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There is darkness in this world we know as Arcadia. Not a physical darkness, which my eyes cannot perceive, but a darkening of the very fabric of society. Arcadia is a place filled with dark corners and black hearts. That much, I perceive in perfect vision.

I see a lightbulb.

As any lightbulb, it is tasked with the job of shining itself into those dark corners and illuminating them. It does this in order to see the beauty that lies hidden in the darkness.

Even the smallest bulb, with the dimmest power can still illuminate a space plunged into blackness. It can cast itself upon that which seams bleakest and draw out beauty that is unseen in the darkness. Through the lightbulb, there truly is beauty in everything.

Or so it would seem.

In truth, light can be manipulated and beauty altered. What we see can be nothing more than an illusion. Light can be bent, refracted to the point where what the light shines upon looks nothing like its true self.

The beauty we see can be nothing more than a sham created to trick our eyes. The lighbulb can lie, and it does so more often than the common man would know.

You, Narcissa are that lightbulb.

You shine brightest in the world of fashion. With an eye for finding the inner beauty in something that others would disregard. You shine your light into the slums, find beauty in the Bleak of all places.

You see through a lens which others simply cannot. That which the light touches, is seen as beautiful.

But I have seen inside the hearts of man, and that which you see is beauty is bleaker than mud. Black hearts that manipulate the light you shine. That which you see as beauty, is nothing more than a sham.

I have travelled the slums, I have walked the streets of the bleak. I have heard the screams which tell no lies. There is no beauty in that place. There is no beauty in Arcadia, not to the eyes that lie to us.

Not when the rich get richer and the poor remain forgotten.

That is not inner beauty. That is pre-designed darkness which your light cannot penetrate. Darkness that merely refracts your guise, lightbulb.

That is the truth that the eyes cannot see.

Ultimately, a lightbulb is a temporary solution to the problem of darkness. By design, they are fragile. The filament is easily torn. The glass easily shatters. If you so much as shake a lightbulb hard enough, it will break.

And Zeus shook you plenty hard enough, didn’t he Narcissa.

Hard enough to dim your light, but not hard enough to break your bulb. You’re still shining, as best you can. Clawing your way back to the top of Arcadia’s mountain. Yet, you still see the world through your lens of beauty.

I can free you from those lies.

You just need to trust in the Third Eye, and I will shatter your lightbulb.