In Promo by Banzan

“The way of a fool seems clear to them, but a wise man listens to guide his path.”

We are each on a path toward our own enlightenment, seeking answers to the questions of our own heart.

Some find their truth in following of words of others… But when that advice is incorrect, then the bind lead the blind in circles.

A group of hikers followed their guide through remote wilderness. He knew the path they must walk and was familiar with the area, so they would be safe following him. They took him at his word and followed.

It was the guide that held the map. He alone interpreted the directions. He scanned the ridge-lines to determine the next path. But despite how closely the group followed their guide, they wound up horribly lost.

For the guide’s map was inconsistent. His interpretation of the faulty map was off.

Even though the map was at fault, the guide still only succeeded in getting his party lost in the bush.

If only he had listened properly.

When people blindly follow their guide, they heed the path shown on a faulty map.

What it is that they follow can vary, but the result is often the same.

Kaine and Ether follow their hunger.

Luke Storm follows his heart, his need to protect his daughter.

Vigour follows his quest for the brightest colours of the universe.

And you, Chronoa… You follow the fates.

They decide your path.

But no matter the map that guides your path, it is only as reliable as the fool that interprets it.

You seek to understand what the fates are saying to you, guiding your decisions. It is the fates that led you towards me in the first place, and in my case they have proven to be quite the inexact science. Much like following a faulty map.

A tablet that you cannot read.

An endless quest for answers that you cannot explain.

All you’ve succeeded in doing is becoming lost in the bush of your fates. You seek the truth, but you cannot see what is in front of you.

You cannot answer the simple question… Who is Banzan?

If only you learned to listen.

What can you hear on the wind?

The soft babbling of a brook?

The crackle of a fire?

The more you listen, the more truth you find, Chronoa.

Perhaps if you learned to listen to the lifeforce that guides us, you would see what the fates cannot tell you. That your fixation on the answers contained within your tablet only leads you in circles.

The blind leading the blind.

I am the unanswerable, Chronoa. The one that your small mind cannot account for. I exist in the breath of the wind, the rustle of the swaying grass. These things all exist outside your world of understanding.

They are because they are; and I am because I am.

Learn to listen, more than following your eyes in the darkness.

For your search has only left you with more questions.

I am the answer.