight of OSW is back!] [With the ambulance doors closed shut on Red River Jack, the Cultivator kicks at them from the inside, forcing them to violently burst open. He’s about to step out when suddenly, he stops, being pulled back inside the Ambulance!] [The fans don’t quite know how to respond as Red flops to the deck, clawing at the metal base beneath him as he’s dragged backwards. The camera closes in, revealing MIKE LANE! The World Champion mounts Jack like the beast he’s become and starts pummelling away at him, delivering right hand after right hand. Finally, he crawls off and towards the doors, stepping out and closing them behind him.] [“THIS IS AWESOME” chant the fans as Mike walks around to the front of the ambulance and gets back inside. What’s he doing? The camera switches to a dash cam that watches as The Champion starts the ignition and sets off. “It’s time to go for a little ride!” he says, speeding away.] [Our cameras are quick to follow him outside of the arena and into the Las Vegas traffic, where once again, we switch to the dash cam and see Red River Jack lunge through the opening with a right hand to Lane. He immediately swerves, Jack hitting him one more time as THEY CRASH INTO ONCOMING TRAFFIC!! OH MY GOD!! THE NOISE IS UNBELIEVABLE!!] [There’s chaos on the road as civilians exit their vehicles, the ambulance clearly totalled on the side of the road, a car having gone with it.] [We watch in awe, as smoke bellows into the night’s sky.] [What of Mike Lane? What of Red River Jack?] [Monday Night Showcase fades to black.]