In Promo by Wiz

When I was staying with him as a kid, I saw Bootsy hit a woman – several times, actually. She was a good woman with a big heart, and she laid it all on the line for him, man.

This bitch would have taken a goddamn bullet for him – but she became suspicious, right?

She starts to learn that there may be things about Bootsy that he hasn’t come clean about, and she loves him enough to trust that she can question him.

The question resulted in the first backhand, and then he placed his boot on the side of her face, told her to shut the fuck up or else, and then hit her once more across the head for good measure.

And for a while, things seem alright. It was kind of quiet, and there seemed to be normalcy for the moment.

It was really just an understanding.

She had too big of a goddamn heart though and kept pressing the issue until he got mad again. They got into a fight, but he didn’t hit her this time. Instead, he told her to come with him for a quick drive to the corner store.

Bootsy would return without her.

Nothing was ever said about it, but I knew what happened. She figured some shit out, that even don’t know, and it was just a bit too much for good old Uncle to stand.

And it was a bit too much for you too, right Knightlord?

You knew that she was on to things that you weren’t ready to reveal, and that soulless vampire DNA in you decided that the best resolution was to kill her.

Because what’s the point of her remaining if she’s unwilling to serve a blood-stained con-artist like yourself? Preposterous to ever think that someone may have been even marginally more put together than you, right Detective Motherfucker?

Bootsy is just a fearful coward, and so are you.

The only reason I forgave Bootsy was because I love him and far too much time has passed.

don’t love you, Kaine, because you’re the virtually undead that wants nothing more than to steal a mortal’s one fucking chance at life to compensate for someone finding an easy way into you.

That’s right, you sterile sack of shit, she had you scooped up in the palm of your hand and would have likely buried you deep enough to keep you from ever getting out.

But you saw your chips starting to fold, didn’t you?

You couldn’t handle the fact that you were almost in check. I think it actually scared you because in many ways, she was just like you.

How dare anyone ever imagine there being two Kaine Knightlords in this motherfucker? Don’t ask him – just trust me – one is more than enough to deal with. This dude’s a bad seed, and his intentions are to be made regardless of how much innocent blood is spilt on the way there.

Well, he can’t have any of my fucking blood.

Not a goddamn sip.

Because she didn’t deserve to die, and you didn’t deserve the pleasure.

So this one? This one’s for Lucy.