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Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf

“Everyone wants to be a lone wolf.”

“The person who walks by their lonesome with no more than one companion at their side. People like to believe these types are strong, silent, untouchable.”

“But the thing is? When you’re by yourself? Isolated? That’s when you’re at your most vulnerable. Animals who break away from their herd are the ones that predators set upon when their bellies begin to growl.”

“It’s when those lone wolf types are surrounded by beasts that they reveal their true nature. They ain’t strong, they ain’t powerful.”

“They’re meat.”

“Lambs, does who wandered away from the flock and tried to define themselves by their isolation. But in the wild, the thing that defines them is the exact same thing that destroys them.”

“Because once you’re surrounded on all sides? The only thing being alone is good for is dying.”

“Arcadia is just one big wilderness, Drewitt and when it comes to the wild there ain’t a single creature that knows to survive by itself. Everyone needs a pack, a herd to stick with for their own safety.”

“I’ve heard whispers of you around the wastes, a man who walks a lonesome road with only his mutt at his side. People revere you as a myth, some kinda legend to be feared. The lone wolf walking the wilds”

“But I don’t see that at all.”

“If you asked me what I see? I’d say I saw a deer broken away from its flock, a defenseless little creature prancing through the biomes and challenging the wildlife to come and take it. You’ve wandered to the furthest corners of Aracadia, ain’t ya?”

“You’ve even done it all by yourself.”

“But now you’ve wandered too far, Drewitt.”

“You’ve pranced right into the cave of the beast.”

“You’ve landed right in my sights.”

“And I gotta tell ya, boy. My stomach’s startin’ to growl.”

“Something very important sets us apart, bud.”

“A lotta somethings.”

“Because the biggest difference is that while you walk alone, I walk surrounded. The Blood Runners and I? We’re a pack of the biggest, meanest, more ravenous wolves the world has ever seen. Where you walk and leave one set of foot prints do we sprint and leave hundreds.”

“Arcadia is our hunting grounds and you’ve left a solitary set of tracks that’s lead us right to your doorstep.”

“What’re you gonna do when you’re surrounded on all sides by a pack of blood thirsty beasts, Wanderer? Do you believe your isolation will become your strength? That you’ll simply slip between our teeth and run off into the distance?”

“Or are you smart enough to know that there’s no way out?”

“Teeth to flesh, knives to bone, we’ll turn one man into twenty meals and feed the whole pack.”

“So go ahead, boy. Walk into this match alone, ignore those two standin’ on the apron and show me what an isolated man can do.”

“I just hope the pack is hungry.”

“Because I’m gettin’ ready to ring the dinner bell.”