In Promo by Pyre

It never works out does it?

Taking a mistress.

It doesn’t matter how fucking good you are, how much clout you have, or how handsome you truly are…

You always lose.

But it all starts cause you get greedy.

You’re on top of the world, and you’ve found a ride-or-die who’ll follow you until the end. The fucking is good, life’s full of adventure, and no one can hold you back.

Together, the world is yours.

But you see that little minx, freshly dyed hair, giving you those bedroom eyes. Before you know it, you’re whispering sweet nothings in her ear cuddled up under the covers.

Because she’s got everything you need. Her own money, her own life, and there’s no strings attached other than what you guys get from each other.

Not like that bitch at home who you gotta put up with all the time.

But it doesn’t end there, you see her again and again. Maybe she even mingles into your posse, your ride-or-die thinking she’s just another part of the group.

You think you’re king-shit, playing everybody.

That is, until the day you come home to an empty house.

See, that ride-or-die? She knew what game you were playing. She knew that the only thing you cared about getting off. So while you were out playing grab ass, she filed the paperwork and now your ass is on the line.

Because there’s only one winner when you take a mistress. See, the mistress doesn’t win, she usually ends up stuck with your deadbeat ass. And you, you sure as fuck don’t win.

The only winner is the ride-or-die, who didn’t take the name, just the gold.

Ain’t that right, Little Z?

Mister Mother Fucker himself. You talked a huge game when you stepped up to me, and anyone else would have bought into how good you were, how you were the best on the block.

But not me.

Cause I knew you’d get greedy.

When we started calling ourselves Bad Mother Fuckers, it was true. No one could stop me and you, Xav. No one.

But you saw Luke Storm walking around with his ugly silver hair and white get-up, and decided he needed to be in the group.

I saw the way you two tried to run things. Luke was everything you needed to get ahead. He had the clout and cache to make Zero into the biggest shit there was.

And he did.

You won the World title, didn’t you? You were on top of the world. You had me on one side, and Lukey on the other.

You thought you were king-shit.

But at Ring of Dreams, your house was empty.

I knew your game, I knew what you wanted out of bMf. So while you and Luke were playing grab-ass, Simon and I made shit happen.

Because there’s only one winner when a mother fucker takes a mistress.

Luke ain’t winning, because he’s stuck dealing with your angry ass.

And you, Zero, you ain’t winning. I was never after your name, only your fucking gold.

I was never a Bad Mother Fucker, Zero.

Only a Bad Bitch.