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“A person who enjoys enduring intense amounts of pain can commonly be referred to as a masochist.”

“These are usually people who seek out the pain, whether it be physical or mental.”

“Their love for self-torture usually stems from an abusive household growing up.”

“Masochist are the ones who endure overbearing parents growing up. These parents show no affection unless good behavior is exhibited. They will punish their child but humiliating them or threatening to abandon them.”

“As such, a masochist grows up knowing nothing but trauma.”

“The voice of their parents becomes an inner thought, bullying them in the back of their minds on a daily basis.”

“They live in constant torture.”

“One would be so lucky as to find a sadist to inflict their pain.”

“Within OSW, there is a masochist named Grimskull.”

“You parade around behind a false prophet, seeking out the pain that you love to endure.”

“You blindly follow a man who isn’t interested in your past. He’s not interested in feeding into your addiction for suffering.”

“Instead, V1sion has chosen to show you the error in your ways.”

“He doesn’t realize that you’re a masochist. He doesn’t understand that you’re only interested in being put down. You’re only interested in discomfort and sorrow, not fixing your mistakes.”

“No, what you seek is a savage to become your Savior.”

“You need someone willing to inflict the torment that gets your endorphins buzzing.”

“What you need is a sadist.”

“You seek me, Grimskull.”

“You’ve been looking for someone who enjoys inflicting hurt.”

“Someone who can see the true beauty in your torment.”

“You’ve spent the past few months following a blind idol, but it is I that you’ve been yearning for.”

“This week at Clash, I will take a moment away from my own agenda to do you this favor.”

“I will be there to enforce the affliction you so desire.”

“I will be there to torture you and break you away from the shackles you’ve created for yourself.”

“This week, I will set you free, Grimskull.”

“No longer will that voice in the back of your head nag you after each mistake. No more will the humiliation of failure be there to hold you down.”

“The lack of acceptance you’ve experienced in your life will no longer haunt you.”

“I am a man who is very capable of providing you the freedom that you need.”

“I am a man who is willing to take the life of another with a smile on my face.”

“You enjoy pain, and I enjoy inflicting it.”

“I guess you could say, we were meant to be, Grimskull.”

“Because only I am capable of creating that sweet release that gets you off. Only I am capable of inflicting the torment you desire.”

“Kneel before me, and I will grant you the pain and suffering you so desire.”

“The freedom from the shackles of your past.”

“With a stroke of my brush, you’ll be my latest masterpiece.”

Jasper Redgrave