Living Nightmare

In Promo by Deathnote

The sun creeped through the window, beaming in on the face of a sleeping Deathnote. As one would expect, he wasn’t asleep in a bed but instead, passed out upright in a chair of the hotel room he had stayed in the night prior.

“You ready to go? We’ve got much to do today..”

That voice was so familiar. Deathnote’s eyes open wide and his hands immediately go to rub his eyes. He looks over to where the voice came from.

It was her.

The love of his life. The shinigami that he fell in love with all those years ago, Kira.

“But she’s not supposed to be here.. she’s dead,,” Deathnote thought to himself.

Kira looked back at him with wide eyes and stuck her tongue out playfully.

“Yeah, I’m ready.”

He replied with a smile. She always did know how to make him smile. He pushed to his feet and grabbed his jacket as the two set out on a day full of adventure…

Later that night, they decided they would catch a movie. The two of them came stumbling out of the movie theater doors, playfully teasing one another. That is, until a man holding a gun grabbed Deathnote by the shoulder and spun him around to hold him gunpoint.

The next few moments were all a blur, but what Deathnote knows for sure, is he’s been here before. Much like that night that haunts him all too well, the gunman turned the gun on himself and blasted away. Moments later, Kira fell into Deathnote’s arm, slipping a notebook into his inside jacket pocket and telling him that she will always love him before her body fell limp and cold.

That’s when things become real fuzzy..

The sun crept through the window of the hotel room, once again gleaming down on Deathnote’s face as he rested.

“You ready to go?”

And just like that, the entire day starts anew. Each day ending with the same horrific tragedy of a nightmare.

Just like before, Deathnote’s eyes open. He looked over to see Kira’s beautiful face looking back at him, her tongue sticking out just like before.

“Yeah, I’m ready.”

Deathnote lives out the same day. Day in and day out, he was forced to live a very real nightmare over and over again.

Just as before, the day started once more. Only this time, Deathnote thought of something.

“You ready to go?”

“One moment,” he replied. “May I see your notebook?”

Kira returned a puzzled look. How did he even know about the notebook? She hadn’t told him anything. As far as she was concerned, she was just a normal girl and not a demon of death.

“Umm, okay..” she replied wearily but did as he asked.

Deathnote began shuffling through the pages of the notebook, looking for his own name. Sure enough, he came to his page..

D e a t h n o t e
Time of Death: Immortal
Deathnote will not meet his demise. Instead, he will take over Kira’s work after her untimely death.

Deathnote will be the shinigami of death, but in return, he must relive his worst nightmare day in and day out.

Deathnote slams the notebook shut.

Fuck this Paradox Hotel..