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Light and Dark

When I first met you Gemini, I was of two minds, one terrified of what you promised, one confused about the innocent being adorned in jade and emerald.

Months rolled by and eventually I began to understand from an outsiders’ perspective the complexity that was your daily existence.

Then this happened, your two parts became whole in unholy matrimony to create this amalgamation known as Nergal.

I once again found myself in the camp of feeling terrified and confused. The being you’ve become feels much closer to the one who ensured my freedom but promised something worse yet it feels different at the same time.

That’s where the confusion comes in.

You see in becoming your true self, complete, or whatever you want to call it, it seems like becoming whole made you lose a part of yourself.

What happened to the Gemini high in the trees but grounded in nature? I see dark Gemini all day in this new form but it seemed like all the light was absorbed in this new abyss.

That or are you hiding her because you find strength in the dark?

I ask because I see bits and pieces of her in ways I’m not sure even you see.

I see her in the locusts you plague the world with, mindless and doing your bidding when the darkness is in control.

I see her when you try to keep Luther Grim safe by ensuring he doesn’t meddle in your affairs.

I saw her joyously climbing the ladder and I saw her fear when I toppled that ladder and you fell to the floor.

Why do I bring that part of you up?

Because I see a lot of me in you.

I was that shy, innocent girl wanting to do things the right way when Zeus found me.

I felt myself splitting apart in that marriage trying to be that dumb, happy girl to keep Zeus happy, to feed his ego.

After all, he had to be the smart one, the strong one, god of gods, and the supreme leader of Arcadia.

Years of living at the top, the true darkness of the apex started to enter my psyche like a plague of locusts devouring my mind. the young, happy girl within slowly consumed by the dark, complex woman I was becoming.

I was just like you for a bit, felt like two different women depending on who I was interacting with but slowly, surely I had my own transformative process.

I metamorphosed into the person you see today.

Narcissa became Hera as you became Gemini. We both are ourselves again, transformed by our lives to be better than we ever were.

The darkness isn’t in control, it’s simply a tool to get what we want.

I understand that, do you?

I use the darkness of the world as a motivator for the uprising, eventually the light will overcome the day.

I’m afraid you’ll let the darkness consume everything.

Listen to the light still inside you, once she’s gone, you’re done for.

Without it, all this growing you’ve done is for not.

Without the light, you’ll decay.

With only darkness, you’ll consume yourself.

Narcissa Balenciaga