Loose Thread

In Damien Wolfe, Promo by Damien Wolfe

I once watched a woman’s dress unravel before my eyes. 

She stood embarrassed and humiliated, why?  

It was all due to one loose thread, that one imperfection which got hung up on something, and it reduced her beautiful piece of fashion to rags falling off her back. 

She believed that because she was wearing the height of fashion that it wasn’t subject to breaking. 

But that’s the thing about fashion one loose thread can ruin a lifetime of work. 

Turning you from a somebody into a broken piece of human refuse looking for anyway to put their life back together almost overnight. 

That’s the Designer’s life right now. 

Someone, found that one thing she was trying to keep hidden. 

Our dear fashionista was in fact the anonymous artist who stood against Zeus, attempting to inspire Arcadia to rise against him, and it was that one hanging string which began to pull her life into ruin. 

She had it all, the upper levels of Arcadia were her oyster, and all it took was that one loose thread being pulled to bring that beautiful world that she’d scratched and clawed to build, crashing down around her ears. 

Now our resident Clothes Horse is trying to hold her life of rags together by searching the Bleak for the strings to fix the empress’s new clothes. 

Narcissa, that’s your life now, I know that I’ve simplified a bunch here but I know that’s where your loose thread has brought you so far. 

And, this weekend, it’ll bring you into the Wolfe’s Den at Wrestling Gold. 

And, I know that thread of yours is far from done unraveling. 

It has just a bit further to go, and I know that I am the man to finish unspooling that loose end. 

So, I invite all of Arcadia to watch in awe as I, Damien Wolfe, the man who cancelled Felix’s Funhouse live in front of the everyone in Arcadia, am going to do the same to you. 

When I keep pulling on loose thread until you’re in that ring, exposed to everyone as the humiliating traitor that you are. 

Everyone watching as the final bit of hope you have, that last bit of whatever your purpose was, fades away as that loose thread pulls apart your Double Feature Championship reign and you realize you’re… 

A woman who should stop trying to recapture her fifteen minutes of fame. 

‘Cause, you’re not special. 

I’m not trying to rain on your parade. 

But, you’re not special. 

Reality will set in and you’ll realize that everything you’ve ever made isn’t special, it was all defective, able to be pulled apart so easily.  

Able to fall apart so quickly.  

Even you, you’re just a loose thread that no one has had the decency to cut away from the fabric of Arcadia… until now. 

But it’s nothing personal mind you, I am just taking care of a loose end.