Life is Like A Camera

In Promo by The Generation Kid

“Life is like a camera.”

“You must focus on what’s important.”

Lambs to the Slaughter might just be the most important match of my Old School Wrestling career to date. It’s the night one person becomes special. But if you focus on only that, everything else passes you by. Because as important as winning Lambs might be, what’s truly important are the friends I’ve made that feel like family.”

“In a match like this, everyone will have their own individual focus. Some will be focused on the win; others will be focused on those they despise or turning their backs on those they claim to love. Friendships may be broken. People will turn their focus to winning above all else, and that’s a mistake.”

“I won’t be focused on anything but knowing that my family have my back and that I have theirs, whether I win, lose, or draw. They’re what’s important. They always will be.”

“You must capture the good times.”

“These are few and far between. Winning the opportunity to face the World Champion at Ring of Dreams would be a moment worth capturing. It’d be the biggest moment of my life.”

“But I’ve already captured some good times. I’ve captured the Rewind Championship on two occasions, and I’ve made some amazing memories along the way. Just standing in the ring at Pandemonium is a moment to capture.”

“Being with my friends, my family, at Pandemonium in the Lambs to the Slaughter match – that’s worth capturing.”

“And then, you have to develop from the negatives.”

“I’ve found plenty of negatives in the last couple of months. I’ve watched as my best friend was hung to death by a religious zealot; I’ve been nailed to a cross, beaten, and brutalized. I’ve had my Championship stolen and I’ve nearly burned to death, but despite it all, I’m still here.

“Because when push came to shove, I developed from those negatives. I took every ounce of pain, punishment, and emotional heartache in stride to be standing before you today. If I didn’t develop from the negatives I’ve suffered, I’d be nothing more than a broken mess.”

“At Lambs to the Slaughter, I’m going to treat that match like a camera – just like I treat my life.”

“I’m going to focus on what’s important.”

“I’m going to capture the good times.”

“And I’ll develop from the negatives.”

“But if all else fails and I come up short; if things don’t work out exactly how I hoped and I end up on the losing side, it isn’t the end of the world.”

“Because if I fail to win Lambs to the Slaughter, that’s okay.”

“I won’t be sad, miserable and upset.”

“I won’t be distraught, desolate or unhappy.”

“I’ll just pick up my camera…”

And take another shot.