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Life is meaningless on a long enough timeline.

What would you do if you were told that today is your last day?

Would you mourn for your self knowing your fate or would you try to jam every pleasure you can into the final ticks of life’s clock?

I think we all know the answer to that, you’d make your final day your favorite day.

Let’s extend that a little bit further, say you have a terminal illness and your doctor says you only have a few months left to live.

Similar scenario and practically the same question, what do you do?

Exactly, you make the most of those last months.

You hug the ones you love a little tighter.

You go places you’ve always dreamed of.

You do the things you never had the time for before because now that time is limited, you want to use all that you have.

Extend it to its full capacity, you have your whole life ahead of you? What do you do then?

After the following answers, you know the pattern, you do what you can with the time you have because if you’re like me, you know that your time is limited and you do everything you can in this brief existence.

Yet, when our mortality doesn’t feel in peril, the majority of people don’t use that time to do the things they want to do even when they have the free time to do it.

They stick to a basic existence just getting by neither happy with it nor fighting against it, they just accept that this is the way life is and unless they are told they’re timeliness is limited, they never change their ways.

Their soul dies a thousand deaths before their body dies its one.

When life is seen as a promise, it doesn’t seem precious nor does it seem worth changing.

Being content in a current situation is the most common obstacle in getting to a better one.

If normal people don’t try their best to make their life better or enjoy the world more when time is limited, how can I expect you to Drewitt when yours isn’t.

What most people view as a gift, you look at as a curse because you can’t get rid of it.

You can’t even enjoy it because every risk you take, every potential mistake you can make is something you have to live with eternally.

If it’s not promised, it’s hard to attempt it when you’re stuck with any consequence.

The only thing really promised to you is misery isn’t it?

It’s why you wander because settling in one place is bound to lead to attachments you know you’re going to outlast.

Any pleasure is temporary, every good moment is fleeting, nothing else is permanent when you are.

The longer you think your life is, the less you try.

It’s why whenever I see you, I see someone who has given up.

It’s why I always fight and you don’t, any day could truly be my last, every day is the same for you.

For me, life is everything.

For you, birth is a curse and existence is a prison.

Narcissa Balenciaga