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As the arid landscapes stretch endlessly under the scorching sun, a captivating phenomenon emerges – an ethereal mirage that dances on the horizon. Like a shimmering oasis in the desert, it beckons with its elusive beauty, entrancing all who gaze upon it.

The mirage, a masterful illusion, plays tricks on the weary traveler’s senses. In its embrace, distant objects morph and distort, mirroring the fervent desires of parched souls. It creates a tantalizing mirroring of reality, a world just out of reach.

It manifests as a watery expanse, a mirroring reflection of the heavens above, teasing the senses with a promise of relief. Its mirage-like pools seem to ripple and sway with an otherworldly grace, a delicate dance of light and heat. Yet, as one draws closer, it remains forever elusive, dissolving into the arid air like a fleeting dream.

The mirage casts a spell of illusion, a mirroring veil that distorts reality. It conjures visions of lush palm trees, vibrant oases, and cool springs, seducing the weary wanderer with false hope.

Aarman Fidel is much like a mirage. He presents promises or offers that seem enticing and appealing on the surface, seeking to lure in his victims. He may make grand claims or offer rewards that appear tempting, just like a mirage appears to be a source of relief in a parched landscape.

You see, a mirage is an optical illusion, a trick played by the light and the atmosphere. There is no tangible reality behind it. It is all a deception. And much like Aarman Fidel, its promises simply lack substance. They are designed to deceive, to manipulate others into acting against their best interests. 

Aarman’s words are nothing more than empty wishes and false guarantees. He wants to lead me astray, to convince me to do his bidding, all while he remains in the shadows, unscathed and untainted. He seeks to use me as a pawn in his game, whispering dreams of power and immortality into my ear. Aarman wants to dangle the promise of rewards in front of me, to sell me a fantasy that if I were to handle the issue that is Nergal for him, he would take care of me.

But come Sunday, it will all come to an end. A mirage will vanish upon close examination, or the closer someone draws to them. And as I gaze upon Aarman Fidel and his cunning tactics, it is not hard to see that he is nothing more than a trick played by the light. The closer I draw to him, the quicker his mirage and false promises begin to fade.

Because you see, Aarman Fidel is nothing more than a man who craves power. He hides behind his illusions, his deceptive tactics. But soon, I will unveil the truth. I will expose his semblances and reveal him for the scoundrel he is. I am going to dismantle him and reduce him to nothing more than a fading illusion, a man desperately grasping for power that will forever elude him.

It’s hunting season. 

Luther Grim