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Master of the Craft.

Master of the Craft.

Every photographer worth their salt knows to build a top-notch portfolio, showcasing the cream of the crop of their work.

But not all portfolios are created equal.

They focus on a target audience with a specific purpose, reflected in the style of shots within their collection.

Some look to promote the things and people they’re quite fond of.

Thrilling delights to the senses, whether that be to the ear, the eye, or the tongue.

Others are simply documenting their journey.

Whether that be their travels or their creative process, they will show the world where their paths have taken them.

Regardless of the audience, every portfolio worth a damn must be complete in their scope.

An incomplete portfolio will be overlooked by those asked to view it.

And yet, that showcase can have too much going on all the same…resulting in a lack of focus.

The art of building a proper portfolio becomes something of a balancing act, and not everyone can pull it off.

Some lean too heavily in the theatrics, forgetting that they’re trying to please the client.

Others lean too far into practicality, snuffing out any spark of creativity in the process.

And when all is said and done, there will be only one photographer who stands out from the rest.

The one with a focused, yet varied, showcase of their talent.

The perfect balance, allowing them to rise to the occasion.

To ascend to something higher.

The top of their profession, the master of the craft.

And you’re looking at him.

In a field of explorers, criminals, leaders, and artists, there are many building their portfolio as potential champion.

You have men like Drexl, Teddy O’Toole, and El Mariachi Muerte that would sell you on their wares.

Men like Jasper Redgrave, Blacktooth, Stubbins Doom, and Grimskull that would sell you on their ideals.

And men like Felix Foley, Dr. Death, Drewitt, and Jackson Cade that would provide a great service if given the opportunity.

But each man’s portfolio stands as incomplete in the eyes of the client.

Some are too focused on the flair for the dramatic, while others cannot see past their comfort zone.

They all fall short of striking that perfect balance.

And that will cost them, when the time comes to win the client over.

The words of Blacktooth and Grimskull will not convince the nonbeliever to join their cause.

Foley, Muerte, and Redgrave will watch their art be rejected by the audience they crave to please.

Drexl and O’Toole will not find the customers they seek.

Doom and Death will find their work coming to a halt.

And the journeys of Cade and Drewitt will hit a dead end.

These incomplete, unfocused portfolios will fall by the wayside.

Leaving only one that stands out from the rest.

Only one will rise above, ascend to their right and proper place as the cream of the crop.

The master of his craft.

Standing tall at the top of Mount Olympus.

Colt Ramsey.

OSW Champion.

Colt Ramsey