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The model catches the eye of the audience with their beauty, entrancin’ them to believe in the world they portray.

There are many that would say the model is the ultimate bein’, adored people from all levels of Arcadia, but what is it about the model that causes this?

Is it the model’s stunnin’ personality? No. The models I’ve met are too vacuous to have a personality.

Is it the model’s arduous upbringin’? Probably not. Very few people care where the model came from and how they got there.

It’s the look of the model. It’s how strikin’ they are to the eye of the beholder. How impactful they are.

But although the model is the centrepiece, there are many others who lay claim to being the fulcrum that allows the model to shine.

The fashion designer who snips and sews and primps and preens and displays her life’s work in the form of new fashion. Surely she deserves recognition for bearin’ her soul to the world? She puts in the late nights and the hard graft to prop up the model and make her look good.

The photographer who captures the images of the model, who takes the blank canvas and creates art through his technical knowledge and equipment. He knows just the right angle, and just the right pose, and just the right lightin’. He puts in the wisdom that moulds the model into the icon the viewer sees. Surely he deserves the praise?

There are others too – the hair stylist, the make-up artist, the PA, the runner, the nutritionist, the doctors, the psychiatrists. All of them play a part in makin’ the model live up to her reputation. All of them arguably do more than she does.

And that’s the problem.

As much as the fashion designer pours her heart and soul into her designs. As much as the photographer pours his knowledge and wisdom into the photos. They will never matter as much as a vacuous model, who is only where she is because she happened to be born with defined cheekbones.

The model is the star in the room, and the fashion designer and photographer are nothing more than the support act. And when we all take to the ring on that stage, there is only one group the crowd are there to see – and it definitely isn’t the support act. 

It’s the headliners. The proverbial models of OSW that they’re here to see. Only these models aren’t vacuous, or here because of their looks alone. These models are here because they can beat the livin’ shit out of you for that three count. 

And the fact of the matter is, I’ve seen Arcadia twice over and I ain’t seen a pair of no-names as lowly as you two. So stick behind that curtain where you belong, and leave the stardom to those who deserve it. Because we are the ones who are strikin’ to the eye of the beholder. We are the one’s who will have that impact at Clash. And we will take centre stage.