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Manual Override


W a s..


[The feed of Attano is seemingly interrupted.]

[We now stare at a black screen with a single green box in the top lefthand corner of the screen]

[Moments pass before text begins to appear on the screen at a rapid rate. As if someone was remotely typing a message to us.]

transmission_start= “True”
  > Let’s play a game, shall we?
  > In exactly one week’s time, eight teams of two will stand at the bottom of Olympus.
  > All of which with the same plan in mind, do whatever it takes to reach the peak
  > of the mountain and claim the OSW Tag Team Championships for their own.

  > Stubbins Doom and Scissors will look to use a combination of intelligence and unpredictability
  > to their advantage to outwit their opposition.

  > Grimskull and Vision will try to unite under past trauma to put their differences aside.
  > El Mariachi Muerte will try to put recent betrayals behind him and entrust another duos
  > partner in the form of Tombstone. Together, they will try to pen the song of death
  > for anyone who crosses their path. Jackson Cade will look to a form of artifical
  > intelligence to carry his battered corpse towards the finish line.

  > Narcissa will attempt to sick her puppy dog on those who try to take her gold away from
  > her. Drewitt and Luther Grim have come together under the umbrella of being a hunter.
  > They will attempt to track their opponents wisely and trap them so that they may have
  > their way. Blacktooth will gamble on one of the many faces of Gemini to show up that
  > won’t just wrestle you for a hug.

  > My name is Jinx, and I am the wildcard. The game that I want to play is simple. Try to
  > keep me from the top. As you can see, I have you all read and well documented like a book.
  > I know your every move. I’ve watched in the shadows as you’ve all come together under the 
  > same roof. I will always be one step ahead of you, and just when you think you’ve out done
  > me, I will be there to bring you back down to the cold hard reality.

  > At Double Tap, you all will suffer from the same reality that Luther Grim fell victim to
  > at Ring of Dreams. That reality is one where I cannot be defeated. All of your technology?
  > Hackable. All of your moves? Predictable. All of your strategies? I’ve already thought of
  > them. You’re looking at the final boss. At the end of the night, it will be me standing
  > at the peak of this mountain, undefeated. 

  > PrettyUGLY, do me a favor dolls. Clean your grimey fingerprints off the face plates of
  > my titles. Because at Double Tap the assassin fresh off of Deathrow will stand by my 
  > side and together we will climb over those who choose to oppose us. Should you be so
  > foolish as to cross our paths, we will exploit your every weakness and put you down
  > like the filthy mutts you are. Because WE are the next OSW Tag Team Champions..