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Light in a Dark Room

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. But when the whole world is blind, it will finally see the light shining.

‘I see darkness; a dark room. Within this dark room we find ourselves trapped. Every fear, every nightmare we ever had is trapped in that room with us. There is no escape, from any of it.

One day, the door opens and light pours in. You are given a glimpse of the world beyond the darkness and are free to step into that light. All you have to do is walk through the doorway and become part of the Prism that filters that light. You just have to make a choice.’

We once found ourselves trapped within that place, Walther. Lowly, dark and terrified within that terror that we call Deathrow. When that door opened, we were given a single opportunity to step into the light.

All we had to give up was the darkness, our eyes that blinded us from the Prism’s hues. The thing is, you made your peace with pain instead. You embraced the darkness, part of you was always too afraid to leave it behind. So when the time came, you walked the coward’s road. Part of you forever remained within that dark room.

Taking every shred of light that you could find in the slums of what your life had become and distorting it to hide your own failure.

Walther, where the prism filters light to make the pathway to truth clear, your Kaleidoscope distorts and contorts the light. It steals it away, bleeding it into pieces and making it truly unrecognisable.

You were always too weak to make the choice to find the light of freedom. So you fabricated your own truth through your Kaleidoscope of fear and vengeance.

I baptised you in pain back then, where you sold your soul to be rebuilt into this… thing. You lost the very thing that makes you human in the process. The desire to be something more than mediocre.

To your kingdom of the slums, you preach the endurance of pain. You beckon your followers towards living out their pathetic lives and accepting that which led them to the slums. Endure the pain and find freedom. Such lies only keep the downtrodden down. The Third Eye is not content with what is, but sees what could be. I am not in the business of enduring the darkness, but ascending into Prism’s light.

The Prism guides the way, where your Kaleidoscope of fear only bleeds the truth into murky hues of crimson. It hides the light in its fabricated beauty. But if you want pain, I’m only too happy to oblige.

Only one may remain – the Prism or the Kaleidoscope. There is only power, and those who would rather distort its presence than grasp it. The time has come, old friend, to finish the job.

When I destroy that Kaleidoscope, you will see the full power of the Prism that focuses the light of your ultimate demise. Blood must be spilled, Walther, and I will paint your Kaleidoscope crimson with yours.